Earn a hundred and twenty-five dollars plus per day Giving away free stuff. I said it giving away free stuff gets paid a right to your PayPal account Love free stuff makes me wanna dance dance free stuff free stuff. Oh Man, I could put this on my tik-tok account. I might get chipped off famous. I Might even get like some followers 100 or maybe even a thousand followers What are the chances of me even getting 100 bucks much less a thousand? Ain’t gonna happen Hey guys Victor finder this here and I make videos on how to make money online and I make those videos on the daily So if that’s what you’re looking for then going in that subscribe button right now and don’t forget to smash that notification bell So I can send you a notification and an update every time I come out with a new content so you don’t miss any of the magic and be sure you say to the end of this video because I’m gonna give you a Huge bonus, I’m gonna show you another way. You can start making even more money online right now from the comfort of your own home Alright, let’s get into this video. Hi guys. I’m gonna show you how you can make a hundred and twenty five dollars plus per day Okay with a free strategy Okay, everything but everything I’m gonna show you today is gonna be completely free There’s no investment on your part unless you want to do paid traffic. That’s your option But the strategy coming over today is completely free. So the website you’re gonna have to go to first of all is clickbank.com If you’re not familiar with Clickbank It’s a huge marketplace where you can affiliate can promote any type of digital products out there Around the world. This is a worldwide website. Okay, it is international and you can even see it says international right there. Okay So if you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create an account right here is completely free I’ve done videos on my channel about how to promote Clickbank products in many different strategies many different ways again This is a strategy has become completely free and there’s no investment on your so you’re gonna go to affiliate marketplace You can see here right here at the top. Once you register you’re gonna click on here and you’re gonna you’re gonna see their main marketplace page and of course they have all of the categories of the different types of niches of products and digital products and services that you can start promoting But what I want you to do is come to this box right here and since find products I want you to type in giveaway okay, once you type in giveaway, I want you to hit go and It’s gonna bring you to their giveaway page. This is the beauty of this page here They’re giving away products. The majority are physical products, which is cool People actually get something for free You can kind of scroll down and to kind of take a look at all the different stuff now, it’s Christmastime You know a lot of fathers out there like, you know like to go hunting they like to do outdoorsy stuff So I noticed that there is this giveaway RESCUE card and earn recurring commissions. Okay So let’s let’s look at this one right here Now it shows the average self $32.45. I’m going to show you why it says that but let’s click on that Really good page by the way. Okay. So look at this This is a thirty four ninety five rescue card for free and you get it while supplies last This is gonna be what you’re promoting This is one of the possibilities you saw there was a couple of other options there You can kind of go scroll through and kind of pick out whatever you think is perfect to start promoting As far as something free and really good sales page – look at this this badass Military great recipe card for thirty four ninety five is yours free Survival paracord rope slotted screwdriver razor sharp blade scraper and made list all the things that this tool has It’s kind of a really neat gift to give somebody and it doesn’t cost anything, right? And it also gives you a lot of other free training that they offer at no charge really really cool, right? So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna click on them So when you click on this right here It’s gonna ask you for your email once you input that it’s gonna take you to this checkout page This is what you’re this is what your customer is gonna see the actual product is zero The total is 895 because they’re shipping and handling you are gonna get part of the shipping and handling that’s gonna be part of the commission you’re getting if you don’t enjoying the content of this video so far then don’t forget to give Me a big thumbs up and hit that like button and also down in the comment section Tell me what country you’re from so that I can do even more videos on how to make money online that work in your area Alright, let’s get back into this video and you checked this out. I love this upsell right here. Yes I’d like to add one extra rescue card to my order for 995 so now you’ve doubled your order a lot of people will do that they’ll want to maybe they have two or three people and their family or friends if they want to give this to because again, It’s not cooked. It’s not costing them anything and remember guys if you were to order this online right now Because you can buy these online right now and you’ll pay $34 and you’re gonna pay shipping anyway so that’s what makes this such a great deal is that you’re not gonna pay the $34 and you’re just gonna pay the shipping to get it to your house. Okay, so it is a free giveaway. All right So let’s go back to the actual product. Okay So let’s say we’re gonna promote the actual rescue card, which is this one right here, okay So what you’re going to do you’re gonna click promote here. What you’re going to do is you’re going to sign in And it’s gonna generate a hoplink, okay or an affiliate link you’re gonna copy that link Now stick with me on this And you don’t want to promote that big long link, right? What you’re gonna do is go to a website called bitly bitly comm and you’re gonna pop that link in there You’re gonna hit paste. I just copy that paste now. I’m gonna click shorten and look at that That’s that’s a much nicer looking much shorter link Easier on the eyes instead of that long link so I’m gonna copy that and you’re gonna put that and gonna save that link Okay, paste it onto your notebook base it on to your notes, whatever you’re gonna save that link All right, then I’m gonna go back but from here, where are we going up? Where are we gonna promote our link here though the link this free? Camping gear, right what you’re gonna do is gonna go to Facebook and I already typed in free camping You’re not just stick with me. This is super important. Okay, you have to understand this You can type in free camping gear and look at all of these groups that I’m in the group’s area Forty-seven thousand members two point eight thousand twenty thousand M. You can actually join every one of these groups Okay and start promoting this link, I’m gonna show you