Hear ye, hear ye! I have amazing news for you! You get a chance to see the incredible, spectacular magician Slick Slime Sam! Here he is! Greetings, dear audience! This is really me – Slick Slime Sam. You know, dear viewers, there are many things in the world that are amazing… incredible… stunning… oops, wrong picture… ….magical things. But the most magical things are the ones you can make with your own hands. And today I will show you one of my favortire magical tricks. But I won’t be doing it alone. Please, welcome my beautiful assistant Susie! Oh great Sam, what are we going to show our audience today? Tell me, Susie, can you make coins not visible, but still present? I’m not sure… Probably not. And can you make a half whole again? A half whole again? It would be great, but no, I can’t. But that’s what we’re going to show our viewers today, Susie! Brilliant! Do you know what I enjoy reading recently, Susie? What, Sammy? Comments from our viewers!. Oh, I love reading them as well! So inspiring! I’ve set aside several special comments. Well, you can show them as soon as we finish our current project. Deal! I’ll ask my assistant to bring out the box that will be the base of our magic trick. See for yourself, the box is completely empty. First it is necessary to cut out an opening in the box. Please, Susie. Be careful when you repeat this trick at home! This cutter’s very sharp! Hmmm….Abracadabra… tada! Ugh…The opening is ready! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And now my assistant will perform her signature trick. With one movement of my hands… I’ll add a pretty bow! I need to check the work of my assist… Ugh… What’s this? How… ugh! Ooh… we need it for the trick! ugh… oh… Please, Susie, glue the glass to the box. One… Two… Three… Four. And we’ll put the glass inside. Now let’s allow the glue to dry! What do you think we’re going to need next, dear Susie? Next we’ll need this magical holographic paper! And, as we’ve recently learned, holograms are modern magic! Modern magic isn’t half as bad as good old magic, right? Dear viewers, which holograms have you seen? Write in the comments. And also write which magic tricks do you like most of all! And we’ll use this holographic paper for our magic device. We’ll give it the shape of the box. Like this. Then I’ll take it out. Remove the protective layer. And stick it inside the box! Thanks to the magical sticky layer the paper will be held securely! Yeah, yeah. Done, oh great Sam. What’s next? Are you ready to learn to make a half whole again, Susie? Oh, of course! This half of a plastic butterfly? Yes! You also need a mirror. Stick the butterfly to the mirror, Susie. This is rather unusual… but alright… I’ll stick some tape on… Ahem… so can I have the mirror, please? Ah… er… yes, yes, I was checking its quality… Tada! The butterfly is whole again! And it’ll decorate our magic coin box! I’ll put the mirror inside. Hurry! Quick! Susieee! I’m here. What’s the matter? Well, the comments! We need to show them, quick! Alright! Which comment would you like to start with? Uhhh. This one! Sam’s evolution? Hahaha Haha what? It’s a serious matter! Maybe I AM special because I’ve evl… elov… e-vol-ved from candy! So, that’s why you can’t live without them? Yep! Then here’s another commentary Sam is a drama lama?! I’m a llama?! Though… it has a certain ring… I’m a drama llama… I’m a drama llama… You’re a drama lama? Haha… that’s what I’ll be calling you now! Actually, some people think that I deserve walking the red carpet! Especially if it’s made of candy! A red carpet made of candy? Are you sure you’re gonna reach its end and not eat it all? I… I need to think it through… hm… While you’re thinking, I want to show you one comment you might find very familiar. Oooh… yeah… Kittie… That big comment with a craft description? Yep. I think it’s been posted a hundred times! That’s a loyal fan for you! Look at this! That’s some enthusiasm! I wish we had more energetic comments like this! And fans. Right? That’s right. But, really, Susie, we bring positivity! See? It’s amazing to know that people watch our videos and their day turns from sad into wonderful. Wonderlicious! I’ll remember that! Guys, thank you so much for your comments! We read them all and they make our day! Soon we’ll share even more of your comments! Maybe yours will be there?! All right, let’s go and show our trick! Sam is a drama llama! Sam is a drama llama! And, my wonderlicious friend, we’ll throw a carpet of candy in front of you. Oooh yeah! And before we see our incredible device in action, I’ll show you one simple, but impressive trick. Here we have three chocolates. And, let’s say, you want to share these chocolates evenly. For you and your friend. But you can’t devide three by two! That’s why you need to magically remove this flaw. And now you can beautifully divide two chocolates evenly between two people! Thank you, thank you… Susie, please, bring out our device! How will it work? I’ll make coins disappear from view, but they will remain inside! Oooh! But how? Look! There’s an opening on top! We’ll take a coin! Throow it in. You can’t see the coin! But I can hear it moving inside! Incredible! Bravo! Bravo! You can try it yourself! Dear audience, if you liked our today’s performance, please, give us a thumbs up. And subscribe to the channel not to miss the next performance of the great magician Slick Slime Sam. Until we meet again, dear viewers! Hey, guys! I’m off to assist Sam with creating a new magical perfomance for you. And he’ll be really delighted to get 3000 thumbs up for this one. He tried really hard. Thanks!

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