🔥Get Paid $12 In 30 Minutes Watching Videos! Fast and Easy Paypal Money 2020! (WORLDWIDE!)

I’m gonna show you how you can make $12 in 30 minutes with free PayPal money, and it’s worldwide And this is free Without having to steal it without any violence without any experience Stay tuned you’re not gonna want to miss this Hey guys Victor Potter this year and on this channel I create videos on how to make money online almost On the daily, so that’s what you’re looking for then go ahead and hit that subscribe button right now that just popped up on your screen and don’t forget to smash that notification Bell so I can send you a notification and an update whenever I do a new video, so you Don’t miss any of the magic make sure you strap yourself in and stay to the end of this video You’re not gonna want to miss this huge bonus I have for you. I’m gonna show you another way You can start making even more money online right from the comfort of your own home. Alright, let’s jump into this video All right, guys, this website has paid almost 3 million dollars to people’s PayPal account Look at this right to the PayPal account guys. This is worldwide. This is free. And this is something that anybody can do incredible Incredible opportunity guys, and here’s the best part guys. Look at the reviews of this company four point seven nine stars This is a legitimate company guys a legitimate website. You guys need to check this out right away Let’s check out the website here is the actual website and you can see PayPal right here you can also get paid from by tango card Amazon card a Skrill or even Bitcoin Pretty darn impressive and several ways You can get paid you can we can get paid taking surveys and also completing offers, but here’s what I’m gonna focus on today You’re gonna get paid watching short videos Just watching videos on your phone or on your computer and you are going to have an opportunity to start getting PayPal money Right away and when I say right away, I mean look at this Over 90 percent of payments are paid within eight hours via PayPal Bitcoin and Skrill Or you can exchange your points or tango gift cards Which can be used for popular retailers such as Amazon Starbucks Nike Macy’s and more So guys not only do you get paid but you get paid quickly via PayPal stick with me I’m going to show you the strategy on how you’re going to start making twelve dollars and thirty minutes or more With this website this name of the website is called super pain Dot me what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna click on this button right here. Join free today when you click on this button It’s gonna take you to this sign it up page. You’re gonna register for free your first name last name email address User name password and repeat your password. It does need your address your city your state What country you’re from as you can see many many many many worldwide countries are represented here guys. Okay, and Your paypal email address? So you do have to have a PayPal account in order to use this you can also use a paisa email Skrill email or your Bitcoin or coinbase account? You do have to be 18 years or older you click on this button? Yes, I understand and agree with the privacy policy. You click on that button You don’t have to agree to receive direct emails from super paid on me But you do have to click on I have read and agreed the terms of conditions of suit pay me I’m not a robot and then you create your account now. I’ve already created my account, right? I’m gonna go ahead and log in right now So I’m gonna log in I’ve already got my my username is named vanilla ice tea, huh? Yeah, that’s right It’s been L iced tea Alright when I log into my account right now when you come to this page, you need to follow my directions Exactly how I’m going to lay it out to you right now and as you can see, I’ve already made 20 cents just by signing up you will be signing up and Shortly, I’m gonna show you a bonus way. You can start making even more money with this same website Okay, so stick with me watch the video all the way through before you jump off and go to this website Okay the first thing you need to do is if you’re enjoying the content of this video so far then go ahead and give me a big like and a thumbs up and Don’t forget that down in the comment section to tell me what country you’re from So I can do even more videos on how to make money online that work in your area Alright, let’s jump back into this video. Go straight to this offer walls button right here I want you to highlight it and scroll all the way down to add send media Click on that button. Once you arrive here. I want you to click on see where it says videos right here Now you can do other things you can do surveys There are other ways to make money with this Website, but what is focused on videos and getting you paid to PayPal as quickly as possible? So once you – click on videos right here So when you click on videos if you start scrolling you see many different categories food music celebrity viral best life Gaming movie buzz Jet Set Tech Talk all these things Laughs comedy things like that So when you select a category who are gonna let me pick like movie buzz We’re gonna click on that button right there Watch the latest movie trailers movie reviews and movie news and earn for every video plus ads you watch offer Opens in a new window to get started click tap the button below really simple guys. You’re gonna click on this button Now watch watch what happens here, it opens up a whole new window when the window