⚡ BTC vs BCH⚡ Bitcoin Price Analysis 6389 USD | NOV 11 2017 | How to Make Money & Earn Free Bitcoin

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34 thoughts on “⚡ BTC vs BCH⚡ Bitcoin Price Analysis 6389 USD | NOV 11 2017 | How to Make Money & Earn Free Bitcoin

  1. @Brandon Kelly CryptoTrader I remember You said some tome ago that you are trading everything against BTC, not against USD. But in this situation when BTC is free falling, would you sell BCH on that exit point to BTC or to USD ?

  2. Looking at your BTC analysis, I think you're right about the 5600 – 6200 consolidation range, I hadn't thought of that, but gives that nice mirror balancing image. I am thinking after that period we might have that flash dip to $5,000 as that was a strong ceiling twice but never tested as a floor.

    I would definitely feel more comfortable if we hit that briefly before heading up to new nosebleed heights. Rather test it now than later.

    I was concerned if we went all the way to $10K and beyond and THEN dropped to $5k to test, that far of a fall, $5K might not have held. It should hold fine now.

  3. is bittrex the exchange that Brandon recommends? the one that you take the cash to the bank within three hours? thanks for any help with this.

  4. man this dude is the most underrated commentator of crypto. Brandon beast mode kelly. The Ali of Analysis. the cassanova of crypto. BAAM

  5. I had a lot of calls asking about the dip in bitcoin today. I found this to be the best explanation:
    The State of Bitcoin – Analysis.
    Over the last couple of days, there has been a surge to BCH resulting in a price drop, hashrate drop and difficulty adjustment for Bitcoin.
    What does it all mean?
    First, let’s talk about what is actually happening.
    1. Segwit2x failed to launch. Prior to that, a lot of investors were moving from alt-coins into BTC in order to win “free money” with the split. Another group who were loyal to the ideas behind Segwit2x found that their next best option was to migrate to BCH. BCH has block sizes of 8MB which solves the core issue backed by many Segwit2x advocates. Those investors and miners moved resources to BCH to try to resurrect the block size debate.
    The problem with this can be summed up by looking at DASH and the impact of the D3 miner hitting the streets.
    BCH hash rates are through the roof and this network already has a problem with difficulty adjustments. A fork is expected tomorrow to try to solve this, but this will lead to an adjustment in the BCH difficulty which will crush profit margins for BCH miners. It is likely that those miners will return to Bitcoin once their profits drop.
    Bitcoin on the other hand has experienced an artificial hashrate and difficulty drop.
    The Bitcoin network is designed to produce blocks every 10 minutes. When it takes longer than that, the difficulty is adjusted downward accordingly to preserve the 10 minute mark.
    That means that right now, it’s way way easier to mine Bitcoin. It will likely drop again by a large margin. If you’re a miner on Bitcoin, you’re going to make a lot more money over the next month.
    Today, expect to see people pulling profits from BCH. This is already happening as BCH has dropped from $2500 to $1280 at the time of me writing this. That’s a 100% drop in value. Compare that to Bitcoin’s correction of 16%
    There has never been a better time to mine Bitcoin and invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is on a holiday sale.
    Likely, once the difficulty spike hits BCH there will be miner abandonment. Not all miners of course, but a lot of them will leave seeking profits. This will drive investors to take profits and leave BCH for alts at first and then likely back to Bitcoin.
    The only numbers to watch during this are block generation times. Right now Bitcoin is at 15.5 minutes and the network wants to return to 10 minutes. That will happen within a couple of weeks.
    On Friday there was a Bitcoin difficulty adjustment which lowered difficulty downward by 6%. That, combined with fewer miners on Antpool has created an environment on Slush Pool where miners are doubling daily revenue and profits.
    I expect Bitcoin to be back to $6800 levels by this coming Friday as this plays out. There are always wildcards for sure, and no one can predict the future.
    We can look at the math though, and the math says that this BCH push is not sustainable.

  6. This method is great! I've bought a book on technical analysis that actually talks about it and your videos made my trading easier.

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