Hey, Earthlings. The Rocket is at launch. I’m Sergey Rad. This is Rocket Pitch Channel. And we talk about the blockchain and cryptocurrency as always. And today our guest is a project that brings the blockchain-future and cryptocurrency together with today’s e-commerce. And this Plaza system can easily replace PayPal and even Visa in terms of transaction speed. This is a well-developed infrastructure project. The author of the review is Oleg Knyazev. Let’s see what Oleg found about this project. Let’s go! Hello everyone. In this video, I want to introduce you to a very promising ICO project called Plaza Systems. Plaza is a system integration company that uses crypto-conversions and blockchains. It offers five products: PlazaCard, Plaza Merchants, PlazaDesktop and PlazaMobile applications, as well as PlazaConcierge. The site supports a large number of languages, including Russian. White Paper is also in Russian. We will use this feature while reviewing this project. We have the following method of analysis: first we look at how we can earn, then we look at how we can be set up, and then proceed to tokenometrics. The development team has commercial successes in the field of fintech and online trading over the past 12 years. Together, it has over 80 years of experience with numerous online trading systems. Plaza Systems is a project for which well-known projects have already signed up, which has already collected 37% of hardcaps, and this is 37,150 ETH. The global e-commerce market reached $ 2.29 trillion in 2017 and is expected to reach $ 4 trillion by 2020. In the meantime, the introduction of the blockchain technology has every chance to raise the growth rate even higher. Blockchain is at the heart of the fast-growing cryptocurrency market. The capitalization of cryptocurrency at the time of writing, is about $ 700 billion and is expected to grow to $ 2 trillion by 2020, significantly altering and expanding the e-commerce market. Plaza intends to settle at the intersection of lifestyle and technology. Plaza will eliminate the confusion and complexity of new technologies, making savings, security, privacy and the freedom of consumers accessible to everyone. So how can we earn? MerchantChain Blockchain, as the basis of Universal b-Commerce, is the fastest, most scalable, self-sufficient, reliable and promising distributed registry for the commerce industry. First of all, it’s incredible speed. Achieved results at over 15,000 transactions per second, average transaction confirmation time less than 3 seconds. Sustainable development. Registry maintained by energy efficient IOT (Internet of Things) devices and mobile / desktop applications according to the reputation (PoR) algorithm. Infinite Scalability. Positive correlation between the number of users and hosted nodes. More users means more capacity. Enhanced Security. All parties must have AURA SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate that prevents fraud and instills confidence in the ecosystem. Perspective. The registry will remain reliable even after quantum computers become a security issue for blockchains. Challenges of the e-commerce market. Current centralized business models are extremely inefficient. High costs are transferred from the seller to the buyer. The seller’s transaction fees are approximately 25% for each purchase on major online shopping sites, such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. This inflationary pressure reduces sellers’ margin and increases prices for consumers, at which sellers shift their costs. Costly infrastructure and the requirements of the owners support high prices. Expensive infrastructure such as servers, data warehouses, hired staff, commercial real estate, and advertising services impede a solution. The expectations of owners for profit do not add interest in reducing the existing structure of profit formation. Payment processing systems add transaction costs to costs. Empires such as PayPal were built on the backs of consumers. PayPal and the many participating intermediary companies involved in processing credit card transactions do not want to move away from the profitable system they have created. Plaza will help sellers bypass the costs associated with the use of centralized platforms, as well as help them sell directly to consumers, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries. The concept of personal privacy has been lost in Big Data. Concerns about online privacy and security have turned many people away from online shopping. Websites and applications constantly monitor and use our personal networking habits, keeping personal and financial information. Take, for example, Amazon. This giant has developed a very effective sales increase algorithm, offering personalized recommendations based on the history of consumer purchases and the history of purchases of other consumers with similar tastes, lifestyles and demographic indicators. Ever since the sale of books, Amazon has learned a lot from its customers and now sells almost everything, either by itself or through third-party suppliers. The concept of personal privacy does not work on online sites such as Amazon, to the displeasure of many. Plaza offers an alternative for them and for many existing owners of online stores who are not