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How’s everybody doing? Welcome to an episode of Money
Talks Mondays with Reezy Resells where you call me and I answer your
questions. I do that every time. One of these days I’ll figure that out. I got to watch the comments
so that happens all the time. Anyways, how’s everybody doing? I generally have a topic
that I want to go over. And today the topic that I’ll go
over with… before we get some calls, before take some calls. If you
want to call in 20983 Reezy, You’ll have to check out your
number pad to figure that one out. 20983 Reezy, go ahead and give me
a call and I’ll answer the call and I’ll help you guys out. Let me see how’s the audio sounding.
Audio sounding good? Totally forgot to check that. We got
Posh in the comments, moderating, helping you guys out that’s a major key.
That’s a necessity. Basically, what I want to talk about
today before we get into Q an A calls whatnot is how I got approved
to sell Nike shoes on Amazon and how you cannot go about doing it.
You cannot sell Nike shoes on Amazon. The way that I approved to sell
Nike shoes on Amazon is because I was grandfathered. Because
I was an original seller, I was already selling Nike,
Adidas, Under Armour etc etc. and so I was grandfathered in
and I’m still allowed to sell. So if you are curious about how
am I able to sell those shoes because they’re restricted for you,
that’s how I’m able to sell them. And if you think that you can apply
and pay the $1,500 and get invoices and get approved to sell Nike or
Adidas, you’re sadly mistaken. As far as I know, many many people have
tried and no one has been successful… (phone rings) …In getting
approval to sell those brands. We got our first caller, hold up. See if my little phone stand
is going to work good. Hey welcome to Money Talks with Reezy.
Who’s this? [Jason] Hey, it’s Jason. What’s up man? [Reezy] What’s up Jason?
How’s it going man? (mumbles) Good man. Good, how are
you doing? How could I help you? [Jason] I’m doing good. I just
came across your name actually because I was watching the Breakfast
Club last week and Gary Vaynerchuk was on there and Gary Vaynerchuk
was talking about you. [Reezy] Yeah, Gary Vaynerchuk.
I love Gary V man. [Jason] And then what I did was I
started looking at his videos on YouTube and then it related to your
videos. No actually no, I looked you up. I actually looked you up, that’s
how I saw you. I looked you up. [Reezy] Nice. [Jason] And I saw that… you did well for
yourself just by selling books man. [Reezy] Yeah, yeah books are great. [Jason] I looked at your videos last
week you said you started with books but you’re not going to stop there. You
know, you talking about social media and things of that nature but my
situation is not the best right now bro. It’s really actually kind of bad. [Reezy] Okay, it sounds like you
need to make some money real quick. [Jason] Yes sir, yes sir. My
question is as far as the books, are there any specific books that sell
the best when it comes to used books? [Reezy] Yeah definitely… Yeah sure.
This is going to be posted so you can always watch
this again anyways. The best books that sell are going
to be generally nonfiction books. Books that are about something, about
how to do something, history, whatever. Those are valuable to people. The most
valuable books are certainly textbooks which are inside of the
nonfiction category but overall, generally nonfiction books are
worth way more than fiction books. Textbooks inside of the
nonfiction category. There’s a great article
written by Caleb Roth. I think his website is
thebookflipper.com. He’s a super smart dude, Excel
number wizard or whatever but he has an article. He
analysed an entire libraries… like catalogues of books and then ran
it through his spreadsheet wizardry and he found out which books
sell the most by category. I don’t remember it off
the top of my head but generally it’s going to be nonfiction.
Textbooks are obviously first and fiction books are going
to be your last choice. If you go and look at that article that
I mentioned which I will edit this and put the link in the description.
It tells you, breaks you down which category like… if I remember music and
history were pretty high up on the list. [Jason] So look for Caleb
Roth, the book flipper? [Reezy] Yeah, just specifically
this article that he wrote. I’ll link it in the description later. He has a bunch of great
resources to check out too. I’m not an expert about books,
you know, I’m not like… I mean I am an expert but I’m not
like an antiquarian book guy. You know like… You know back in the
day, you had to really know books. I just scan the barcode in, through
time I’ve learned what I’ve learned. You know, it’s not like I have a list
in my head of what’s worth money, you know what I mean. [Jason] Yeah, one thing that
I see that you’re doing man because I’ve been on this journey for
a few weeks now and a lot of people… I haven’t really bought anything yet.
I do want to invest in myself, I’m not going to say that I don’t. [Reezy] Right. [Jason] One thing that I see you have
done is you give everything you do. Every tool that you use as far as
printers, the scanner, everything. You give… and then you give the
damn links to go buy the stuff. [Reezy] Right so those
are, if you don’t know, are affiliate links with Amazon
affiliates and I recommend everyone to sign up for affiliate links.
Affiliate links are a great way you could passively earn money on the
internet. So when you click on that link and you go to Amazon and buy it,
I make like 6-8% commission. It’s really passive, it’s not like
I’m jamming it down your throat. It’s actually useful. Here’s all the
equipment that we use in my warehouse. Here’s the camera I’m
making this video with. Here’s the ring light
that I’m using etc etc. If you want to know, go check it out.
But anyone could … go ahead. [Jason] Barcode is that on there
as well. The barcode reader? [Reezy] Yeah I think that’s on there
too. That’s not an Amazon link but that’s another affiliate deal
that I have with the gentleman that sells the scanners. So you get
it through me, you pay the same price but I get a little kickback
and that’s how it works as far as commission and affiliates. Yeah what are you into? What do you
want to build your presence around? [Jason] But that’s the thing
though… am I going to be live? Is people going to
hear what I’m saying? [Reezy] Oh you’re live right
now to the world bro. [Jason] Oh wow this guy…
(laughs) Nah the reason I’m saying that is
because I want to do some things because I have to… I actually get some
things straightened up to where I can… get my finances better so I can get
my daughter. That’s my whole goal. [Reeyz] Yeah. Definitely. [Jason] Yeah that’s my whole goal
and that’s my whole goal to improve my situation so I can improve
my daughter situation. [Reezy] So are you familiar with eBay?
[Jason] Go ahead. [Reezy] Have you been
selling stuff on eBay? [Jason] I have some stuff on eBay
right now but it’s not selling maybe because I got it priced too high
because I wanted more than… I sold stuff on eBay about 7 years ago
and I sold some stuff like last year. Mainly things that I purchased,
impulse buys I guess you can say. A lot of Jordan’s I never wore, a lot
of jerseys I bought and never wore so I’ve been selling
that stuff on eBay. That’s what I’m selling on eBay
right now, stuff I don’t wear, stuff I’m never going to wear.
It’s too big for me now… [Reezy] Don’t store it around you know.
Get rid of it, turn it into money. [Jason] I think I’m going
to lower the prices because I’ve had them on there
for like 5 weeks now. [Reezy] Yeah definitely. In the
comments right now of this video, we got an eBay expert, Monica
Gamboa, The Posh Hanger. Follow her on instagram @theposhhanger.
If you’re watching this and you don’t follow Monica, you’re
slipping. @theposhhanger on instagram. She did $200,000 in sales last year by
herself, solo, one woman operation, single mum. Hey I got another caller. I got another
caller coming in. I got to let you go. [Jason] I got you. No problem bro. [Reezy] Alright. Check out the comments
though, a lot of good help in there. [Jason] I got you man. [Reezy] Welcome to Money Talks
with Reezy Resells. Who’s this? [Jeremiah] Yo, Reezy Resells
(laughs) Alright this is Jeremiah… [Reezy] What’s up Jeremiah?
That sounds familiar. [Jeremiah] Yeah. I’ve been talking
to you about the i AM 8 stuff. [Reezy] Nice, yeah. Dude it’s crazy.
[Jeremiah] How’s that going for you? [Reezy] I like that. I’ve been trying
to put a lot of content on there as much as possible. Seems
like a really good product that I think is going to blow up. [Jeremiah] Oh yeah. Dude, I’m pumped
about it because it’s going to be huge. [Reezy] It’s really crazy because it’s
like the… shoutout to the i AM 8 TV. It’s like a QVC replacement at like
the very least and we already know QVC works right. We know TV is broken so QVC,
there’s obviously a demand for that kind of content or whatever.
We just need to transition it and then this is that plus so much more.
Plus social media, plus … it can cater so well to the personal brand
which is what we’re going into. It’s like… telling people to buy stuff
or recommending stuff could seem spammy but if the network is made for
recommending products to people then it’s definitely not spammy.
Then you can create content there and then it can live there and that’s
useful because you can make it there and then you can send it elsewhere.
It’s super awesome. I was just filming my kid jumping on
the trampoline and we bought that trampoline off Amazon, don’t tell her. She thinks the elves
set it up overnight. [Jeremiah] (laughs) That’s hilarious. [Reezy] Hopefully, Luna
doesn’t watch my YouTube. So yeah, I just put the
link to the i AM 8 video and then it’s just them jumping around
on the trampoline having a good time. It’s really just… you know
you could sell something or you could just you know film content.
Your kid jumping on a trampoline and if they want to swipe up and pay, there’s the trampoline
with the slam dunk net. [Jeremiah] Definitely,
have you seen that really affects your Amazon affiliate? [Reezy] I can’t honestly say…
I check it once in a while but I can’t honestly say that
I’ve sold anything through 8 TV. I did get curious enough that I made
a unique affiliate link for 8 TV so that if it does sell through
there then I could see that. It’s really, really ground floor
stages of the app right now. If it does get big and
you’re there doing something then you’re going to be
prominent, for sure. Man Posh Hanger is
ripping up the comments. Do you have any specific questions bro? [Jeremiah] I’m actually
on the way home from work so I don’t know what the topic is.
I just wanted to call in and say I really appreciate your
content and keep rocking it. [Reezy] Awesome man. Thank you.
Thanks for calling in… We’re just doing a Q and A call
in but we’re talking about shoes and how you can’t sell Nikes and I
can because I was grandfathered. Everyday, people ask me so I
figured I’d address that. [Jeremiah] Really, are they banned now?
[Reezy] Yeah it sucks sorry. [Jeremiah] Oh no. [Reezy] I got another caller
though, I got to take this call. Thank you bro for calling in.
I really appreciate you. [Jeremiah] Peace out man.
Thanks Reezy. Bye. [Reezy] Bye. If you called just now and I
didn’t answer, call again. I cut that call short and
I didn’t even need to. So go ahead and give me a call back. I’m
not checking the voicemails from those so just give me a call back. 20983 Reezy. I would love to
help you with a specific tip. (phone rings) If you want to
know about books, let’s do it. Shoutout to the 860 area code,
how’s it going? Hold on a second. I got to figure out how
to work my own phone. Shoutout to the 416 area code. You’re talking to Reezy Resells
on Money Talks, what’s up? [Shebaz] Hey Reezy, what’s up man? This
is Shebaz calling from Toronto, Canada. [Reezy] Hey, how’s it going man?
Am I wearing, no I’m not wearing my
Blue Jays hat, sorry. [Shebaz] (laughs) Yeah I know. You
were rocking the Jays at man. That was awesome man. You
love Toronto over there. [Reezy] Yep. Yeah. I’m not really a big
sports guy but I got love for Canada and I got a large hat collection
so I might as well rep it. My business partner is Canadian. He
has dual citizenship. Canada. [Shebaz] Right on. Right on man. I
got to say, I love what you do man. It’s awesome content and the insight
and the practical advice is just me. [Reezy] Nice. Dude, thank you so much. Is there anything that I could
help you with specifically? Or maybe anything you would
like to share with the viewers like your accomplishments based
on my content or knowledge? [Shebaz] Yeah man, for sure. I actually
work as a business rep for a wholesaler right and we kind of sell close out
deal like toys, Crayola, Hasbro etc and after I started watching
your content, I went out there and I reached out to a lot of
people that sell on Amazon. It’s been amazing man. I’ve
been helping these guys out. You know they come down to our
warehouse showroom, they scan products and yeah man. They sell them on Amazon, help them out build
their business you know. [Reezy] So you’re moving
some more products for the company that you work for? [Shebaz] Yeah… [Reezy] Nice but you’re able to
be like the liaison sort of. [Shebaz] Yeah, yeah, yeah
exactly man, exactly. Yeah man, my specific question is as somebody who
is a wholesaler trying to reach people selling on Amazon. What do you think
is the best way to go about it? [Reezy] Give me your
contact information and I’ll put it in the
video description. If you’re looking for Amazon sellers
to set up accounts to buy products that will work for sure. (laughs) [Shebaz] Yeah yeah. We do a lot
of like toys and stuff right. I think we do a lot of the
toys category so yeah man… [Reezy] Yeah do you
work off commission? [Shebaz] Yeah man I
work off commission. [Reezy] Yeah so there you go
win-win, we all win right. [Shebaz] Yeah buddy. Yeah for sure man. [Reezy] Awesome, so do me a
favour and send me an email to [email protected] and
put the subject wholesaler and then just give me your link. After
this call, after the show’s over I’ll edit the description and
I’ll put your link in there. Then if people want to sign up, they can
go check you guys’ wholesale products, they’ll do that. [Shebaz] Alright, perfect Reezy.