opens You’re gonna start watching these videos ok, and We’d like to show you how I’m gonna hit. No, thanks. I don’t want to see notifications Ok, it’s loading the ad right now. Okay, this is what’s happening right here alright, so I’m gonna be watching this whole ad for just a few minutes So if you notice there’s ads everywhere. This is how super paying me gets paid guys. Ok This is exactly how they get paid. There’s ads all over the place. You’re watching an ad. You’re watching a video about the movies This is how you get paid. But once you start watching these videos you can like the videos okay, you can interact with the videos and you can always click on the Rewards button to see how many rewards you’re accumulating while you’re interacting with the videos. You can react to the video You can share it all of these things are gonna get you more points when you get the points you can then turn those into PayPal money that pays right into your paper account and remember they pay very very quickly. Okay so once you’re done with this type of video, you can come back here and Remember guys, I’m gonna show you this bonus here in just a second Okay You can X out of there and say okay I want to do I want to do jet set or I want to do best Celebrity click on that one and then you click on this button again, and you do it over Again, the videos loading up. Here we go. And Boom and then there it is there it starts immediately And I’m gonna X out of here because that’s not what I’m trying to do here Okay, so we understand how that works now. Okay now Here’s the added bonus. I wanted to show you guys I’m gonna go back to the Main page here. So this is big and let me tell you why it’s big because the power of social media the power of YouTube the power of Facebook of Instagram of all of these social media platforms that that power is undeniable so why not leverage the power of a following that you already have or even going on to Facebook and Inviting people to come check this website out You see this referral program here if I click on referral link in banners? Okay, I’m gonna earn 25 percent get paid a massive 25 percent of your referral earnings guys, that is huge if I bring in 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 people that are gonna be doing the same thing that I’m doing Watching videos or filling out surveys and answering questions Why not use and leverage other people’s efforts and work to fill up my bank account Why shouldn’t you do that guys? It’s a smart way of doing online business referrals are huge there are companies out there that pay Extra money to anybody that you refer to them just for referring to them Well, guess what these this same website and this company is paying you extra money. Just refer other People to this website so they can start watching videos and earning money Completing surveys answering questions and earning money and if they use your affiliate link, okay And here is my affiliate link right here super pay me dot and there it is vanilla ice tea because that’s how I roll V-dog is vanilla ice tea on this video guys. This is impressive stuff. So hit that’s the extra bonus I wanted to show you about this website Now now I hope you see value in this website And in this video on how you can start earning a nice side Income with watching videos or filling out surveys The only problem with this method is that you’re not gonna get rich doing this Okay, you’re gonna make maybe twelve dollars and thirty minutes, but then you’re gonna stop and do something else So you can make you can make twenty five thirty bucks a day Maybe even fifty dollars a day doing this method if you want to learn how to create a full time passive income an income that’s being generated even while you sleep an Income that’s working for you and working for your family while you’re on vacation You’re on that beach and join some fun in the Sun with your family and loved ones. How powerful is that? That you’re you’re out on that exotic island if you’ve always wanted to go to and enjoying yourself with your loved ones and your family and You’re getting commissions rolling into your bank account while you’re enjoying life while you’re out on excursions water skiing Scuba diving doing what doing the things that you love to do? with the people that you love to do those things with and when you want to do it That’s the power of freedom if you’re interested in learning how I’ve done that how I’ve created a full-time income online a passive income and I’m gonna leave a link down in the description of this video that’s gonna show you exactly what to do and exactly what the next step is Or if you’re just ready to break away from that nine-to-five that you’ve been working so hard Every day for that for the last 5 10 15 years working 1012 hours a day with all of your effort and all the stress that’s part of a nine-to-five Doing all of those things just to make somebody else Rich, if you’re ready to break away from those handcuffs and break free from that I’m gonna leave a link down in the description. Click on that link If you are ready to do something if you’re ready to make it change but only click on that link if You’re committed to walk through that door of opportunity. That’s right in front of you right now it’s never too late to change your future to change your financial future and To be able to spend the time with your family and loved ones is priceless Remember guys, it’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself

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