how in a second you can also put like free stuff Okay, look at all these groups you’re gonna join every one of these groups Okay, and I mean some of these have a lot of members sixty five thousand three thousand three thousand I mean These are people looking for free giveaways and when they click on your link that shortened link I just showed you I’m gonna pop pop that in here I’m gonna paste and go it’s gonna take them to the actual sales page here and they’re gonna see that this is a free tool here that they’re gonna be able to get and when they click on this it’s gonna take them to the checkout page and the only are gonna have to pay is the 895 for shipping which you’re gonna get a piece of and then there’s the upsell to add an Additional one and you know people will do that especially during Christmastime. This is a great Christmas strategy, by the way There’s a lot of other things you can do to type freebies Ok freebies. There’s a lot of groups out there that offer freebies They’ve got freebies free stuff free samples freebies and free samples I mean you can join every One of these groups but one thing you have to be mindful of okay is to make sure that you read the conditions Of each group cos some do not allow Put it in affiliate links in those groups. So those are the groups you want to leave alone So that’s the best strategy in my opinion is to join a group Read some of the content in the group some of the posts that people are posting and say hey guys I love this group. And if you guys are interested and like if you guys are interested in free camping stuff. I found a Product that is completely free and it’s great for a Christmas gift if you’re interested in knowing about it Here’s the link and it’ll be your shortened link that goes straight to the sales page of Clickbank and that product that we just looked at and I’m telling you right now people are out Looking to buy stuff because it’s Christmas time. There’s a perfect opportunity. It’s still early in the month before Christmas So the shipping can get there and you can start earning some extra cash You can literally make a hundred twenty five bucks or more a day depending on how many products you’re doing this with Depending on how many of these groups that you join. All right, I’m gonna show you exactly how you’re gonna market this on Facebook okay, so I’m gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna come back to the actual offer. Check this out What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna copy this picture to give them an idea and it even has the word free in it To really get people engaged and get people understand one ting to know more about it. So I’m gonna copy this picture And I’m gonna just basically cut it. I’m on a max of shift command for I think if you’re on a Windows computer it’s the snipping tool Okay, I just copied this picture. Okay now I’m gonna come back to Facebook and I’m gonna um if I were in one of those groups, This is what I would do. I’m gonna go to photos and I’m going to upload a photo here and I’m gonna upload the photo that I just took which it should be on Desktop and here it is. So I’m gonna double click on that and it’s going to upload Ok, and then you can type in something like if you guys Want to get this incredible? Free camping tool I found and it makes a Perfect Christmas gift you can you know? It’s just because of time this season check out the link below and then you’ll go to back to bitly Remember that link that you that’s that we save right here that we copied You can copy it again. Unless you have it saved go back to Facebook and then post your link right here Okay There it is and whenever somebody clicks on that if I post that right now I’m gonna post that right now just for the fun of it. Look at that Somebody clicks on my link right here. Guess what? They’re going straight to the sales page of that Free camping tool there it is Pretty cool strategy guys. Ok, pretty cool strategy Remember, if you do this with all these other free giveaways you can make quite a bit of money now There’s a lot of there’s some work involved obviously This is a great strategy for the Christmas holidays guys to make free money and this is worldwide because Clickbank is a world wide Web site. Ok, this works anywhere in the world that you have access to Clickbank and you have access to Facebook Okay, so this is a worldwide strategy now this isn’t going to make you rich Ok, this is a great way to make some good side money. Don’t get me wrong But if you’re looking to create a full time passive income online If a fully sustainable income an income that is being generated even while you’re asleep while you’re in slumber and Join a good night’s sleep or while you’re on vacation While you’re on the beach enjoying some fun in the Sun with your family and your friends and your loved ones There’s nothing better than in join Family time and friends out on a nice beautiful vacation on a beautiful island Watching the sunset having a nice beverage with a loved one right on the beach Or if you plan on going to that exotic Island that you just never had the time to do or or maybe even it didn’t ever have the funds to make it happen You could be making money right now online while you’re doing these things or Go or going on those excursions while you’re on that exotic island, you know scuba diving jet skiing You know off-roading Enjoying life the way life is meant to be enjoyed or if you’re just tired of feeling Stressed at work feeling the handcuffed to that 9:00 to 5:00 that 9:00 to 5:00 that you’ve been going to for five 10 15 20 years and you feel like you’re overworked You’re undervalued you feel underappreciated and you’re completely stressed all the time And you’re doing all this to make somebody else rich? If you want to break away from that break away from those handcuffs I’m gonna leave a link down in the description of this video that will show you my number one recommendation On how you can start making a full-time sustainable income Online right now from the comfort of your own home, or maybe you’re like me Maybe you just wanted to get out of that freaking traffic every morning going to that nine-to-five to make somebody else rich Stuck in that traffic first thing in the morning You’re already stressed when you get to work work in 10 12 hours a day Then you have to jump right back Into that same traffic just to get home to your loved ones If you want to avoid having to do that click on that link down below guys It is a life changing action that you will be taking by clicking on that link But only click on it if you’re ready to walk through that door of opportunity That’s right in front of you a hundred percent ready. This isn’t for freebie seekers. It’s not for tire kickers. This is a serious full-time business that you can actually start working part time like I have Remember it’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself


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