Much appreciated bro. I don’t want to take up
too much of your time. [Reezy] Otherwise, I would say get your
company on facebook and instagram ads like inside the entrepreneur category
in the people that follow me, people that follow Gary
V that type of stuff. [Shebaz] Yeah because hey
man, I know you guys are always looking for product. That’s
one thing I wanted the Reezy Resells community to know is that
there’s a lot of wholesalers. [Reezy] Yeah lots. [Shebaz] …liquidators… Yeah man that
are always getting new product in… If you contact those wholesales and
you know liquidators in your area, it can be another opportunity for
you to find new product right. [Reezy] Definitely. Thanks for calling
dude. I got to answer this other call. [Shebaz] For sure man.
Thanks for taking my call. [Reezy] Yeah have a good day. Welcome to Money Talks with
Reezy Resells. Who’s this? [Alison] This is Alison.
Hi Reezy, how you doing? [Reezy] Good, how are you Alison? [Alison] I’m so well, thank you. Enjoy
your programme, you videos and instagram so thanks for taking my call. [Reezy] Yeah, thank you. [Alison] Alright well, I’ll
just get right to the point. I have created a product and I
have a patent and a prototype and I’m just not sure how
to get it out there. Of course, I don’t have the
funds to do it on my own. [Reezy] Do you have units on
hand or you made a prototype or where are you at
as far as production? [Alison] Production has not started.
I have a prototype and I have contacted through Alibaba
some manufacturers but haven’t… [Reezy] Is this like a
complete brand new product or an improvement on
an existing product? [Alison] As far as I know, it’s a
complete… it’s a brand new one. I will say, it’s a pet toy product
so there’s similar ones out there. I have a patent for it. [Reezy] Yeah. The way that you’re
going to get the word out is through social media right. And if
you aren’t able to do that yourself. If you don’t know how, you can learn.
It took me about a year to learn. Reezy Resells didn’t exist a year ago.
I learned a lot you know. I need help still especially
at the volume that I’m at. You know people want to charge me
$2,500, $5,000 a month to manage my social media and I can’t afford
that and that’s not where I’m at. You can do it yourself and it is
by far the best bang for your buck as far as dollars or time
of getting the word out. You would probably would want to do a lot of strategic stuff
with influencers. You know people who have
large instagrams for dogs or pet products that you could send
them your products for free and or pay them and then they
would show your product. And you can purchase a link in bio. [Alison] Got it. Yeah. Okay. [Reezy] You might want to look into some
of the people that do private label on Amazon because I’m assuming that’s
probably where you want to sell your product besides your own website. But a lot of that information
is valuable to you as far as how they rank their products,
get the sales rank going and the key word research
and the advertisements and driving traffic and stuff. The two guys that I recommend for
private label knowledge on Amazon are going to be Andy
Slamans and Manny Coats. Both of those guys are great guys
and know a lot about that stuff. And I’m sure if you reach out to them
or just get into their ecosystem and do some research you’ll figure
out a little bit more about that. I don’t know if these
services are relevant anymore because I’m not actually doing
that but there is or was a service called Snagshout I believe. And similar
things where you give away products for free in exchange for reviews
but it’s a dance with Amazon as far as what they allow,
what they don’t allow. Did your customers pay for it or
did you give it to them for free. Verified review, unverified review.
Blah, blah, blah. Bottom line is…
[Alison] They’re cracking down on that. [Reezy] Yeah. You got to get it
to where it can make transactions and then you got to
start driving traffic. It sounds like you’re
a little bit ways out because you don’t have units on hand
but now’s a good time to start doing your social media and building up your… Like I don’t know how far you’re
out until you get units in hand but you could do a pre-order and say
limited, we’re out of stock whatever. Pre-sell, that kind of thing. [Alison] Okay, yeah
that was very helpful. [Reezy] Facebook ads obviously too.
If you get into facebook ads, it won’t take you too long. Maybe in
about a month of getting on it everyday, you could really understand it. Facebook ads are key for driving
product awareness today. [Alison] Okay.
[Reezy] Awesome, thank you for calling. [Alison] Well I appreciate
your help, thank you so much. [Reezy] Yep, thank you.
[Alison] Alright, take care. Bye. [Reezy] Man I didn’t know if I was
going to be able to handle that one. Give me a call guys, 20983 Reezy. I’m juggling oranges. (phone rings) Or trying to
juggle oranges. Aah didn’t work. Welcome to Money Talks with
Reezy Resells. Who’s this? [DS] Hello? [Reezy] Hello. You’re live on
Money Talks with Reezy Resells. [DS] I’m live right now?
[Reezy] You’re live right now. What’s up homie? [DS] Oh what’s going on bro? This is
Daddy Scorebucks from Connecticut 860. [Reezy] Oh what’s up Daddy Scorebucks?
I recognise that name. [DS] Pretty good man.
[Reezy] Good, how are you? [DS] Doing good man. I love all the
content and all the contribution you’ve made in the communities. [Reezy] Thank you man. Thank you.
Thanks for calling in. [DS] Also I definitely appreciate that
link that you put up, Koamtac scanner. [Reezy] Oh you got one? [DS] Oh I definitely got my scanner man.
Let me tell you, I waited a long time. (laughs) I waited a long time for it
because of holiday weekends but I was getting really itchy but I finally
got it man. I was like a beast man, [Reezy] You got it. How
much faster are you now? [DS] Oh man you know just like you said
in your story when you didn’t know what people were doing with the scanner
and you see them scanning books. I came across that last year. I
was up at Savers in Connecticut and this guy was scanning books.
He was looking all suspicious. [Reezy] Yeah like they always do. [DS] And I’m over here with my Amazon
seller app, you know scanning things because I was selling camera stuff
because that’s what I’m into. And he’s scanning books,
I had no idea, you know. It took me a year and basically I
got into the private label game while I was doing some retail
arbitrage to get my feet wet. Lo and behold, I came
across your YouTube channel and I just ate it up man. I watched
every video I could and not only are you entertaining and provide
a lot of value and content. You definitely helped me out
and put me onto stuff that I should’ve been doing a long time ago. [Reezy] Dude, thank you man. I’m
super glad that I could help you. I should’ve started helping
people a long time ago, who knows where I would’ve been. In this last year that I
started helping people, people been helping me crazy amounts.
And I learned way more, I learned so much stuff in
the last year you know. Main thing that I learned is
that success is unlimited and don’t have that scarcity mentality
because… you know like you said that guy was looking all creepy. You
know, he’s over here like guarding his secret or whatever
you know what I mean. But lo and behold, you know
maybe if he would help you out and network with you, you know you
could tell him about the next hustle. The hustle doesn’t last
forever you know what I mean. [DS] Nah you got to get it while it’s
good because you know I was in a Savers the other day and the lady came up to
me and asked me what was going on. I was glad to share information with
her and let her know what I was doing. [Reezy] Nice give out your business card
and maybe make $100 on a consultation. [DS] Yeah and her daughter goes to
college she might end up with a book she won’t need. [Reezy] Yeah, awesome man.
It’s great to help people. [DS] I’m watching your live show and at
the same time I’m building shipments on my Inventory Lab
you know what I mean. [Reezy] Yep you got to. Getting it. [DS] I’m trying to get out of the rat
race but when I get out of work, I’m excited because I’m going to work
for myself you know what I mean. [Reezy] Hell yeah man that’s
what it’s all about man. People don’t understand it because
I’ve been on this journey for you know almost… over 11 years
entrepreneurville on my own. And you know, I don’t want to watch
TV when I get off, you know… I work for myself but
you know what I mean. I work till I fall asleep
at my desk you know. When I get out of bed, I make
a coffee and I get to work. That’s all I want to do. I don’t want
to go… I have to literally drink a beer to quit working because then I know
I’m worthless, you know what I mean. [DS] Yeah. I had to put down the
lifestyle and get away from all the plastic people who don’t
understand what I’m trying to do. You just got to basically change
your way of thinking and follow a philosophy that’s going
to lead you to success. [Reezy] Definitely man. [DS] And when I come across
content like yours and you know I’ve also heard of Gary Vaynerchuk
for a long time but I never really listened to him until I
came on to your page. I drive for work, drive for a living.
What do I do all day? I listened to podcasts. [Reezy] Right. [DS] I’ll even listen to your
videos while I’m driving because I don’t have time to listen
to the radio because it’s not for me. Anytime I can soak up information
and learn that’s the key. [Reezy] Sponge. So now you’re
listening to Gary V because of me. [DS] Definitely. [Reezy] AAAH that’s what’s up!
Shoutout! I’m so glad I could
turn you on to Gary V. [DS] Because I’m into internet marketing
and things like that early on and his name popped up. You
know it wasn’t working for me and this right here, I love it.
I love the thrill of the hunt. And I love getting out there, just
getting it. I see other people scanning, I get territorial man. I’m like… (laughs) I see someone with a load
of books already, I’m getting mad. And then I’m thing at the same time, I
better not see Steve Raiken over here. I know he’s around Raiken Profits,
better not be raking my profits. [Reezy] Yeah he’ll ease over into the
sports blazers, he’s coming though. He’s coming. (laughs) Steve’s a cool guy,
shoutout to Steve Raiken. [DS] Yeah definitely, I know he’s
around the way. He’s getting it in. And definitely, everyone should
check out his content too. He’s been doing it for a while.
I feel like I can relate to you and you’re definitely
a relatable person. [Reezy] Awesome man. [DS] Thanks for putting it out.
You do a lot for a lot of people. I can speak from experience
that you’ve done a lot for me and you know what all you
got to do is take action. That’s what anybody has to
do, is just take action. I’m sitting here looking at
what my total sales value is, my net profit is you
know it’s exciting. [Reezy] Nice. You want to
share any of that with us? [DS] I scanned in 50 items and
total sales value $1,036. [Reezy] That’s what’s up man. What
did you pay for those 50 items? [DS] $68
[Reezy] Canadian dollars? Sorry US. I got confused, the last
caller was Canadian. [DS] I’m from Connecticut. [Reezy] Connecticut, Canadia.
Sorry. (laughs) Yeah, yeah $68 that’s what we’re talking
about man. That’s that 10X right there. [DS] Yeah and what I hate man,
just like you had pointed out, Savers is raising the prices man.
They’re freaking dogging people. [Reezy] Yeah you got to come on the busy
day and get the cashier that doesn’t care and just run you
through for a $1 each. [DS] Exactly, you know
that’s what happens. That’s what I posted on twitter,
it doesn’t hurt to ask man because if you don’t
ask, you never know. [Reezy] Hey I ask for a deal,
everytime, everywhere. Like if my car is full and I
have… I’m like what’s the deal. If I’m going to clear
the shelf regardless, I’m going to ask the manager, ‘hey, I’m
taking all of these, what’s the deal?’ I don’t care if it’s already
75% off, I always ask. [DS] I’m not even going to say
it because if Steve hears it, he’s going to be over there killing it.
