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I want to show you how you can make $30 per hour by simply watching videos There’s 130 dollars. There’s another $30 Anybody can do this. It’s super simple. All you need are three things Okay, you need a laptop or a phone or a computer? you need an internet connection and the last thing you need and absolutely the most important thing is you need a Welcome back to the channel guys. This is Victor by Dennis and on this channel I do videos every day on how to make money online So don’t forget to hit that subscribe button right now so I can send you a notification Whenever I do new videos So you don’t miss any of the magic as an added bonus watch to the end of this video because I’m gonna show you Another way you can make even more money online right from your home Alright, let’s jump into the video. All right guys, I’m gonna show you exactly how to make $30 per hour Just watching videos and the I’m going to show you three different websites, and these websites are legitimate People have actually gone on here made $30 per hour watching video. Some of them are multi streams of income websites where you can do other things not just watch videos Which is kind of cool. So if you’re interested in doing other things other than just watching videos to make your money online I’m gonna show you one of these websites that actually provides different options for you so that you can actually start making More money online doing other tasks. Okay. So the first website is called user lytx Okay, so user lytx calm, okay Now you get paid to test website and apps. Okay and your but basically what you’re going to do is you’re gonna watch videos There’s what’s great about it You get paid via PayPal and you get paid Five ten fifteen or twenty dollars or other amounts some of the project pay as much as 90 dollars okay, and all you’re gonna be doing is you’re gonna watch these short videos and You’re going to be giving like a review what you what your thoughts are on these videos, you know, basically you’re gonna speak your thoughts and emotions out loud as you do so answer a few questions and Have some fun with it. That’s really really all that that it takes to do this on this particular website user Lytx calm the the conditions. Are you have to be at least sixteen years of age? You’re gonna create you’re gonna create a password and an account. It’s free. It also works in many other countries. Not just the United States It works in Europe not in North America, of course South Africa Southeast Asia, Japan China and other countries around the world You can check to see if it works in the country. You’re in all you’re doing guys Are you’re doing tests watching videos from your home? Ok, whenever you’re free kind of part time even says it right here And then you want to provide your feedback and any suggestions ok And again, it pays five ten fifteen up to ninety dollars Really cool idea and remember guys, these are legitimate websites If you’re enjoying the content of this video so far guys Give me a big thumbs up and smash that like button down below and that tells me that you’re literally enjoying this content also Leave some comments down below tell me what country you’re from so that I can do more videos on how to make money online That work in your area All right. Let’s get back into the video. Okay, the second website I want to show you is called try MIUI Okay, and this basically does the same thing you’ll get paid ten dollars for each test. You take each test takes about twenty minutes So you can make up to thirty dollars per hour Taking these tests now Again, this does pay via PayPal. You need to set up an account. It’s the same idea Basically, you’re watching videos giving your feedback. You’re voicing your thoughts frustrations out loud. So that developers can understand your experience Basically, they’re using you a real-life Person to test their websites watching videos on their website to see how you react before They actually release it and in some cases they’ve already released these new Websites and now they’re going back to test to see if they may need to make adjustments So they’re paying you as a real person to give them real feedback on what you’re watching Okay, really neat idea again. So the third website I want to show you and it’s probably the biggest and most well-known is called usertesting.com Okay now usertesting.com, let me go get get paid in to test you can earn a $60 per test Okay, basically it pay via PayPal every one of these play these websites pay PayPal So if you have a PayPal account You’re good to go with that that part of it for every twenty minute video You complete user testing pays you to visit websites or apps complete a set of tasks and speak your thoughts aloud It’s basically the same thing that you’re doing on the other websites Okay, this is a major website here. You basic complete sets of tasks speaking your thoughts and you get paid 20 And ooh on a daily basis So my suggestion is that you sign up for all three of these so that you can actually start Making money on all three opportunities. Okay. Now remember guys, this is great for part-time income You’re basically trading your time for money but as good as this is and as great as its opportunity sounds You’re not gonna get rich doing this. Okay, you’re not gonna get rich Watching videos and getting paid thirty dollars per hour Okay, because you’re limited to how many you can do on a daily basis That’s the only problem with this type of system great opportunity for part-time money But it’s not going to give you the big money that you probably came online to start earning earning big-time Commission’s earning passive income So if you want to learn how to do that, if you want to learn how to create a passive income while you’re on vacation enjoying your family time and fun or While you’re at the beach with your loved ones, okay, enjoying the fun in the Sun and leisure time Or even while you’re asleep You could be earning passive income with my number one recommendation if You feel handcuffed to your 9:00 to 5:00 and you’re trying to break out of that And you feel like you’ve been locked down for too many years and you’re not getting anywhere Or if it’s just simply tired of being in traffic from morning and then the evening back and forth the frustration That the anxiety of being in bumper-to-bumper traffic on that 9:00 to 5:00 that you’ve been going to you for so many years Then I’m going to leave a link down below to my number one recommendation So then you can start earning a full-time income online a full-time passive income online so that you can enjoy your freedom of time So that you can enjoy financial freedom and you can enjoy your time with your family Which is the most important thing after all that link is gonna be down below in the description of this video And remember guys, like I always say it’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself

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  2. I was in need of emergency cash and I contacted this +17207221457 few hours ago and they granted me 45000$ in my PayPal account. Thanks

  3. I was in need of emergency cash and I contacted this +17207221457 few hours ago and they granted me 45000$ in my PayPal account. Thanks

  4. I was in need of emergency cash and I contacted this +17207221457 few hours ago and they granted me 45000$ in my PayPal account. Thanks

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