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Turn a dollar 25 per day, that’s right a dollar 25 per day Every day pays right to your PayPal account. It is so simple guys and it’s on autopilot All you need is one of these Nightmares, all you need is one of these and you can earn a dollar 25 every day. Just go straight to Www.engvid.com Line then go ahead and hit that subscribe button Right now and don’t forget to smash that notification bell so I could send you a notification and an update Every time I come out with new content so you don’t miss any of The magic be sure you stay to the end of this video because at the end I’m gonna show you a bonus I’m gonna show you another way. You can start making even more money online Right now from the comfort of your own home. Alright, let’s get into this video alright guys, somebody thought it was a funny joke to leave that glove and you know What if in case you missed yesterday’s video? I showed a video am I opening my wife what my ass I’m tired of it Okay So she thought it was funny or somebody thought it was funny to plant the glove while I was trying to create another video some content for you But they don’t know was whoever did that the next time you try it is They might just get scissored kicked in the gizzard and I’ll break their karate artery Anyway with that said let’s get right into this content Alright, I’m gonna show you guys a website But it’s also an app for your phone your iPhone or your Android phone that you can actually do this from and make a dollar 25 per day doing this now It doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but you don’t there’s really not a whole lot you need to do to earn this that’s the beauty of it and The great thing about it also it pays straight to PayPal So with that said I’m gonna show you exactly what you’re going to need to do you’re gonna have to stick with me on this because I’m gonna show you a Strategy using this same website or app depending on which way you decide to go I’m going to show you another strategy and how you can maybe five times your earnings on this one website Okay, it’s free. And anybody can do this guy’s? Stick with me. You don’t want to miss any of the important steps Alright, so as you can see I created an account here on this website I’m gonna go ahead and sign in now the name of this website that we’re looking at is called my points my points com now you may have heard of this website because first of all, it’s very legitimate it’s been around since 1996 over 20 years Okay, and it’s actually paid out over nine million people over the last 20 years I mean, that’s huge. Okay super-powerful website with a incredible reputation like I said stick with me I’m gonna show you the strategy here in a second and I’m gonna show you an Additional bonus on how you can actually even make more money with this same strategy, okay Now I’m gonna sign into my account now. I opened up this account today and I tested it out See how many points I can get in just maybe an hour or so, right? so I’m gonna sign in you’re gonna see this is my Account right here. I just signed into this my points com I earn 30 points today Okay, I’m gonna show you exactly now this video is about watching videos, but there’s so many different ways You can earn on this my points Calm you can earn by taking surveys. You can earn with gains. You can earn with coupons by Buying things you can earn money back by buying things on this website A lot of major companies are part of this website calls Macy’s eBay Best Buy Home Depot Walmart I’m a old navy target I’ve been there. There are huge national companies that you know of we’ve all shopped there You can actually get points in return and you can turn those points into money that pays out into your PayPal account But today’s video is about watching videos. How are you gonna make a dollar 25? Watching videos. Okay. Now they have a video section here. Okay I’m gonna click on videos now When you come to this page, it shows you exactly how many points you’re gonna get for watching these videos now It tells you that the duration of the videos – tells you an hour 9 minutes There’s gonna be 40 videos that lasts about an hour 9 minutes another 40 videos another 40 another 40 and you’re sitting there thinking Well hell, I don’t have time to sit for an hour and a half watching videos just to get four points But again, I’m gonna show you the strategy guys stick with me Now if you’re enjoying the content of this video so far then go ahead Give me a big thumbs up and don’t forget to hit that like button and also down in the comment section Make sure you tell me what country you’re from so I can do even more videos on how to make money online that work in your area Alright, let’s jump right back into this video. I made thirty points. Let’s click on my 30 points I did a survey I did two surveys. I did a special offer and I watched three video playlists you can see five ten Three and twelve all this took me approximately Twenty minutes of me in front of the computer and I earned thirty points now, I know these videos were longer than twenty minutes like I said I’m gonna show you exactly what I did and you’re gonna be able to do the same exact thing so you can choose whatever Category of videos you watch you can do editors pick entertainment fashion health technology parenting, whatever you want. Let’s look at editors picks Okay brings up these videos. Now these videos are gonna change on a daily basis. So they’re typically about 40 videos You’re gonna watch and they’re a minute to minute 20 seconds each and it tells you about How many minutes it’s gonna take you to watch all 40 videos and it’s gonna give you a monetary value Okay, I already watch this one. You can see where it says watch again. I watched this one already I’ve gained points off of this now. Here’s a nice thing you can sort by Points maximum to minimum, okay? These are all about the same depending on the duration of video pending on the subject, you know All those things that’s gonna determine how many points you get per video? Okay, like this ones one hour long It’s four points. Hey hobbies This is 40 minutes long. It’s four. I’m sorry. It’s 57 minutes on it’s four points parenting Okay kids and pets 48 minutes and so forth. Okay. I like to just keep it as all of them I like to see all of them in front of us like this one here is you know four points so I clicked on this video and All I did was let it run in the background I didn’t ever watched any of these videos and I went about my business All its gonna do is going to start playing videos for you. This is a 29 second ad Okay, and it’s gonna tell you you need to watch 40 videos to earn four points about an hour and 37 minutes long Well, let’s play in it and all I do is let it play in the background I actually have another computer that I let it play on while I was doing work on my other computer But you could just let it run in the background mute the volume Okay, this is this is how you’re gonna do this the same exact way I did to earn these 30 points I’m gonna mute the volume. Let it run in the background and go about your business. Look I’m already down to I just watched one. I’ve got to watch 39 more and I earned four points and it’s just gonna continue playing one after the other okay, and You do not have to actually watch the video to earn these points. It’s so easy. So thanks videos Okay, you’re watching videos not without actually watching them and you’re earning points You can get up go make a sandwich