But there’s a library close by man, it’s secret in the basement. [Reezy] Oh he must live near you.
[DS] Yeah, he’s in the next town over. I know he is because I’ve
seen it by his periscope. (laughs) You know he’s close by. You know he’s probably
breathing down my neck. He don’t know me but you
know I pay attention. [Reezy] Resellers are out
here got their location turned off on their periscope. (laughs) [DS] I don’t know man. I think… that’s
the town I was born in. I know it well. [Reezy] Alright man. Well I’m
glad to have you call in. I’m glad that I can
affect you positively. I’m stoked that you’re
making some money and you’re excited to work for
your future not for the man. [DS] Definitely man. You
got to do it now man. Just like Nike said, Just Do It. [Reezy] Yeah, who would’ve
thought you know what I mean. The most simplest catchphrase
ever, you know what I mean. [DS] I definitely love to see the
Spro Bros, Super Spro Bros videos. [Reezy] Awesome dude, thanks.
Shoutout to… [DS] Alright man. [Reezy] Have a good night man.
Thank you for calling in. [DS] Alright man, I appreciate
all you do and keep it up. [Reezy] I will man, I will. Thank you.
[DS] Alright man peace. [Reezy] Alright the line’s open guys.
20983 Reezy. If you don’t know about Super Spro
Bros, that’s mine and Ricky Analog, my business partner coffee
channel/best friend whatever. That’s our coffee channel
where we do coffee videos. And we teach you guys how you
can drink amazing coffee and save money doing it. (phone rings)
Hold up, we got another caller. Don’t you know. Would you like some grape kool aid?
[Tina] Hello? [Reezy] Hello. I’m just kidding. This is
Reezy Resells and this is Money Talks. How are you? [Tina] Hey Reezy, I am doing great
tonight. Guess who this is? [Reezy] Who is this?
[Tina] Tina Borina. [Reezy] Ooooh hey Tina, how are you? [Tina] I am doing great man.
I’m just… I was so excited, I logged on and saw that you’re doing
a live event and I just thought man I just got to call in to that and see
if the… say hello and thank you. Thank you to you and the community and
just let you know how grateful I am. [Reezy] Yeah we are grateful to
have you in our community and… a little thing like that, I’m glad we
can do some kind of gesture for you, not that you asked for it or anything.
We have a good community and we can crowdsource you know. A lot of people can
take care of a problem and its not a big deal to people. [Tina] Well, it’s just awesome
thing and I love the community. I just joined you like about
maybe 6 or 7 months ago. You just get so much value
out of your content. Like the other person, I also
learned about Gary V from you. [Reezy] Awesome.
[Tina] I learned tons of stuff from you. [Reezy] I wish I was wearing
your shirt right now. Tina made an awesome
shirt on Amazon Merch. It says entrepreneur and fourth
quarter and seller and all thrifting, all kinds of stuff all over
it in different colours. And then she made one to me and one to
Scott, my business partner, as a gift. It’s a pretty awesome shirt, I
really wish I was wearing it. [Tina] But that took a… I showed
that to everybody I knew. [Reezy] Awesome. That’s great. [Tina] Too funny. That post you
did yesterday with all the ideas with what to look for
in niches markets. [Reezy] Yeah.
[Tina] I thought that was good too. [Reezy] Yeah that post ended up
having over 100 comments or more. If you guys don’t know
what we’re talking about. We’re talking about my facebook
group, it’s… just go to reezy.tv and there’s a link there
for my facebook group and that will take you
there and request. It’s a private, super secret
club but it’s awesome and free. We just make it private so
we can keep out the haters and keep the BS on the low low. But we did a, I don’t know why
keep looking at the screen. We did a comment yesterday of a
huge thread and it really took off and it was let’s talk niche markets. Anything goes, let’s just talk about
niches stuff that’s worth money for reselling whether it’s marbles
or rubber stamps. I started it off with jazz media, music, DVDs, book etc. It got deep like 150 comments or
something, that was pretty cool. [Tina] Yeah it was on fire last
night and even still today. So anyways, it’s just great to see
the community that you’re building and all the different social media. I’m
kind of slow with the social media but I’m learning… I just
really appreciate it. [Reezy] Thank you. Yeah… Nobody
is too old for social media and it’s so dumb to even call it
social media. It’s just the internet. That’s what’s happening on the internet.
It’s a megaphone and it’s huge and everyone gets one
so you should use it. [Tina] Yeah absolutely. Anyway, I’m just
kind of getting my feedback under me after my crazy hiatus from hustling and
so I don’t have any specific questions. [Reezy] I got a question for you.
How many pairs of shoes was that in your haul that I saw? [Tina] (laughs) 309 pairs of shoes. [Reezy] Wow! Tina had
309 pairs of shoes. Where did you post that
in the facebook group? [Tina] Yes that was in
the facebook group. [Reezy] And you sourced those
all by yourself right? [Tina] Yes.
[Reezy] Wow. [Tina] I have been working on a
relationship with a store manager of a retail chain that’s
in the south east. [Reezy] Nice. [Tina] Very small chain, they’ve
only got like 5 or 6 stores. He happened to be the managers
of one of the stores that has a clearance center in it. All the
other stores send their shoes to him. And so overtime, I’ve just built
a great relationship with him and he calls me up to let me know that
they were having an exceptional sale. [Reezy] Nice. Let me stop
you right there real quick, these are interesting things to me. What did building the relationship
with the store manager entail? [Tina] That’s a good question. Because
there’s a lot of specific things you can do to build a
strong relationship and it’s when I’m going to
say, the ‘how’ matters. And so the first time I
went into the store, I didn’t even know what was in the
store. But I was just sort of cruising as part of my hustle to see
if I can find anything. And so what I started doing was if I
found mismatched shoes on the shelf, I’d pull the boxes aside. I started you
know carrying all my boxes upfront. The first time I was in the
store, I got like next to no help but I did try and leave things cleaned
up a little bit more than I found them and I turned in the shoes that I
found that were mismatched sizes and things like that. So on my second trip into the store…
well when they checked me out, it was a nightmare because they
didn’t know how to do taxes then or anything like that. [Reezy] Right, they never do.
Not on a first try. [Tina] (laughs) No they don’t. And
especially because they had never seen anyone buy as many shoes as I bought. On
that trip, I only spent about $1,200. [Reezy] Right. Only. [Tina] You know versus
$4,000 on this last trip. So anyway, I thanked them all
for their help even though it wasn’t a whole lot of help
but every little bit you know. But the next time I went in, they were
all sort of pointing and whispering and saying…
[Reezy] Here comes the shoe lady. [Tina] … bought all those shoes.
So the next time, I managed to get one of the
people who works at the… clerks of the store setting up the
displays and stuff, talking to him. He’s like ‘oh I’ll carry these upfront
for you’, you know then it started to appear that I was getting
a lot of shoes upfront. They came up with the idea of opening
up a second cash register for me and they started just
checking out all of my shoes as they were coming through to them.
When I finally came through with like $2,500 worth of shoes. I’m talking
a lot of shoes, I managed to get them… [Reezy] What we’re your average…
[Tina] $20 a pair. [Reezy] $20 a pair average.
[Tina] Yeah. [Reezy] Yeah. [Tina] Yeah on this haul last week,
my average was $12.94 a pair. [Reezy] Wow, that’s very good.
What’s your average sell price? [Tina] Typically… probably about $48…
[Reezy] $48-$50? [Tina] Yeah, $48-$50
something like that. [Reezy] Sandals are bringing them down. [Tina] Sandals are bringing
them down but then I’ll have a lot of high
end that will sell… [Reezy] Yeah we sell mostly
sneakers like Jordans and stuff in our shoe inventory. Our average
sale price is closer to $80. [Tina] Yeah. Yeah I can imagine that. It’s just what you can
get your hands on. [Reezy] After you started building…
relations like did you do anything like bring them doughnuts or Christmas
cards or anything like that? [Tina] Yeah actually, what I started
doing was after the second trip they were just so amazing and
I of course thanked them. But then I went ahead and
wrote to the district manager and I named everybody by name
and I know a couple of them ended up getting bonuses. [Reezy] Oh wow, you’re so awesome. [Tina] Yeah it was… you know they
really deserved the recognition. They were really working
hard to help me out. They even helped me pack into my car
when I go and everything, you know. I bring them things from time to time,
just some cookies or something little. Now I’ve got a rapport with
them that I was very I’ll and the manager called me. He couldn’t believe that I didn’t
show up to a 30% off sale. [Reezy] Oh yeah. [Tina] … which were already
marked down and so he’s like where have you been? You know what
are you up to? Are you okay?’ I’m like no man, I’ve been pretty sick. [Reezy] They got used
to having you huh? [Tina] (laughs) Yeah because he told
me before that since he’s selling so much clearance to me. There
was one other clearance and now they even started diverting
that clearance to his store because they know I’ll come get it. [Reezy] Good. Good. [Tina] And so he told
me, ‘I am so loaded and it’s really good name brand stuff
and everything is very good condition, if you could get in here
before the weekend, you know, you’re going to have your choices.
Lots of good merchandise.’ [Reezy] So did he let you come in
before… before he marked them down? [Tina] No because what happened was I
got an email from the corporate office that the marked down had occurred and
he called me to let me know about it and I had just seen the email so…
I didn’t get a heads up per se but it was weekday so his thought
was you know if you can get in here before the weekend, you still got
the pick of the goods that we got. [Reezy] Nice and so basically now that
you have developed a relationship, they will call you and tell you about
the upcoming sales or mark downs. [Tina] Yeah or if I had… like they know
the types of inventory I’m looking for, you know, and certain brands so
they’ll let me know about that. Which is just really helpful because I
drive a pretty good way to get there. It’s you know about an hour
drive, it’s about 70 miles away so it’s a long drive for me
to get there and come back. [Reezy] You said 70 miles right?
[Tina] Yeah. [Reezy] Yeah 70 miles guys! So all you
people that are just trying to source in your 15 mile radius in your
local area and then you give up when you’re not striking gold. You
got to cast a bigger net guys. I know people that drive 2 hours there
and back every single day, 5 days a week or whatever to their main sourcing
locations. If you want to get it, you got to cast a big net and you
got to be willing to get it. [Tina] Yeah that’s the absolute truth.
When I started doing this, I sort of swapped cars with my husband.
He had a CR-V and I had an Accord and yeah you just can’t get
that much stuff into a sedan as you can into an SUV
and it’s a small SUV. [Reezy] Nope. Especially, when
you’re hustling hard like we do because when you open the
doors, stuff falls out right. [Tina] Oh yeah, absolutely.
(laughs) I can show you some pictures
that are just crazy, you know. It’s just one of those things
that when I take a trip I don’t live central to anything. Everything is sort of
in the center spoke, sort of far away like
your talking about. [Reezy] Right.
[Tina] So when I leave in the morning, I don’t come back until the vehicle’s
full. Because if I’m going that far… [Reezy] Might as well. [Tina] I want to get the
most out of my trip. [Reezy] Yep. It’s an all day
event for you it sounds like. [Tina] Yeah it is. So what I do
is I just bring it all home, pile it into the house and go
back out again the next day. On the weekends, when everybody
else is doing the grocery shopping and traffic’s crazy and whatever,
that’s when I stay in and I process it and get it out the door. [Reezy] We call that
date night with Amazon. [Tina] (laughs) Right. [Reezy] Date night with
eBay and Amazon right guys. Every night’s date night
when you’re a reseller. [Tina] (laughs) That’s right. [Reezy] Awesome. If you guys want
to give me a call 20983 Reezy. We’re taking calls live. Thank
you so much for calling in Tina and thank you again for the shirt. I really love that shirt
like I wear it all the time. [Tina] Oh man, I’m so glad you like
it so much that makes me feel good. Thank you for everything you do and
hello to Scott and all the family, just thanks for everything. [Reezy] Say hi to the world,
you’re live on Youtube. [Tina] (laughs) Hello world!
[Reezy] (laughs) Okay thank you, Tina. Nice calling from you. Talking to you.