satisfied with the status quo. The company uses technology that will eliminate the experiences and unleash the full potential of online. Further. Using cryptocurrency to pay is not easy or intuitive. Traditional payments are easy, but lead to high prices. Users have learned to use their credit cards or payment platforms, such as PayPal, to conduct online transactions. Unfortunately, these actions add significantly to the cost of purchases. Cryptocurrency payments require the user to have a steep learning curve. If a user never bought using cryptocurrency and did not install a wallet, the task may seem insurmountable. A simple mistake in a transaction can lead to a complete loss of funds, which discourages many. Left alone with this task, many decide to maintain the status quo and not use the platform. To alleviate the hardships experienced by each new crypto user, they will all receive the free PlazaWallet Wallet, which will be synced to the PlazaCard debit card. Mass implementation depends on actual use. Early users easily try anything, while the average user needs a good reason. Just as computers were once at the disposal of only large corporations and government agencies, requiring the user to interact through the command line, now there are early users who do not object to the technical difficulties associated with buying, selling and storing. The use of computers became ubiquitous after the introduction of user interfaces. We understand that in order to develop user appeal, they must have an easy-to-use system and a compelling reason to try it. Without simple and clear examples of use, the average consumer is not willing to take the risk, so the business does not yet see a request for the introduction of cryptocurrency payment methods. Most people understand the conveniences credit cards have brought to their lives. Many have stopped using paper currencies. Thanks to the PlazaCard card, everyone can easily join the cryptocurrency in everyday life, discovering a huge world of possibilities. Even if there were many ways to spend cryptocurrencies, the rapid growth of their value stimulates to hold or trade, and not to pay for goods and services. Most newcomers to cryptocurrency came here for “To the Moon” and “Lambo”. At the same time, blockchain applications that rely on the volume of transactions are designed for a different approach to their use. Plaza develops a limited number of PLAZA utilitarian tokens, as well as a stable, transaction-linked coin (PL $) for purchasing goods and services on the Plaza market. And now I suggest to get acquainted with the business model. The viability of the business model is built on reduced transaction costs and the elimination of financial intermediaries such as PayPal and credit card providers, as well as bloated market commissions. Eliminating intermediaries will effectively reduce transaction costs for consumers and sellers, which means a more efficient market and cheaper products for everyone. Plaza Systems plans to receive income as follows: Market commissions. As a platform for meta-search of online stores, the company will receive the main income from referral commissions. These commissions will come from sellers on the platform, as well as from income received from other sites. Income will be distributed as follows: Network commissions: 1% for network operation and maintenance, including expenses for Plaza Lifestyle Rewards Awards, administration and network security; Mining royalties: 2% are distributed on the network of miners who maintain a copy of the MerchantChain registry. Exchange Commission. The exchange of dollars for PLAZA or PL $ is free. The exchange of PLAZA or PL $ for dollars will lead to a deduction of a commission of 1%. Sales of equipment. Licensing. Plaza offers a smart column Concierge Plaza and Plaza Merchant’s Set. With the development of the company may offer additional products. Promotion and advertising campaigns for sellers. As the platform grows, developers will promote and enable merchants and retailers to join them in various joint advertising campaigns. Sales promotion. Licensing. Anyone who loves the Plaza, of course, would like to tell the world about it. In the future, the platform will offer sales promotion and brand licensing opportunities.
Further, I suggest to get acquainted with the roadmap of the project. It takes us until the 3rd quarter of 2019. It starts in the 2nd quarter of 2017. So let’s look at the roadmap. 2nd quarter of 2017 – the concept of the integrated Market Plaza and the Plaza Map was created. 3rd quarter of 2017 – the concept of Concierge Plaza was created. The founders began negotiations with other experts to confirm the demand for another concept. 4th quarter of 2017 – The White Paper is written. Developed prototypes to clarify the proposed products. The first quarter of 2018 – Plaza will hold the ICO. 2nd quarter of 2018 – Development of the Plaza platform. Issue of Plaza Cards. Launch of the service Concierge Plaza. Betta testing MerchantChain. 3rd quarter of 2018 – Betta-testing platform. Betta testing Concierge service. Launch MerchantChain. 4th quarter of 2018 – Launch Plaza Concierge. Launch of the Platform. 2nd quarter of 2019 and beyond – Geographic expansion and growth of the MerchantChain platform and protocol.
