✅ Ripple XRP Price Prediction | $589 XRP Price BY 2018?

parable guy one two threes prediction of XRP two five eight nine dollars theory tested welcome back guys is crypto Rocco here and in today’s video we’re going to talk about that crazy prediction bearable guy made em about XRP going to five eight nine so this this made massive news guys in the cryptic XRP community guys lots of people are arguing and debating about what sort of prediction that is is it even possible some people just completely ignore it saying it is not possible so I’m going to talk about give you some facts look at some numbers look at some of the reasons and theory behind there and at the end of the video I’ll give you guys my thoughts on XRP and XRP price prediction so who’s this bearable guy guys I’ve made a couple of videos about this before but bearable guy one two three is rumored to be a ripple insider guys he’s he’s made predictions before about partnerships that came true between various partnerships he’s also predicted if the price movements in on specific days general advice that have come true and I think if you’re an X if you’re an ex-cop investor I’m sure you have seen this picture before this is my thumbnail as well a variation of that picture is my thumbnail so this bearable guy is was very well known for this picture I’m sure you’ve seen this picture and and he’s he’s been known that he’s involved with ripple he’s an insider and report because how else would he have got these predictions right some people say it’s a coincidence some people say how can he get so accurate it cannot be a coincidence I’ll let you decide what you guys think and there is another theory as well that ripple is involved with an ancient banking family known as the Rothschild I’m not too sure about that guys I mean this prediction is crazy in itself but Lincoln report to Rothschild is a bit unfounded for now again XRP can I’m not sayin next up is not good because it is not links but these are very far-fetched theories so we are talking about a very superficial topic today so the thing that we can measure is the three let’s look at three possibilities for XRP the first possibility for price prediction of five eight nine dollars theory the first possibility is X Rapids so X Rapids the use of X rapid adoption of X Rapids will push prices of the coin to the huge increase in trading volume so this is the first possibility and I’ll talk about the possibilities then I’ll talk about what I which one I think is the most likely second one is the increased burn of X RP as fees intra in this trading volume will drive the price so you know burning coins I’ve talked about it before barn and corn burning has you know when coins are burnt it increases scarcity and I’m sure I’m not sure if you read that book and the the six laws of influence Robert K aldini in that book it talks about scarcity is like it’s a human nature we want things that are scarce so when with x RP is burnt it will increase his scarcity which will increase the demand which should increase the price so that theory could stand as well and the last theory which is again quite superficial this is this is getting quite superficial this video there also exists a proponents that believe that five fifty eight point nine is an atomic mass of cobalt which is the name of an update that is slated to increase the speed of X RP and outs of those three the first possibility of X Rapids is the one that could drive the price I’m not saying it will drive to five eight nine X rapid is what I’m the most bullish reason I’m on X or P is X Rapids if X Rapids can get some of the market off Swift and getting get some of the market guys X Rapids can take X RP to the next level people that are non-believers and I you know off questioned x RP of my previous video up videos I’ve talked about some of the not so positive things some of the negative things about x RP you know this channel goes on auto auto for the positive and the negatives and I’ve talked to all the negatives as well but I’m talking about the positives as well because I like to look at both sides of the coin so most likely I out of this three is the launch of X Rapids which I think as well this means that any volume coming from cross-border payments will directly translate as trading volume for XRP and this is a real world use because we do not see in real world using crypto you know there’s a lot of hype in crypto but we do not see that much you said so we need to see more usage and this is what I’m I’m hoping to see guys because the more usage we see the better it is so if X rap is work currently so the one of the competitors people talk about is Swift some people talk about XRP will partner with Swift I think Swift is more about rip XRP taking some of the market from XRP from Swift for international border payment transfer Swift approx processes four point seven trillion on every working day that is a huge number guys that is a massive massive number so let’s do the maths if X Rapids took one percent of this business the daily volume of X Rapids would go to forty seven point eight billion considering that this is over 250 X the average trading volume of x RP it represents around one thousand eight hundred and sixteen percent fluctuation but extrapolation would would would presenting a price of five point five six dollars again that is fairly realistic guys we have seen x RP go to three dollars and that was without any adoption just rumors of partnership if X Rapids and and if x RP if X rap is actually deliver guys if it’s adopted and actually it has real-world usage you know this will take this will go to the moon you know I don’t like talking about going to the moon and Lambo but I’m so bullish if extra X Rapids can deliver I’m not saying this is not financial advice I’m not saying hex RP will go to ten dollars five dollars this is just my thoughts guys but I am bullish if X Rapids can drive this