Have a good night. [Tina] Thanks, take care Reezy.
[Reezy] You too, bye. [Tina] You too, bye bye. [Reezy] Someone… here’s a funny thing.
I’m going to call someone else. They just called me, I’m
going to call them. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see, hold on. I’m going to
call someone. Let’s see. Hold on. (phone rings) [Surge] Hello?
[Reezy] Surge. [Surge] What up Mike? [Reezy] This is not Mike, this
is Reezy Resells. Who’s Mike? [Surge] Reezy Resells. [Reezy] You’re live on YouTube,
say hello to the world. This is Money Talks. This is SurgeRVSD.
How you doing Surge? [Surge] What’s up. Hey, hi guys.
How’s it going? [Reezy] (laughs) I saw that
you just called me right now and I’m doing a live show, I figured
that they were tied together, were they not? [Surge] No actually it was kind of by
accident. I didn’t mean to FaceTime you. [Reezy] You just fully butt dialed
me and then I called you on live? [Surge] I really didn’t. I was
trying to call my other buddy Mike. Hey, nice to talk to you either way. [Reezy] Definitely man, I seen you been
stepping up your social media game. Doing a lot more face
talking videos and stuff. [Surge] Yeah you know what.
I just had to jump on it. Had to take some major
steps towards a good 2017. [Reezy] Awesome.
[Surge] That’s what it’s about. [Reezy] Are you getting some good
engagement and traction from that? Have you noticed? [Surge] Yeah you know what? I’ve
done a little bit more feedback and some more followers too. I’m
trying to up the game a little bit, keep it going. [Reezy] Awesome.
[Surge] Looking into… I have like 600 snippet videos on
snapchat that I’ve saved on my phone that I want to compile
into YouTube videos. [Reezy] Nice, get on it. Get this app, Videoshop. It’s an
orange icon, it’s either free or $5. It’s the best app for editing
videos on your phone. It’s one of the only ones I know of that
supports portrait style video editing so you can edit for instagram
or snapchat stories. And it also has overlays and stuff, like
you can put videos on top of videos or pictures on top of… it’s super sick.
Just get it, Videoshop. [Surge] You know what? I think I came
across that app. I may even have it. That’s what I done recently. Researched
the app store, just test out… [Reezy] Just a little bit about Surge.
What’s your instagram Surge? [Surge] SurgeRVSD [Reezy] @SurgeRVSD. One more time.
Surge S… one more time? [Surge] SurgeRVSD. [Reezy] Yeah so @surgeRVSD on instagram.
Sergio is a life insurance agent and he’s building up his personal
brand through his social media. I actually met with him in LA
when I was down in Disneyland. Last time we had breakfast,
we had a meeting and we talked about life insurance
for me which I think is great thing that I will hopefully… I’ll have
some time to set up with him and get going because
he has been bugging me a lot lately to get it set up. (laughs)
But it’s definitely… [Surge] I’m persistent. [Reezy] He’s persistent as
any salesman should be. But he’s a great guy and if you
want to know about life insurance, follow the homie and DM him. If you
want to know, just send him a DM. It’s as simple as that. You don’t
have to research or whatever, just hit him up. Ask him a
question and he’ll hit you back and then you can move forward or
do your own research or whatever. It’s all about engaging with people
that are small business owners, like you that are trying to
do similar things as you. If you can help them
and they can help you. You can have a mutually beneficial
relationship then that’s amazing. Similar to what I’m doing
right now with my friend, Surge and I’m telling you
guys about his instagram. You can go and check him out and
hopefully that works out for everybody. Right Surge?
[Surge] Of course, thank you. That’s really what it’s about.
Is providing knowledge. Everybody has their own set of skills.
If you just talk to each individual and get that little bit of knowledge
that they have, just pile that together. It’s really what…not just
networking but how they say… your network is your net worth. [Reezy] Yeah definitely man. [Surge] That’s what it comes down
to and you don’t start to see that until you start doing
business with one another. [Reezy] Right, yeah. No, it’s serious.
I had… on that exact subject, I had a comment the other day
from someone that was like ‘thanks so much Reezy. I’m on my way
to financial freedom because of you’ and he was like ‘as long as I got $100,
you got $50’ and I was like daaamn that’s so tight, you know what I mean.
I don’t even know you but you just said you’ll front me
$50 if I need it. That’s so tight. [Surge] Yeah and you know what? Sometimes it doesn’t even
come in the way of money. It just comes in the way of… Reezy] Opportunity maybe. [Surge] Yeah opportunity or change
one little piece in your business that provides you the information
or method to make even more money. These are all tactics. I’m sure you
have a ton of different tactics and methods of doing business. [Reezy] Oh yeah. [Surge] You know give
you really good returns and that’s what it comes down to.
It’s just experimenting. Trying to come up with the best formula
that will give you the best results. [Reezy] Definitely, definitely.
I got to let you go Surge. I love talking to you man.
[Surge] Yeah, no problem. [Reezy] I promise I’ll call you
and talk to you about this soon. Not live on YouTube. [Surge] (laughs) We’ll keep that private
and we’ll talk about that another time. [Reezy] Alright man, you
have a good night Surge. [Surge] Nice talking to you man.
[Reezy] Have a good one, later. Alright guys, the lines open 20983
Reezy. I would really love for someone call that could help with a
strategic Amazon related solution. Software solution. I hate it.
Accounting taxes, I hate it but it’s pressure
on my mind right now so if you want to know about that,
I’ll tell you guys about that. (phone rings) We’re
getting another call. This is from New York, New York.
Who’s this? You’re live on Money Talks with
Reezy Resells. Who’s this? Hello? Hellooo? [Frank] Can you hear me?
[Reezy] Yeah, what’s good? [Frank] This is Frank. [Reezy] Hey Frank, you’re live on
Money Talks with Reezy Resells. [Frank] Oh that sounds good. I
actually had a couple of questions that you could help me. I’ve
been watching your videos. You’re super successful. [Reezy] Hey you sound kind of muffled.
Can you put your phone down and put it on speaker maybe? [Frank] Yeah absolutely.
[Reezy] Cool. [Frank] I had a couple of questions
just about retail… shoes just etc [Reezy] Go for it. [Frank] I’ve been doing
this for mainly 2 weeks now and I’ve been doing this
full fledged like after work because I have a full time job… going
out finding places, getting stuff because I really want to do this.
I want to make it work. In your opinion, should I go to step
down to part time to drive up sales for my Amazon business? [Reezy] Wow that’s a hard question. I might have to ask you
a couple questions. Do you have other income or
are you the sole provider? [Frank] I have my job as my other
income, so I’m sole provider. [Reezy] Okay. That’s kind of
like a risk assessment thing, you know how much risk
do you want to take. For example, when I started my business.
You may or may not know but me and my family… I
somehow convinced my wife that we would eat at the
homeless shelter for 30 days and then we saved a whole
month’s worth of grocery money which was like around $500 and then I
used that to get going or whatever. It’s all about what risk can you take.
What kind of support do you have. Do you have savings? I don’t
know what your savings would be. [Frank] Absolutely. Yeah so
I’ve been putting that full… just in terms of looking
at the percentage. I’m not going to invest
100% of my savings into it. I’m going to invest maybe 40%-50%
you know. Enough where I can, you know there’s a risk to it but
not so that if I lose money, it’s not like it’s totally
end of the world. [Reezy] Right yeah. Well yeah
you don’t want to throw dice that you aren’t willing to
lose, if you know what I mean. This is really going to be up to your
gut feeling, you know what I mean. How do you really feel about it?
Do you have opportunity? Is it really likely that you could use
that time to source more inventory or are you going to be possibly coming
up empty handed a lot, you know? Do you have a lot more opportunity
than you’re able to get currently? I guess that’s a question that would…
if you have the answer to that, that would help you the most. [Frank] Right. I mean it’s not like
I’ve been getting sales every day since Thursday because that’s when I
started just listing, listing, listing. Going to the stores getting stuff.
I mean I’ve told myself this is what I want to do.
I’m going to do it and I just did it without no doubt.
And I see sales… I mean I want more you know. [Reezy] Yeah yeah for sure. [Frank] I want it to go up and that’s
just natural I think for everyone. [Reezy] Right yeah. Yeah it’s really
just like a self risk assessment thing you know. I would say, for me
myself, I wouldn’t quit until… well I had my wife, my wife had a
job when I started or whatever when I quit my full time job…
I would say once your income is at least trending towards
replacing your current income you know like on a 30 day basis.
You could see it and be like okay well it’s trending towards where
it will replace my current income in about 30 days as far as being
equal to it or more you know. And then you can go confident
well if I had more free time than I could turn it up more you know. Other things like are you
missing opportunities. You know are you sitting at work and
there’s a book sale you could go to or whatever? [Frank] That’s exactly what’s
going through my mind. That’s where I’ve come to a decision
where it’s like I’m making more money for this person when I could be
making tons more money for myself. Being my own boss. [Reezy] Right, right. Well if you’re
willing to hustle your face off, you can definitely work for
yourself and own your own time. It was just like I was saying you
got to get your ducks in a row before you figure it out. But you
know what I mean, if you’re… it’s the opportunity cost
of working, you know. If you know that there’s opportunity and the job is costing
you that opportunity then yeah maybe just bounce out and
you’ll realise that opportunity but that’s obviously contingent on
the fact that there’s an opportunity you’re not realising. An actual
opportunity not just you assuming that you’re going to make more
money or source more stuff. [Frank] Right that’s the thing.
I kind of want to get you know… I want to totally just bounce out.
100% I’m gone. I want to kind of just want to step
down you know part time like okay. Now I have more time to focus
on my business, you know. [Reezy] Right. I mean another thing
and I know a lot of entrepreneurs don’t like to hear this but a lot
of people are just learning about entrepreneurship and you know
it might not be for everyone. I’m not saying it’s not for
you but it’s always good to not burn your bridges you know.
I don’t know how I learned that because my parents definitely
didn’t teach me that. You know, you never want to
leave a job on a bad note so if you could tone it down and then
you break out. Maybe it doesn’t work, you can call them back and get
your job back or something. So yeah I’d say however you go
out, whether you go out quick or you taper out you know
just do it like a gentleman. [Frank] Absolutely. Absolutely.
That’s some good advice. I watch your videos everyday,
you’re doing a great thing. I hope the best for you, honestly. [Reezy] Yeah thank you very
much for calling in man. Thanks for your attention. Thanks for
subscribing to my YouTube channel, I really appreciate it. [Frank] Absolutely. You
have a good night okay. [Reezy] You too man. Thank you.
[Frank] Thank you. [Reezy] The lines are open guys.
20983 Reezy. Surgio just texted me, he said ‘sorry,
I didn’t know you were live.’ It’s alright. It’s okay Surgio.
Reezy stays live. 20983 Reezy. Give me a call, we can talk shoooop. (phone rings) Welcome to the shooooop.
Not 20983 Rezzy. Welcome to Money Talks with
Rezzy Resells. Who’s this? [Kevin] Hey what’s going on Reezy. This
is Kevin Humphries man, how you doing? [Reezy] Good. What’s up Kevin? [Kevin] Hey I just had
a question for you. I was posting some questions
in the comments on the page but I was trying to figure
out if you had some advice. I have an eBay page that I’ve
been doing for 2 or 3 years now and I mainly sell sneakers off of that.
I do probably do, I don’t know, 100 or 150 pairs a month on there and I’m trying to take
that to the next level. I don’t know if you have any tips…? [Reezy] On eBay? [Kevin] … that I could do.
Something you could think of? [Reezy] On eBay right, Kevin?
[Kevin] Correct. [Reezy] Okay so…
[Kevin] I wanted to do FBA but what I was hearing that
everybody saying you can’t do, Nike stuff on FBA unless
you’re grandfathered into it. [Reezy] Correct yes. So there’s one way.
One way that I know of that you could sell Nike on Amazon
if you’re currently not able to and that is by purchasing an Amazon
account from someone who is able to. And yes technically, you’re not
allowed to purchase, sell, transfer Amazon accounts but you can
buy an LLC that has an Amazon account. When you buy a company,
you will own their assets and control them or whatever.