get up. Go buy your tickets to the next midget wrestling contest you want to go to? Sorry, that was a personal thing but anyway You can do whatever you want While you’re these videos are running in the background of your computer and you’re earning the points now I’m gonna show you how I came up with a dollar 25 per day. Okay. So let’s say I want to go pay out I’m gonna redeem the points. I’m gonna click on here after you’ve gotten enough points You’re gonna look at all the things you can redeem them with, you know? Amazon AMC Theaters, Applebee’s Bass Pro Shops, but this is all about PayPal and putting money in your pocket and boom there It is PayPal. Now. You have two about thirty nine hundred and seventy points to pay out through PayPal I did the math with all of the videos you watch you would average about a dollar to a dollar 25 per day and in a 30 day period that would equal to about 30 to 35 dollars per Month now you’re saying that does not sound like a lot of money, but you’re not doing anything for it You’re just letting these videos run in the background and remember guys. There are other ways you can make money with this website Okay, so you could just let the videos run in the background get up and go do something else Get up and and work on your business get up and create a YouTube video You could be so efficient while you’re earning these points So yes, twenty-five or thirty dollars is not a lot of money in a month time. However, It’s basically almost free because all you’re doing is running something in the background of your computer You’re using your computer. Anyway, think about it guys This is super simple now now stick with me guys with I told you I’m going to show you away you can you maybe five Extra earnings using this same website that’s coming right up Matter of fact, let’s get right into it right now If you look up here in this corner, right or it says refer and earn I’m gonna click on that and stick with me Okay, because I’m gonna show you exactly how you’re gonna do this. Okay, if you refer a friend Earn your friend accepts your invitation Just by them signing up. You’re gonna get 25 points. Here is my invite Referral invite right here matter of fact, I’m going to put this down in the description of this video I would appreciate it very much if you would click on that if you wanted to sign up with my points comm that’s gonna give me more points and You’re gonna do the same exact thing I’m gonna show you how ok now one obvious way is to post your link on Facebook Ok, you can definitely do that. You can post your link on Facebook, by the way You can refer your friends right through the system right here first name email and then a quick message and then send the invite Ok, really really neat But you can go to Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platform And start posting your link and right up at quick, you know, right up on your social media. Say hey guys You want to learn how I’m making about 25 to 30 bucks extra bucks a month for not really doing anything Shit click on this link real quick and check it out. You can also earn extra When your friend spends $20 or more? 750 – 1750 points that’s a lot of points that they buy anything is there’s a lot of deals that people can buy you can buy stuff On here as well and you’ll get points back and return from buying the things that you’re already spending money on Why not get paid in return? To get some of that money back Ok, but if your friends do that you’re gonna get these points and here’s another bonus get a all of the LG points your friend earns you get 10% bonus points that’s for life guys That is one way of 3 to 5 Xing your points But this is not the only way I’m about to share this with you what I’m gonna offer. This is a huge bonus guys Ok what I’m offering for you to do. I’m willing to let you use this exact video this video I’m creating right now that you’re watching and post it on your YouTube channel and Use my video and my voice To offer this my points dot-com website to any of your viewers if you don’t have a youtube channel Well, then get off your butt and start one. It’s free to do it and you can still use my video I’m allowing you to use this video I’m giving you the right to use this video if you choose to if you don’t want to create your own You’re welcome to but if you don’t want to create your own you are welcome to use my video for your YouTube channel You can do a quick intro introducing. Hey a partner of mine. My name is Victor He got involved in this my points calm. I’d love to share it with you Take it away Victor and then you start playing my video this exact video Alright guys, so a great and fun way to start earning money. Now, this is not this is not the type of money That’s gonna you know, that’s gonna make you rich. Okay, I Mean this is this really isn’t the type of money. That’s Life-changing to the majority of people making twenty five or thirty dollars a month It’s a nice side gig some extra money to go out to dinner to go to the movies for gas whatever it is you need but if you want life-changing money if you want to if you want to earn a full-time income on autopilot a passive income an Income that’s being generated even while you’re asleep Or while you’re on vacation with your family and your friends Enjoying some fun and the Sun on the beach a beautiful Sunlit beach, and you’re enjoying your time with your loved ones and you’re still earning a full-time income Which is what I’ve done if you’re finally decided I’m going out to that exotic island I’ve always wanted to go to but I’ve never had the time or the funds to make it happen for me and my family Now I can do that You’re still earning an income while you’re doing those things or we’re out on excursions while you’re on that exotic island scuba diving snorkeling Waterskiing whatever it is you decide you want to do and how you want to spend your time with the people that are that mean The most to you, that’s the power of earning a full-time passive income It not not only frees you Financially, but it also gives you the freedom of time and that’s one thing we have a very limited amount of its time or if you’re tired of going to that nine-to-five if y’all Handcuffed to that that job you’ve been working at for 15 or 20 years Feeling, you know under a Shadid and undervalued and stressed all the time Working 10 12 15 hours a day to make somebody else rich If you’re tired of that if you want to break free from those handcuffs or even going to that nine-to-five every day having to jump into that traffic going in there all the stress of that bumper-to-bumper traffic and then going and going to work for 10 or 12 hours and make somebody else written and jumping right back into that same traffic just to Get home to your loved ones who are waiting for you if you’re tired of that and you are ready to Elevate your life your business and your finances and your all and you’re ready to walk with that door of opportunity That’s right in front of you But only if you’re a hundred percent ready Then I’m gonna leave a link down in the description of this video to my number one recommendation where you can start making a full-time passive fully sustainable income online like I have if you are ready for a chain and you’re ready to take control of your Life and your finances and your business click on that link right now. It’ll take you to the very next step And remember guys, it’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself

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