There is a MVP. Also in Russian. You can read the information. The site has a video that demonstrates the performance of the demo version. Next, I propose to meet with the team. All team members and advisors have official LinkedIn pages. You can go and get acquainted in more detail. And it’s written on the website not to be shy to contact any of them to ask additional questions about the company, technology or sale of tokens. Kevin Johnson – CEO and Chief Designer. Tracy Allan Powell – Executive Director. Ronald Ayi – Technological Director. Michael Sinclair – Marketing Director. David Gillbanks – Head of Public Relations. David Colton – Commercial Director. Dr. Jason Corbett – Legal Advisor. Yehoshua Westover – Business Development & Innovation Director, China. Plaza Advisors. Bob Blower – Advisor on Banking and Regulation. Matthew Brussels – Information Security Advisor. Sydney Ifergan – Media Advisor. Per Lind – Business Development Advisor. Mike Morritt – Community Advisor. As for partners. On the official site they are not listed. In the official telegram chat they replied: “We do not place strange logos of partners on our website, as the typical ICO template suggests.” They said that the information is on their website – The last articles are on our website, and there is a link to the Medium channel where you can find them all. I’ve already read all the information there and links to articles on partnership will be a little lower. In the text version, I left all the links that I could find about the partnership. As for investors. Also there is no information on the site. In the telegram chat I was told that this is personal funding and inaccessible information. The site has links to news articles, which talk about the Plaza and there is a section “Events”, which shows in which countries and in which events the Plaza participates.
How can we be set up? Intentional scam I think you can exclude. My opinion is based on existing well-known partners, and on the fact that this ICO has already received a lot of ratings from leading rating agencies. Judging by the presence of the prototype, I think the technical scam can also be excluded. But do not forget about the risks, they are always there. According to the fees. Soft Cap reached. Much more is collected. 37% off Hard Cap. Distribution of tokens: 65% will be distributed among investors of public sales. 4% will be given to advisors who helped the founders and the team, as well as early investors who invested in the project before the stage of public sale. 15% will be distributed to the Reserve Fund. 15% will be given to team members. All PLAZA tokens allocated to the team will be issued monthly for two years. 1% will be distributed in the form of bounty and other incentives to promote public sales and development of the platform. As for the token. PLAZA is a utilitarian token of the ERC20 standard, which can move freely in the Ethereum blockchain and can be held in the PlazaWallet or any purse compatible with the ERC20 standard. The PLAZA utilitarian token is a link to the rest of the cryptomere: Helps create decentralized applications on MerchantChain. Provides access to more exclusive PlazaCard card levels. Pays Plaza Lifestyle Awards. Pays royalties for MerchantChain support. Pays commissions Arbitrage Plaza. And total: 960 million PLAZA tokens. Verdict. No doubt this project deserves attention. The idea of this project can not be called 100% original, but I think this is a promising direction. In favor of this project speak such facts as – reached Soft Cap, collected 37% of Hard Cap, the presence of well-known partners, MVP / Prototype in stock. I also think it necessary to note an active Telegram chat, where I was instantly answered my questions. And the fact that the site itself and WP are translated into a large number of languages. It’s a pity, of course, that the site does not contain information about the investors of this project, and a weakly filled Github. Despite all these advantages, it is difficult to say how the coin will behave in today’s market conditions. My rating is 9 out of 10. In the text version of this video you can find more information about this project. And bonuses at various stages of this ICO. Hope you enjoyed this video. Here is such a project. I, perhaps, agree with Oleg and put 9 out of 10. They have already gathered Soft Cap. I think they should be watched. I do not think that at this stage it is worth investing, given the state of the market, but you need to look at it. Oleg put 10 and 10 for the review. In the comments write your wishes to Oleg, write what you think about this project. Like if it was helpful. Remember that your every like and comment helps you to mine RKT8 tokens with the help of our robot. The link is on description. Subscribe to the channel, press the bell in order not to miss anything. Well, as always, I wish you: “Goodies, greens and a strong biggie, buddy.” The route of our rocket is unchanged, «Only To the Moon». Over and out, earthling. Bye!


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