So that’s how you do it. And I have seen people selling them
in forums and groups or whatever. I don’t know what
anyone’s paid you know, I’ve heard of people saying
$5,000 and you know 5, 10, 15 would totally be worth it because I know
people that sold $1,000,000 of shoes on Amazon last year. They could
probably do twice as much if they scaled their
business a little bit. Two people doing over $1,000,000
of shoes on Amazon in 1 year. [Kevin] I mean it will
just save so much time. I was literally for the
last like 5 hours, I was listing every thing on eBay. I was just sitting there doing
listing after listing after listing. [Reezy] Yeah sell
similar, change photo. Sell similar, change photo,
change titles, switch size. [Kevin] Right yeah. It’s
just tiring us out. With that time, I could be
out sourcing trying to find… [Reezy] Right so the thing
is either maybe try and get one of those Amazon accounts. I don’t
know exactly where to look to find them. I’ve just seen people throwing
out offers here and there. Maybe in facebook or in different
forums. If anyone knows about anyone selling an Amazon account
that can sell shoes, throw it in the comments right now. Man for creative ways, The Posh Hanger,
she’s in the comments right now. She’s an eBay expert. She can tell you
some stuff. I’m not aware of what are… is there repricing tools
that sellers use for eBay? Because I know on Amazon that’s key for
us to make sales is repricing tools that reprice your items. You know 5 cents down all day
long, 5 cents up whatever. You have the lowest price, competing
price so you get the next sale you know. And I would assume that… [Kevin] I just achieved top rated status
because when I first started out, we have like a deficiency
rating or something like that because I had taken back a return
and not check off the right thing or something like that. I’m
trying to get better with it but I was thinking if I could save
time and make money, why not. [Reezy] Okay so apparently appeagle
which I highly recommend appeagle. I think I have a link for
appeagle in my description and I’m looking at it right now.
Maybe not, I don’t. Appeagle, it’s like… it’s probably
the best repricing solution. Maybe not the best for books but for
other stuff definitely the best. The thing is it’s super intelligent
and monitors your prices. And it changes your price when your
competitor change their price, not on a schedule. And so people
that are running on a schedules, you’ll be the premier price until their
schedule comes back around again. And for us, it took us on Amazon
from having like 2-6% buy box, to having like 12-16%. I don’t
know if you know about buy box but on Amazon the buy box is
the spot where when someone just shows up and presses buy, your
item is the one that gets shipped. [Kevin] Oh that’s legit. [Reezy] So like eBay is super
early like not vertical… [Kevin] I’ve never used
anything to do with Amazon… [Reezy] Right so appeagle…
my friend Jeremy Manuel… admin of this TA (tactical
arbitrage) mastery group that I run. He mentioned that appeagle
does support eBay. So if you’re not on repricing
your stuff on eBay, I would imagine that would make
you like… skyrocket your sales, 20% just by looking into a repricer
that will constantly monitor your shoes on eBay and bring your price
down to your competitor’s level. [Kevin] Oh wow, that’s awesome.
Yeah that would be huge. [Reezy] Is that something that you do?
Is that something that you do once in a while, go through your older
stuff and bring the prices down? [Kevin] Yeah and not only that
I try to run like different… like they have markdown managers through
eBay, I use that as much as I can. If something’s not selling
or not trending to sell then I’ll try to mark that down to
percentage or take something off, maybe like offer free shipping on
an item or something like that. [Reezy] And when it doesn’t
sell, do you relist it? [Kevin] To be honest with you, I price
everything for such a good margin I usually don’t have to relist much.
Most of the time, I sell in bulk. So I’ll pick up 10, 20 of something,
instead of just getting one or two and then like I’ll put it on there
as good till cancelled or whatever, so it will just automatically relist. [Reezy] So you’re main
problem is that you want to… [Kevin] … For such a good deal,
I don’t have to price high. I can price pretty much
lower than everybody else. [Reezy] So taking it to the next
level for you would be what? Moving more units everyday? [Kevin] You know what? I
want to get sales into… so I would love eventually to
stop working for my full time job and start working for myself. So
I would like to make more than what I do at my job but I
make a good bit at my job, so I would have to make… I would have to make $100,000
plus for reselling online. [Reezy] Right. Totally doable.
You could make $100,000 selling crap from yard sales. And
sneakers, your profit’s what? $20-$40 a pair? [Kevin] My profit is usually…
I always do percentages but it depends on what I pay
so… percentage wise 25%-35% we average sales prices
like $50-$70 depending. [Reezy] What are you heavy on? Are you
heavy on sneakers or sandals or what? [Kevin] No, majority sneakers
and I sell… we sell like retros and we sell old school
Nike’s and stuff like that. You actually started getting
me into the Marshall stuff. So I’ve been going to Marshalls
and finding stuff lately, just different stuff. [Reezy] Nice. Yeah. [Kevin] You also got me onto Gary V. I
heard somebody else shout that out. [Reezy] That’s sick. That’s
three people in one episode that said that I turned them on
to Gary V which I don’t know how people don’t know who Gary
V is but that’s awesome man. [Kevin] Yeah Gary V’s the truth. [Reezy] Yeah so the repricer would
probably help you out a lot and yeah… I was just thinking how can you sell
on Amazon without selling on Amazon. Obviously, you could… try and
attain an Amazon account. I think you should
really look into that. I mean it’s really risky
dice roll because tomorrow they could drop the hammer.
I have 1,000 pairs on Nike at the warehouse and they
could cut me off tomorrow. I’d have to pay $1.50 to get every
pair sent back and who knows that… You know at least that will
keep the price of the account you’re trying to buy down,
you know what I mean. I’d say even if it only
lasted for you know 6 months, it would be totally worth it. It’s worth
it either way. It’s a good dice roll. But the other thing that I was
thinking about was… using… Amazon product ads that
link to external stuff. I don’t know anything about
this but I see the ads and I know that they link to external
sites and they’re on Amazon. So what if you could link your eBay
items to Amazon through product ads. So that when people are on Amazon
looking at these retro shoes they’ll see… yeah so you’re looking
at this shoe and you’ll see a similar shoe underneath it, maybe a
different retro or a different colour. I’m not a sneakerhead so forgive me.
It would look just like Amazon but if they clicked on that it would take
them out of Amazon to your eBay listing. I’m not sure if they support eBay or
whatever but something like that. Maybe you have your own website
in conjunction with eBay and you drive traffic there
through social media and you save 15% from your eBay fees. [Kevin] Sure. Yeah that’s the thing, I just started getting
heavier on social media. I think we just broke our first
1,000 followers or something. [Reezy] Nice. What’s your social media?
It’s for your shoe store? [Kevin] I got twitter, instagram. Instagram’s where I really post everything on but I’ll
plug that real quick. So the instagram, the clutch swag. [Reezy] Right. Give the
homie a follow guys. This is a Reezy ninja just like me and
you. He’s trying to do big things, you know this is how you do it. [Kevin] Yeah good looks on that. I also follow the Posh girl
that was helping me out. [Reezy] Yeah, Monica. She’s amazing. When she finally starts a YouTube she’s
going to … everyone, including me. Like if you want eBay knowledge, hit up
her insta story, there’s nothing better. [Kevin] Oh that’s awesome. Yeah
I’ll definitely have to be… I got to be more on top of that… [Reezy] Don’t let your wife know that
you’re following The Posh Hanger. She might make you block her. (laughs)
#facts. #truestory. [Kevin] Alright, well listen I know you
probably got a million people trying to call you. I’m going
to get off the line so you could give somebody else help. [Reezy] Alright thank you
man and keep hustling man. I can’t wait to hear from you
in the future, you know, especially when you
get off that 9 to 5. [Kevin] Yeah, for sure. I’ll definitely
be on this again. Thank you so much. [Reezy] Hit up my facebook
group if you’re not a member. We got a good community going on there. [Kevin] Which one because
you got so many? [Reezy] I have my fan page and I have
the group. If you go to reezy.tv my new website link or whatever. If
you go there, let me just make sure. If you go there, there should just
be a link that says facebook group. If you’re on a computer, it
just says free facebook group and if you’re on mobile you have to
press the three bars from the dropdown and then free facebook group. And
then just request to join in and as long as you don’t look like a
scammer, the admins should let you in. If you have trouble getting
in, you could message me and I will force your approval. [Kevin] Alright, cool. That’s perfect,
yeah I’ll definitely jump onto your page and do that. [Reezy] Awesome man, can’t
wait to see you on there. [Kevin] Alright, thanks a lot buddy
and I’ll look into the other stuff you tipped me off on. [Reezy] Awesome. Have a good day man.
Good luck with your business. [Kevin] Thanks a lot, you too.
[Reezy] Later. Alright guys, I think I’m
going to take one more call. 20983 Reezy, the lines are open. Holler.
How long have we been going for, I can’t even tell? I cannot tell. Smash the like button
if you’re watching this and you haven’t smashed the
like button, I still love you but I’ll love you a little bit more
after you smash the like button. There’s 137 people watching and
there’s half as many likes so we got to do something about that. (phone rings) We got another call.
Ooh this one’s going to be fun. Hello Steven. Hold on, hold on. I
don’t know how to work my phone, hold on a second. I’m getting too many
calls and my phone is going to blow up. Hold on. You’re not on speaker right
now and no one can hear you hold on. Hold on, hold on. Alright, Steve?
[Steve] Yeah [Reezy] Hey Steve Seagal! Welcome
to Money Talks with Reezy Resells. How’s it going? [Steve] Awesome Reezy.
Awesome, how you doing? [Reezy] Good. I’m doing great man. Going
to have an evening beer after this. [Steve] You deserve it my friend.
[Reezy] Thank you. [Steve] Hello to my ninjas. I got a
quick question about gift cards. [Reezy] Let’s do it. [Steve] I’ve used them a couple
of times mostly at restaurants but not yet for sourcing. And depending
on the restaurant… the Raise app, just to make that clear. [Reezy] Right. [Steve] It seems as though
there’s different delays from when I purchase the gift card and
when I receive the credit in the app. [Reezy] Right. So are you talking
about there’s various delays with various companies? [Steve] Exactly. Like I
buy a Red Robin gift card it will show up in my
app in 10-15 minutes. I buy a garden gift card,
you know 18 hours later. [Reezy] Oh shit. [Steve] Well it’s ridiculous because
I’m usually like hey I’m going to go… [Reezy] Like I buy my Marshalls
gift card in line sometimes. [Steve] Well that was my question, are
those quicker to appear in your app? [Reezy] Yes so the Marshalls gift
card… The Marshalls gift cards are always really fast
like within a few minutes. The longest I’ve ever had it
take is like 15-20 minutes and I had to call them but usually,
it’s like 5 minutes and even less. [Steve] Interesting. Okay, I
might have to use that more. You know honestly, I’ve never
even sourced at Marshalls before. [Reezy] You got to get on it man.
Are you going to be restricted or you going to be approved?
Can you get shoes? Yeah. [Steve] Yeah you know
I’m in a weird place. I can sell Nike’s but not
the Jordan or LeBron. [Reezy] Oh okay well that’s…
it could be weirder, I guess. [Steve] Yeah it could be a lot worse.
I got lucky … couple of Nike items. [Reezy] Another thing that you
just made me think of that I want everyone to know about this guys.
If you could sell Nike, sell Nike. Get on it, everyday, relentlessly
because you don’t know when you’re not going to be able to
or how long it’s going to last. It sounds like Steve is maybe not
hitting it as hard as he could for whatever reason but you could
hire people to work for you. You know you could have
people maybe they have money or they have time to source and
you guys could form a partnership because guess what? You’re not
restricted on Nike and that’s valuable. So reach out to people you
know want to make money or have good business acumen and
entrepreneurship tendencies and see if you guys can
from some kind of synergy. You can pay them $15 an hour
plus 10% of what they spend and they can source shoes for you. Just don’t sleep on your ability
to sell Nike’s if you can. Like I’m sure that there are
people that are watching this that wish they could sell Nike’s and they know exactly what I’m talking
about. Sorry to derail you, Steve. [Steve] No, no, that’s
for every main brand. [Reezy] Right.