adoption I will be buying a lot more x RP so similarly the price if x RP can get 5% of Swift’s volume the price of X RP will be 55 point and sorry twit they’ve done nothing so apologies guys have kind of lost my train of thoughts they haven’t got that market so 10% volume of XRP would mound to fifty five point six dollars so five percent would be half of that roundabout twenty seven twenty eight dollar dollars again which is still great I mean these numbers are brilliant if we see these numbers our life will change guys because we are early adopters of XR P so if XR p can deliver if they can deliver x rap is an adoption this could be a huge huge news for our skies so it all depends so this is some of the CTO david’s watch isn’t it what he’s talked about let’s let’s look about his prediction see all depends on how big you want to a dream are you a dreamer what if ripple captures bitcoins market share $2 what if ripple captures the value of all friction international payments that are now occurring $20 whatever eople captures value of increasing volume of international payments driven by the reduction in friction maybe hundred and twenty dollars so these are some crazy numbers guys again it’s difficult to make price predictions because it’s impossible to make price prediction and he agrees with that in the near future what happens is difficult to say can we compare the current market and market caps of Swift to XR p in the future the world is changing you can’t compare you know the internet to facebook to you know what was happening before you can’t they’re not things that you can compare recently a current member the name now the the barn and CEO of tweeted about it he talked about a ëthere IAM guy said he theorem guy said crypto cannot go that far but crypto has so much room to go guys Vitalik butyrin said crypto cannot have another 100x growth but that is wrong i’m almost well because you cannot compare the current system to crypto what crypto can do in the future we do not know so comparing this market cap is not a great comparison this is just a rough comparison XRP can go even further so it does it does not seem possible that the price of xrp hit fifty five eight nine dollar by end of this year seeing as how there are a lot of factors that need to occur before the price jumps up moreover the launch of X Rapids will not necessarily push the price of x RP immediately as multiple regulatory hoops may need to be jumped through before X RP is utilized fully for cross-border payments so slightly realistic guys again we shouldn’t think that we get if as soon as the X Rapids gets in the market x RP is gonna go to ten dollars five hundred dollars we have to be realistic so this five eight nine prediction for end of year I think is almost impossible for end of the year in the future what could happen it could possibly happen in the future end of the air guys is impossible to happen but having said that last year we had a 10x growth in less than a month so I mean although I’m saying it’s impossible to happen we had a 10x growth last year so if we have something ex-criminal is a lot more popular now at x RP ripple that of those words are very popular people know about it and if if we get a bullish turnover guys I mean watch my technical analysis videos I’ll be doing a lot more technical analysis videos apologies for not doing a video in the past couple of days my plan is to do a lot more almost daily technical analysis of x RP Bitcoin and and coins that are pumping so hopefully this is not financial advice but maybe you can make some money of them as well and I’ll be doing these interesting videos from time to time so you know currently XRP had a bit of a jump and it’s doing quite well is holding the levels well we want to see it I’d like to see X RP / if x RP gets over kind of that naught point naught point for dollar level asked I’ll start being bullish on x RP and then it would be great to break that half a dollar level and if that happens x RP can have a massive growth end of the year again watch my technical analysis videos for more details but those are my thoughts will x RP price prediction so thank you very much for watching this video guys what are your thoughts on it do you think x x RP could get to 5 8 9 dollars what are your thoughts on this bearable guys and crazy price prediction so I wanted to look at this kind of theory of what where we got this prediction from and talked about some numbers so hopefully this has given you a food for thought so what are your thoughts guys what is your prediction for XRP I’d like you to comment your XRP prediction so thank you very much for watching this video guys if you have enjoyed it please scroll down and smash that like button guys and also subscribe to my channel if you have already subscribed to my channel thank you very much for your support cause I do daily videos on Bitcoin cryptocurrency price prediction technical analysis breaking news the whole lot to keep you guys safe in the crazy world of cryptocurrency so if you guys want to stay up to date with your favorite cryptocurrencies Bitcoin like core and XRP Tron with whatever coins that you like I’ll keep you guys up to date and leave your comments below if you want to me to make videos on a specific coin so thank you very much for watching this video guys subscribe to my channel smash that like button and share this video with your friends and family we as early adopters should be sharing I mean I’m not just saying share my videos just talk to them about Bitcoin blockchain and the power of how powerful blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be as we as early adopters need to spread the message so thank you very much for watching this video guys smash that like button subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys soon with another great video thank you very much you

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