[Steve] If you can sell it, sell them. [Reezy] Definitely. Especially
if it’s a restricted thing because it’s a huge advantage. [Steve] Or it might be restricted
down the road. You want to make sure
that you prove yourself as a seller before it goes gated. [Reezy] That’s another thing I was
just… you were just sending me a snap about that the
other day right, Steve? [Steve] Exactly. [Reezy] Steve, what had you purchased
that you bought it for a loss just so that you can have that
under your… under your wing as far as having sold that
brand, what was that? [Steve] I think the brand was baby
bottle nipple that were on super discount at Walmarts. I thought
you know what? I could sell this. I’m going to lose 50 cents to a
dollar on each pack but at least I’ll have some sales in the brand
that if it goes gated later which a lot of baby products
are going gated now. I might be able to take advantage
of an awesome opportunity… when no one else can because I
established myself as a seller. [Reezy] Definitely. Just the
other day, Posh sent me a text because she was sourcing and Posh
is my neighbour by the way guys. She lives like, I can skate to her
house. She was sourcing and she was like ‘yo, Reezy I picked you up a
couple pieces of Lularoe, I think that’s what
it’s called, clothing.’ She knew I hadn’t sold that brand before
so she picked me up a couple pieces like I don’t care what it costs. I’m
not trying to make money, it’s just… I don’t know why I’m playing with this. It’s just to sell so that I
can have sold some Lularoe so that if they gate
Lularoe in the future, I won’t lose that ability to sell it. [Steve] Same thing goes
for categories, you know. It’s auto ungated today and automotive
and sunglasses and watches. Have you ever sold any watches?
Have you ever sold any sunglasses? Any auto parts? Find some
auto … and sell them that way if they ever come
up in question later, look I sell automotive stuff… [Reezy] Yeah right. [Steve] … that proves that
I have established myself. [Reezy] You could still lose your
ability to sell in a category that you got auto approved for if you didn’t actually sell
stuff in that category. A lot of people lost their ability
to sell CDs and literally if they would’ve sold a CD yesterday.
I mean not literally yesterday. On Monday, if they would’ve sold a CD they would’ve still been able to
sell CDs until the end of time. On Tuesdays, they can no
longer sell CDs forever because they never
sold a CD before that. People that have been selling
on Amazon for a year or more. I’m sure there was people that have
been selling on Amazon for a long time and for some reason had
never sold a CD and someday they’re going to find out
they can’t sell CDs. [Steve] That’s a perfect example.
A perfect example. [Reezy] Definitely. Well
thanks for calling, Steve. It’s awesome to talk to people
that I’ve been engaging with. [Steve] … some more today. [Reezy] Definitely. Steve’s a funny guy.
Steve shoutout your social media. Everyone that calls on Money Talks
gets to shoutout their social media. [Steve] I’m not the biggest social
media guy. I like to know the guy. I like to be the social
media guy’s friend. [Reezy] Yeah Steve’s my friend.
How did we meet by the way Steve? Like let’s go over this relationship.
[Steve] … remember? [Reezy] I would say snapchat. [Steve] Yeah and then we
did a lot of snapping. I know I was on vacation with my
friends (laughs) My buddies dad… [Reezy] You were like wasted
in a cabin or something right? [Steve] Yeah and there was like a whole
hookup of bookshelves in my bedroom. I was like, I want to
scan these books now. I want to take some if
they’re worth any money… Not for sale that would be so rude. [Reezy] Right yeah. We all do that. [Steve] Moral dilemma, do I just scan
it because no one’s in my bedroom, no one’s going to see. [Reezy] And then you were
sending me these snaps while you were wasted
and they were amazing. [Steve] (laughs) That’s awesome.
But I’m happy to be your friend and shoutout to the Reezy ninja nation. [Reezy] Yeah guys. Real quick, I
want to point out that me and Steve are friends now. We will
definitely meet up in real life and I’ll buy Steve a beer, he’ll buy me
a beer. You drink beer, right Steve? You don’t drink beer? [Steve] No but I have … I’ll
probably be in your area in March… [Reezy] I thought you were
wasted in the cabin though? [Steve] Yeah well you know
that’s my usual personality. [Reezy] Okay, he’s just
a super awesome guy. But anyways, I want to point out is
that we met through snapchat messaging, engaging and now, I remember who he is.
And he called me right now, his name popped up on my screen because
of google hangouts or whatever. If you guys want to get to know someone
on the internet through social media and networking, you got to ‘bug them’.
Send them messages a lot. You know face messages
like get to know people. We know people through
their face, their voice. It’s hard to get to know
people through text message. Especially, everyone’s got thrifting
this, thrifting that, profit this. I don’t know who people are.
If you don’t engage with me, I don’t know who you are. It’s like Dave Chappelle on Half
Baked, when he has to moon to do it in the bodega, just so
he’ll remember who he is. (laughs)
That’s how social media is guys. There’s so many people so do
your best to moon the people you want to connect with on
social media in a nice way. [Steve] And if you guys
want to see my full moon, you can follow me on
snapchat at lostinwww. [Reezy] He’s lost in the internet.
[Steve] That’s right. [Reezy] There you go, we got him to
come out of the closet. Thanks Steve. [Steve] Alright. I’ll snap
something good tonight… [Reezy] If you guys follow Steve,
send him a snap of something funny Reezy sent you. Alright later, Steve. Alright someone’s calling
already, they’re on the pulse. Money Talks With Reezy Resells.
Who’s this? [AC] Reezy Re, this is Agent
Curry calling from DC man. [Reezy] Oh what’s up Agent
Curry, you better hurry. [AC] (laughs) What’s up dude?
[Reezy] What’s up man? [AC] My stream must be behind because
I was trying to time so that I… you know so that I could
be the next caller. [Reezy] Right. [AC] And you still talking on
the previous call on my screen. [Reezy] Yeah you know, you remember when
Janet had the little nipple slip right? [AC] Right, right. (laughs) [Reezy] They got us man. They got
to program that delay now man. [AC] Yeah that’s how it is. That’s how
it is. They got to monitor that stuff. Just wanted to call in and just
say thanks for all the content you putting out. Unlike
some of the other callers, I found about you through
Gary V and flip challenge. [Reezy] Awesome, awesome.
I’m glad to have you man. [AC] Yeah yeah. I’ve been going
through all your content and I found some other
people on social media, just trying to piece
everything together because the book stuff
really appealed to me. [Reezy] Yeah, it’s
definitely a good niche. [AC] Yeah I wanted to ask you so like I
just had my first sort of week session with this going out to Goodwill’s
and other small book stores. And it’s a tremendous, I didn’t realise,
it’s a tremendous amount of work by the time you go out, you source
the books, get back, clean them up, take the labels off, put them
in a spreadsheet or whatever, you upload them… is there I mean… [Reezy] There’s a lot of ways to do it. There’s a lot of ways to
make it easier and faster, that’s what you’re going to ask right? [AC] Yeah, yeah… some tips in terms
of you know being more efficient. [Reezy] So for one, the first
tip we’ll touch about is, I got that video tips for
thrift stores or whatever. I don’t know if you’ve seen that one.
That one basically covers a few things. One is obviously networking with the…
don’t be creepy you know what I mean. Network with the stores and let them
know what you do. You’re the book guy, you’re helping them with a
problem, you know what I mean. They got a lot of books, they ain’t
going nowhere. So develop relations, you know what I mean.
Figure out, you know, do they put books out on Monday or
Wednesday or at noon everyday or whatever. You’re going to learn
that through developing relations with the thrift store. And then that’s
going to help you to stay on top of the new… to get more
stuff to sell right. And you’re going to have to do part
two which is keep the cupboard bare. Which is everytime you go in there you
know right when the good stuff comes out because you know then you take all the
good stuff. So that when anyone else comes later, they go, ‘wow, this place
sucks. I’m never coming here again.’ or this is really hard or this is a lot
of work. If you’re not finding anything, it might just be because
someone came before you. You got to show up when the stuff comes
out if you want first dibs right. And then other than
that, there’s a lot. It would be a lot to go over in this
call but there’s some software we use for listing books that I recommend. Some of them are in the description
of my videos. ScanLister is great. You can purchase it one time fee.
Inventory Lab, we use that. They have great accounting. It’s not necessary for books, a
lot of people do like to use it. You can do your books one at a time to
where you can condition it, list it, price it, get a sticker, put the
sticker and throw it in the box. I prefer to do 1,000 book
shipments, my employees do. We stack everything by you know…
condition it into stacks, scan it all, print the stickers out, sticker
everything, box everything. It’s a lot more volume so we
save time by systemising it. The software is what’s going to help
you out a lot man. The ScanLister. There’s going to be repricing
software you’re going to want to use so that you can make sales more
consistently, keeping your price fresh. [AC] Alright, yeah that’s all good info.
I really do appreciate it because like I said it was
just too time consuming. I know it gets quicker overtime. [Reezy] Yeah once you get the… if the
sourcing can take a really long time, you’re just running around like a
chicken with your head cut off. Once you get your stores on lock and
your routes whether it’s in a local area or hour away this day,
an hour away that day. Get your relations and
your network figured out, you’ll be in and out real
quick you know what I mean. You’ll know right away. You’ll know, I
already scanned all those yesterday or last week you know. They only put
stuff, you know you’ll find a store where you know you don’t have
competition because you only go there once a week and it’s still really good.
So then you know that you can clean that out and then only come back next
week. But if you come back next week and it’s not good, something happened
and you need to crack back down on it. You know what I mean and
start going everyday again. [AC] I see what you mean.
[Reezy] Yeah. [AC] Okay yeah, yeah. [Reezy] You just want to make
your sourcing more efficient and then get into the
software for listing stuff. I got a couple videos on that and that
will help you be a lot more efficient. [AC] I did find I think it was
the book flipper website, they have like a free
spreadsheet on there. [Reezy] Listing template.
[AC] Yeah. [Reezy] Yeah grab that.
[AC] I use that, that did help. [Reezy] That’s going to help a lot. [AC] But you know one thing I realised
was like I put all the books in there with the conditions and stuff and
then I cleaned the books afterwards. [Reezy] Okay just stop real quick.
Don’t clean your books. Don’t clean your books.
[AC] Okay. [Reezy] Don’t take stickers off
either, unless it’s a price sticker, don’t take it off. [AC] So like the Goodwill with
the little blue or yellow ones? I mean some of them have prices, some of
them don’t. Just leave them on there? [Reezy] That’s kind of controversial.
I tend to think if it says Goodwill, you want to take it off. One source that
we source from put that same sticker, I know which one… it has rounded
corners right, says Goodwill, it has the colour on the top. [AC] Yeah. [Reezy] They put them
on every single book. They take a while to take off you know.
Not a while but if you’re doing 1,000 books and you have to take one off every
single one, it’s going to take longer. [AC] Yeah… [Reezy] So what we did was we ended up… we found out the
manufacturer of the sticker, I’ll try and see if I can
find that link later and share that in the comments also or
the description. We had stickers made, the exact same sticker,
that just say thank you and we just put them over the
stickers instead of taking them off. [AC] Ooooh nice. Okay. Yeah that
will make things a lot quicker. [Reezy] You could always
do a test too right. You could always send off 100 books
with the Goodwill sticker on them, send off 100 without
the Goodwill you know. A lot of mega sellers swear
by don’t remove anything. Don’t mail a pepperoni
in a book to someone but don’t put too much
time into it becuase it is just a book, you
know what I mean. [AC] Yeah, yeah true. That was
the thing, I was taking it off some of it you know is so sticky
and it’s ripping off I’m like damn [Reezy] Yeah. There’s other things too
if you need to take stickers off. You can use you know heat gun. Or you
can use the… I forget what it’s called, I think it’s called a modelling iron.
It looks like a regular iron but it’s super small and you
would just put it on the sticker and it heats it up and then
you pull it right off. [AC] You just pull it off. [Reezy] Right. The other thing
is there’s a thing called an envelope moistening pen which is just
literally like a pen that holds liquid and has a sponge on the end
and you fill it with water. Empty it and fill it up with Goo Be Gone
and then you just stroke the stickers until they’re saturated and you
let it sit for a couple minutes. You come back, they slide right
off and then you got to wipe off the Goo Be Gone. [AC] Oooh nice. Yeah pro tip
right there. Appreciate it. [Reezy] Yep definitely. [AC] Okay cool. Yeah man, thanks so much
again. I really appreciate everything. I’m enjoying it like I said I only been
in for like a week, a week and a half but like you know it’s just a lot
of fun. I’m having fun with it so I appreciate you for
putting out all the content. [Reezy] This rabbit hole
goes deep my brother. [AC] (laughs) I know. I can imagine.
I also wanted to let you know, my background is in software engineering
so if you ever need anything in terms of mobile apps. [Reezy] Awesome, yeah definitely.
[AC] Let me know. [Reezy] Definitely, I see needs for all
kinds of that stuff in my future man. Send me an email, [email protected]
and then in the subject just put something that will make me remember
it was you and I’ll get at that. [AC] Okay. Alright, no doubt man.
Thanks a lot bro. [Reezy] Awesome, thank you very much
for calling in. Have a good night. [AC] Yep, take care.
[Reezy] Bye. So guys, real quick I want to touch on
this mastermind group that I’m doing. It’s for tactical arbitrage. If you
don’t know what tactical arbitrage is, it’s a software that helps
you do online arbitrage, buying stuff online to sell back
online and this software is amazing. It lets you scrape websites
so you can press a button and it grabs all the data
(phone rings) from a website. I’m going to… hold on a minute answer,
call back in a second after I say this. It scrapes all the data from a
website like while you’re asleep, it will be scraping Toys R Us or Walmart
or Target or Finish Line or whatever. And then when you wake up, it’s all
done and it’s already comparing it to Amazon on the right and the left. You just look at it,
have your criteria set. You make sure everything matches
up and the actual product is the actual product. (phone rings)
And then you can purchase that item and then it will ship to your house.
Then you send it to Amazon and you make a profit. But it’s really
amazing thing to be able to use the software to speed up the process
of finding deals for online arbitrage. That is the TA mastery group. If
you’re a member of my facebook group, there’s a link in there for that.
Just search for TA or mastery and you should be able to find it.
I think Jeremy Manuel, the admin of my TA mastery group is in
the comments right now in the YouTube. So if you guys are interested
in learning tactical arbitrage, this will accelerate your
learning curve immensely. I highly recommend you checking
out the offering that we’re doing and talk to Jeremy Manuel, he’s the
admin or just go to my facebook page and check out the link for
the TA mastery group. If you guys want to call in, I’m
going to take one more caller before I end up the show. I would really
like to see John Case from Manchester call in. Do you got that roaming John?
I’d love to talk to John. I want to talk to someone from another
country that would be the best. If you’re not from America, call. 1
that’s a country code I believe. 20983 Reezy. I’m not 100 on that. (phone rings) It’s a United States
call but I’ll still answer it. You’re live on Money Talks with
Reezy Resells. Who’s this? [Rafi] Hey man… my name’s Rafi… [Reezy] Hi how’s it going? Can
you put your phone on speaker? [Rafi] Oh yeah. One second. Sorry.
Alright there you go, can you hear me now? [Reezy] Yeah sounds much better. [Rafi] Alright cool, cool. Hey Reezy,
I just started like a month ago. 18, kind of took out a bunch
of credit cards, I went all in and it’s been going pretty
good but one of the things I’ve been struggling with
is like a lot of my stuff gets to this race to the bottom. So
when I’m sourcing out in the store… [Reezy] What stores?
[Rafi] So I hit like Target. I do Walmart. I do
like clearance games. I recently just started
books, 2 days ago. [Reezy] So that’s your problem right
there. That’s your problem right there, Target and Walmart. Those are the
first two stores that everybody and their mum goes to source at,
especially when they first get into it. So a lot of the stuff… I mean think
about how many Targets and Walmarts there is and how many shelves have
those same items on them right. [Rafi] Right.
[Reezy] Right. Literally, I don’t get as excited
by Walmart and Target deals. Especially if they’re on clearance
because I know that, you know, by tomorrow or the next day, everyone
else is going to have listed them and the price is going to go down.
So with those kind of things, you really want to sell
those as fast as possible, unless you feel like you should hold on
to it or can’t afford to or whatever. [Rafi] Okay. As for books, I guess
it’s probably different right because you can go up to like 2
million in ranking or 1 million… [Reezy] Yeah, you could go much
higher than 1 million or 2 million. We just sold a 3 million rank
book the other day for $165. [Rafi] Wow. Yeah that’s
another question, do you have any tips for book sourcing?
I got back for a run tonight man, I was out for 4 hours and at the
end, I only had about five books. They were great ranks and great prices. The lady told me she has about
five guys who do the same thing. They all have scanners with
them and it’s the same store and I was like oh man I got to
find a different place to go to. [Reezy] Yeah you got to find a
different place or… just get… you know become best friends
with the store you know. Maybe those guys, aren’t doing it right.
They’re being creepy, you know what I mean. So you
can bring them some coffee, bring them some doughnuts. Be
their friend, talk to them, you know they’re bored whatever.
Maybe they tell you when they bring the books out or whatever.
And when you come in, keep the cupboard bare so
that those guys stop coming. [Rafi] Yeah. [Reezy] Otherwise, you know if you
show up and they’re there you know, chop it up with them. Maybe
they follow Reezy Resells too and you guys can be bros. [Rafi] (laughs) Yeah man we can… [Reezy] Yeah the thing is obviously
it’s a competitive business right. But it’s like we’re all humans and
we’re going to be respectful. Once you realise someone is going to do
this and they’re not going to go away, you know, you’re going to be respectful because it’s less stressful
for everybody you know. And so it’s beneficial to have these
relations where you can be like maybe you have the hotspot for
auctions or whatever you have, you guys both know about it
because you’re in the same area. And he can call you and be like
look I’m out of town today but I got this load coming
in, can you take it for me? And you’ll be doing him a favour
because he has to maintain this load with his supplier or whatever
you know what I mean. I feel like crap today and I’m not
going to go the bins, you should go. You know what I mean or whatever it is.
Stuff like that you know. What was that?
[Rafi] I just yeah man. I’ll be on the lookout
for people you know, see if I can make some connections out
there. Get some relationships going. [Reezy] Yeah try and turn a
negative into a positive. Maybe you meet someone and they
become your best friend/business partner for the next 10
years, you never know. [Rafi] Yeah. I think you mentioned
that you have a buddy… earlier, I think it was a one man person.
I forget like you know you’re doing the sourcing
and the packing and then you’re doing the accountancy
and all that jazz so… [Reezy] Yeah, it’s gnarly. So the first
step to freedom is not from the 9 to 5 but from doing everything yourself, is
to hire someone to process the shipments because you make your
money when you buy and that’s the part that takes your
brain. Make sure you’re buying things that are profitable. And then
just train someone to process it and get it all out. You’ll be amazed
with how much better you feel like when you’re done sourcing right.
Whether you unload your vehicle or your employee unloads it. You
unload it tomorrow whatever, you know, you’re done when you get home. Then
your employee can handle that. If you’re doing the
sourcing and the listing, you’re probably going to make
twice as much as money as soon as you hire someone to do the
listing and packing for you because you’ll source twice as much. [Rafi] Yeah I mean if I can get the
capital up I think that needs to be my next move then is try to find
someone who could do that for me. Got lots of college friends
who are looking for work. [Reezy] Yeah definitely and it’s not… you know just start them off $10 an hour
and move up to $15 as soon as they… or whatever feels respectful or
whatever… As soon as they’re able to. I feel like nowadays, good
workers anyways are smart and people have opportunity. So
it’s like if they’re a good worker and they’re not ambitious,
that’s their choice you know, so you got to pay those
people like $15 an hour. You know and that’s what they
do, they get paid $15 an hour and then they watch Netflix
when they’re off work. You got to pay them $15 an hour
if you want the job taken care of. [Rafi] Right, you want
high quality work. [Reezy] Right because low quality
work sucks. You have to babysit them. You know it’s like do this. How do I do
this? Well fuck’s sake you know I mean. Jesus, I just cussed
on my YouTube video. Darn it, I cussed on my YouTube video.
Sorry mums and dads. I’m trying to stop, promise. We’re going
to roll out the PG 13 Reezy Resells playlist, coming soon. That way mums and
dads you can watch it with your kids and not have to worry about
me dropping f-bombs. This episode will be edited and
reuploaded just because of that. [Rafi] There you go man. Nah
you got to be yourself. [Reezy] No, no I am. I’m
going to tone it down. All the videos that I’ve already
done and ones that come up end up having cussing in them
because I slipped or whatever, they’ll just get edited and reuploaded. So the previous videos
will still be there. There will just be a whole
PG 13 Reezy experience. Because honestly, I probably have
5-10 requests from parents for this to tone down the language and I really
want to take this message to the youth. As young as you are you know, if
you’re 10 and you’re ambitious you know I want to take my message
to you because the younger you are, the better age for you to
start working on your future. [Rafi] Yeah man such a good point.
I really wish younger… I don’t mean to get off track here but
I’m just going to throw this out there. If they taught entrepreneurial skills
in like elementary school, oh man… [Reezy] I want to start a nonprofit
that teaches entrepreneurship to high schools and elementary schools,
middle schools with the focus on you know you can sell stuff on Amazon,
eBay and teaching social media because they should be teaching all
that stuff in school but who knows when they’re going to get around to it.
So let’s start a nonprofit and just start shipping… let’s start
teaching these kids what they need to do because my kid’s going to college in
a year and a half and I don’t know if that’s the right decision. That might be like the last wave of
like college was worth it for you. [Rafi] Yeah. Oh man, please do. That’s
the one thing to learn. You know my… [Reezy] Right I mean that’s
just… when I was a kid I had entrepreneurial tendencies. We used to
steal fruit from our neighbours tree and then sell them to our
other neighbours or whatever. And then when I got older, I messed
around selling drugs and stuff but it was like man… If I would’ve
been selling stuff on eBay and Amazon from age 12 or 10 you know, man
who knows what you could’ve done. Or let alone, if I would’ve been
doing that plus social media like when it came out or whatever.
Networking online like… that would’ve been… you never
know what can happen. I tell these kids all
the time, they’re like oh I’m in highschool what should I do?
I’m like well you got a fixed audience of 500 to 1,000 people every
single day, you know what I mean. If you’re a hairdresser you know, come
with your hair super sick to school every single day and then have your
instagram and YouTube about that. You know, everyday sick hair. Or you
do good makeup, everyday good makeup. Mo’s bows that’s a success story. A guy that made bow ties
in middle school whatever. He became known for it and
boom launched this business. I think he’s been on Steve
Harvey show and some other stuff but he wore his church clothes
to school and looked super nice and he would wear bow ties. He
didn’t like the ones they had so he made his own. Grandma
started helping him make them. Everyday he would wear a different bow
tie to school with his suit forever. He became known as that kid. Upperclassmen started buying the bow
ties. Then you know local stores started putting in orders. Then he
got picked up by the local news then he got picked up by Steve
Harvey and whatever whatever and now he has a room full of
women making bows for him. Through his website and he’s
making like a $1,000,000 a year. [Rafi] Room full of hot
women making his bows. [Reezy] Yeah I think it might be a
room full of grandmas but either way. Just to think about it that like that
where like here you’re going to school everyday and you have 500 to 1,500
eyeballs that will look at you everyday, you should take advantage of that. [Rafi] … like if a 100
of those people share it and then some of those people watch it. It’s crazy how exponential
that kicked off. [Reezy] Yeah everyone in high school
is really worried about fitting in and what’s this and what’s that. Forget
all that. Do you, don’t look at anyone. Don’t worry about anyone. What do you
want to do, do that every single day. It will work, guaranteed. [Rafi] Alright man. Well I
appreciate the motivation man… I’ve been following your channel
for a while it changed everything. I don’t work at my job anymore,
quit a while back as soon as I started seeing profits
on eBay and Amazon. [Reezy] Awesome, so did I
inspire you to quit your job? [Rafi] I quit my job right
before I saw your channel but I will credit a lot
of my profit for sure. [Reezy] I don’t want to take any
credit for your profit man. That’s all your hard work but I’m
grateful that you spend your time consuming my content and I will
always appreciate your attention. [Rafi] Alright man. It’s been great man.
Keep pumping it out. One quick question or actually I have
two but you don’t have to go into depth if you don’t want to.
[Reezy] Okay. [Rafi] But a) have you
done any wholesale at all? b) Is there any accounting software
or somewhere to track your numbers for taxes that you recommend? [Reezy] Yeah so are you talking about
for Amazon, for eBay or for everything? [Rafi] For Amazon. [Reezy] So for Amazon I use Caleb
Roth’s accounting tracking spreadsheet. I think that’s $120, it’s
in the links down here. Really great spreadsheet that can
handle all your Amazon stuff. We also use Inventory Lab, they have
good accounting built into there. We use QuickBooks online for
more accounting type stuff. It’s a lot of stuff but it’s like what
we use and then what our accountant wants us to use and whatnot.
I know mint.com is free and if you don’t have a
super advanced system, you could probably get
away with using mint.com. [Rafi] Okay. [Reezy] I kind of went off board,
did I miss some of the question? [Rafi] I was just curious if
you checked into wholesale. [Reezy] Oh for wholesale yeah.
I knew I missed some of it. Yeah we’ve been doing some wholesale
grocery stuff. Wholesale is huge. I know people that are doing
massive numbers with wholesale. The thing with wholesale is that,
your margins not going to be as much but the amount of time you put into
working the product is a lot less. So you put time upfront in sourcing
wholesalers, developing relations, finding out what products they
have that you’ll be able to sell for them for profit. And once you get
the product and you’re selling it, you’re just reordering the product.
You might even be having them ship it directly to FBA for you. And then you know, other people
jump on your products too and the price goes down, so you’re
constantly trying to find new products to add to your catalogue while just
continually repeating what you done before or whatever. Definitely very, very lucrative.
I know Jamie Miralles does the Seller Success Academy. It’s super expensive but I
think it might be worth it. Obviously, with all of this stuff
anytime anybody is selling anything on the internet all of that stuff can be
found for free on YouTube, on google, in kindle books, in real books whatever.
It’s just about do you have the time and the hunger to go after the
information. Or do you have no time and you have a couple thousand dollars
and you’re willing to you know spend that on getting some one
on one time with someone. I always like to dig up information
myself. You know people have told me, ‘hey, I learn more from you for free
than I did from my $5,000 course I took or whatever.’ And I’m like,
really that’s crazy. And they’re like no, no, I’m happy. I
learned a lot, it got me going you know. Different strokes for
different folks, you know. For me, I come from a
much poorer background. I would not be happy to pay $5,000 for something I could’ve
learned on my own for free. [Rafi] Right. Alright man well
I… I appreciate the info. I think I will be checking… [Reezy] Yeah it’s definitely scalable
and I don’t know what content Jamie Miralles has free but
he’s a really nice guy and if you want to talk to him
message him on facebook or whatever. But I’m pretty sure they doing
mills (millions) wholesale so definitely a good guy to talk to. [Rafi] Alright sounds good man. I
got to go catch a bite to eat bro. Dinner with the family and stuff. [Reezy] Alright man, I’d love to talk
to you all night too but I got to go. [Rafi] (laughs) Alright.
Really appreciate this man. [Reezy] Peace out bro. Alright guys, I know I said that was the
last call but I’m going to do one more then I’m going to go and do a giveaway.
So I’m going to give away four copies of the Gary V book. Four
copies of the Gary V book and this is what you got
to do, 20983 Reezy. Give me a call, I’ll do one more call
but four copies of the Gary V book. If you guys want a copy of this,
please go and subscribe to my coffee YouTube channel, Super Spro Bros and
leave a comment on any of the videos. Just subscribe to the Super Spro
Bros channel and leave a comment. (phone rings) Tomorrow, when I wake up, I’ll pick four winners from the comments
on the Super Spro Bros channel. You’re live with Reezy Resells
on Money Talks. Who’s this? Just got hung up on live on the air.
That sucked. If you’re trying to call
me, please call back. Otherwise, let’s go
back to the giveaway. Four copies of the Ask Gary Vee book.
I’m giving them away, all you have to do is subscribe to my
coffee YouTube channel, Super Spro Bros. It’s on the side of my channel as
related channels but yeah and then just comment on any video and
tomorrow, when I wake up, I will pick four winners
from the comments and I’m going to post
it on my instagram. (phone rings) So pay attention,
that’s how I’ll get your address. Welcome to Money Talks with Reezy
Resells, you’re live. Who’s this? [Rob] I pulled my headphones out my
phone and it went off. What’s good? [Reezy] What’s good man?
Technology man, can’t live with it,
can’t live without it. [Rob] Is it possible to get
ungated for CDs, … did it yet? [Reezy] That’s a good question. I do not
know of anyone that has got ungated for CDs that wasn’t ungated previously. [Rob] I just got my scanner
and waiting to get my FBA … feel like I’m lacking, I let too
much time go by before I jumped in. [Reezy] Good man. Well it’s
not going to get any easier. So what I tell people all the time
is… people get down that like yo, I didn’t get into it early enough.
The game’s lockdown whatever. It’s only going to get worse right. Get
on it now because in 6 months you know there’s going to be
people that are saying what you’re saying now about today.
You know what I mean. [Rob] Yeah of course man, I’m
already kicking myself. I’m on it. [Reezy] Awesome. Yeah get on it man.
Hit me up on instagram and snapchat. Are you messaging me? [Rob] Yeah all day snapchat.
I’ve been going back and forth. [Reezy] What’s your snapchat?
[Rob] B bobby Bundles or mr… [Reezy] Oh B Bobby Bundles, what’s up
man? You got to introduce yourself man. What’s your first name?
[Rob] Rob. [Reezy] Rob. What’s your snapchat?
[Rob] B_bobbybundles [Reezy] B_bobby bundles. Everybody that
calls in. Bobbybundles is one word? [Rob] Yeah. [Reezy] For some reason, I was calling
you B-boy bundles in my head. I thought you were a b-boy or something.
B_bobbybundles on snapchat. Everyone that calls in Reezy Resells
that want to shoutout their social media can because we’re growing
a community homie. [Rob] All day. Yo I’m starting
to get known because they … but I hustle because I’m
making that change like you, from the streets to the internet. [Reezy] Good man. Good.
It’s never been easier. I wish we had this when I was a kid.
All we had was the TV and the TV was just playing us. [Rob] I know. I tell all these
kids that I … now because you don’t even know what you’re in for. [Reezy] Yeah man. Get on the internet. It ain’t a TV, you know what I mean.
I see people all the time, all they do is watch, watch, watch.
You know what I mean. I’m like post something,
you know what I mean. Make a video, you know,
exist, you know what I mean. [Rob] Yeah I feel like I’ve been
soaking in all the education, now I got to start doing it. [Reezy] Yeah, got to do it man.
You may hit some road bumps but I’m going to help you out. [Rob] It’s all good. Hey
thanks for letting me get on and much success to you guys. [Reezy] Awesome. Thank you man.
Have a good night. [Rob] You too. [Reezy] Awesome. Guys I got one
more thing I’m going to do. In case you missed it,
we’re doing a giveaway. We got four copies of Ask Gary Vee. Gary
V’s the man, put my name on the block. He’s got the game on lock. If you need to know about social
media, you need to follow Gary V. You want to know what’s
going on with the internet, you need to follow Gary V. That’s
how I know what’s going on. This book is amazing. I’m giving away four copies
to people who subscribe to my Super Spro Bros coffee Youtube channel
and leave a comment on any video. I will go there and pick four winners
and then I’ll compile the images of the comments and put them on
my instagram. When you see that, comment in there and
let me know that’s you and then you’re going
to give me your email. I’ll try and do the YouTube messenger
too thing but I don’t even know… I’ve never looked at YouTube messages.
Do people really use those? One cool thing I want to do is I
want to open a package that I got in the mail from a follower,
a Reezy ninja, fan love, I’m going to open this up real quick. What do you guys thinks in here? He
told me there’s something in here that I shouldn’t show on live.
What do you guys think is in here? Yeah don’t consume the content,
don’t let the content consume you. Know your enemy, know yourself.
Alright let’s see. Packaged the box with duct tape so.
Let’s see. Oh I can already see what I’m not suppose to let you guys
see. Alright let’s see. We got a note. I didn’t read that so I’m not
going to show it all the way. This is from a homie, Alec and he has
a company called Kronic Clothing. These are hemp clothing. Check it out. Kronic Clothing and yes
there’s a freaking weed leaf on there. Hopefully, there’s not a
weed leaf on the shirt because I cannot wear it
if it has a weed leaf because I’m not about that
life, maybe when I was 16. Two shirts. Three shirts. Four shirts and five… I think this is underwear.
Hemp underwear? These are sweet. Let’s open
up one of these shirts. Woah these shirts are sick dude!
Oh these are sick. First of all this fabric is
so soft it feels amazing. I’m totally going to rip it when I lean
against something or hook on a shelf in a thrift store but I’m feeling the
design and colour way. Check it out. Orange on the sleeve and on
the pocket with the little wing wing triangle design. That’s super
fresh. Yeah. Rocking that one all day. Make a big mess in here. Let’s go on
to the… what else do we got in here? Some underwear. Fan love guys. Oh it’s not underwear.
It’s a chick shirt. What does it say. It says hippie chick. Maybe
Rosa will like this. Again guys, shoutout to Kronic Clothing,
go check them out on instagram. He’s one of the Reezy ninjas and
he just hooked me the hell up. Let’s see. And take notes guys, this is a
fellow Reezy ninja who had an idea and built a brand around it and has
products you know what I mean. Just a small guy like me and
you, he ain’t a millionaire but he got to Shopify store or a real
store and he’s making some products. (phone rings) I’m not going
to answer any more calls, the live calls are done for
the rest of the show guys. If you’re just here for live then
I’m sorry because that’s over. I really have to pee really bad or
else I would answer another call. But the honestness is all honesty.
I have to go to the bathroom. Dang! These things just don’t stop with
the heat. Look at these. Look at that. That’s so fresh with the
green sleeves and pocket and I got the orange and the blue.
Damn Daniel. What else? What else?
Shoutout to Kronic Clothing. No I’m not endorsing marijuana
although it is legal where I live. Let’s see are these underwear that I
thought were there? No, not underwear. Another chick shirt. This is tight, this
has a little cheetah print. Decent. I think that’s tight. No it’s not a
cheetah print, it is sunflower print and it does have a weed leaf. Damn it!
Darn it. Sorry again parents. Yeah I don’t know if we are
going to be wearing that one. Might have to do a giveaway.
Giveaway giveaway? I don’t know what you want to call it. Anyways, shoutout to Alec from
Kronic Clothing for hooking it up. Ridiculous fat. He got me three
shirts and two shirts for the girls. I’m so excited about that guys. Yeah so you guys want to mail me
stuff, I got a PO box, hit me up. I’ll give you the address. I might
put it in my YouTube comments. Thank you so much for tuning in for
this Money Talks with Reezy Resells. I’m going to be doing
this show regularly, every Monday night at 6
pm Pacific Standard Time. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I
hope you guy join me next week for Money Talks with Reezy Resells. As always, please
subscribe if you haven’t. And please smash that
like button, just boom, hit it like a frog with a hammer. Pollywog or whatever those
things are called. Whack a mole? Yeah that’s what I was trying to say.
Hit that subscribe and that like button like a whack a mole. And
thank you very much because I couldn’t do
this without you guys. I’ll see you guys next week. Peace!

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