(2019) FREE PAYPAL Money – How To Get Free PayPal Money FAST!

hey! do YOU want to earn money online
doing simple surveys in this video you will discover a new website that will
give you money to do exactly that by the way they will pay you five
dollars just for signing up isn’t that awesome but before I get
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for you alright what’s up what’s up so today I want to show you this brand new
website that allows you to literally earn cash you can get paid via PayPal or
even gift cards by simply taking online surveys and you know what’s really
awesome you already know by now by simply
signing up look you will receive $5 bonus by simply registering all right
that’s really awesome so to register it’s very simple you can just sign in
with your Facebook you can sign me if your Google accounts or you can just put
in your name your email address put in a password you can just create an account
right away and you can get started alright so now you might be thinking how
can you get paid right they have an awesome support system here let me just
show it to you if I click on help center you can see this lots of frequently
asked questions that you can definitely check it out if you are serious in
earning cash through taking online service
alright this website is pretty cool they even have a member guidebook over here
in the corner if you click into it they have lots of information here is the
code through here look there’s so much information just to help you out alright
how do you make the most out of surveys and all these things right I can find
out how other point Club members earn money online how to use the money how
they work from home which is really awesome so for you to get started just
go through the registration process and you will see something that’s like this
right this is when you log in right it’s very simple when you sign out right got
to go through their registration process they will give you some kind of sample
surveys and look immediately just by signing up you will be able to earn 3000
points okay so I click here to continue they’re
gonna ask you lots of questions make sure you actually read through all right
read through your questions and then you answer accordingly alright so there’s no
right or wrong answer you just want you to answer it honestly okay so this is
the so called training mission when you create a new account you can
earn 5,000 points which would be equivalent to five dollars just by
registering and doing this very simple beginning service these are like sample
service to better understand you okay then of course once you finish this
process then you can get consistent service you will see over here below
alright so as you go through you realize that they’re just asking you very simple
service that anybody can answer for example they ask you like okay which
devices do you own and what do you play games on so just answer accordingly if
you are using a PC put it in if you happen to have a ps4 you can check it if
you’re using iPhone check it a very easy Android check it if you have iPad you
can check it just put it accordingly this is just simple things that anyone
can do by the way make sure you actually read the questions as you are doing the
surveys because sometimes they will give you some kind of like trick questions so
you make make sure you actually read the question so over here if we read this
question they actually tell you to select the option sports drinks as your
answer okay so make sure you actually read the question because they actually
throw in these kind of things to test you K because some people when they do
service they are just clicking and clicking randomly they’re just selecting
random answers then you just keep going continue continue continue and they are
just spamming all the random answers so take note right this is the real website
this is a serious website to do surveys alright
so they are going to throw in some kind of like curveballs at you okay so make
sure you read the question so you won’t actually get tricky and don’t spam
through other service all right so it’s very simple anybody can do this
sometimes they might even ask you which countries have you visited in the past
six months so when you finish the registration process after you take
their sample surveys and all that stuff they will immediately give you 3,000
points and if you confirm your email you will earn 1000 points okay and what you
can do is you can go over to the missions and from here you can monitor
every day right when you log in you gotta wait for surveys to be sent out to
you all right here’s the thing about doing surveys to make money online can
you earn money online by doing surveys yes the answer is you can tons and tons
of people are doing it tons and tons of people have taught them P you can go in
Google yourself you can then find out you can check out forums you can check
already you can read on Korra okay a lot of people have already made money by
taking surveys about the problem service is dead because there is our so
easy because the risk can be done by anyone it’s not a skill then of course
you won’t become rich so here’s the thing you won’t become rich with this
method okay so of course if you are looking to earn some extra cash maybe
you just want unlike maybe ten twenty dollars extra sure you can go ahead but
the problem with doing service is that you are trading your time for money if
you actually want to quit your job you won’t be able to do it by just taking
service alone alright the time that you spend to do
service it’s not really worth it if you want to do it full-time if you want to
make a full time income online the better way is to not treat your time for
money by doing tasks like taking surveys or doing random tasks where they pay you
to do certain tasks alright the better way to earn money online is
to actually have your very own online business and if you want to know what is
my number one recommendation it is affiliate marketing alright and I have a
free book then I’m gonna give it to you because you stay till the end of this
video it’s 100% free book and you can go over and get it right now there’s no
shipping there’s no handling all right so to get it you just go to the e-book
calm or I will put a link down below so it’s a free book they will show you you
reveal to you how you can make a full time income online selling other
people’s products by simply promoting and marketing other people’s products so
you don’t even have to create the product or sell isn’t only any special
skills or experience all you need to do is you need to learn the art of
marketing other people’s products okay you do not need any special skills or
experience because this is a learnable skill it’s a hundred percent free book
you can keep your credit card to yourself you don’t need a PA single cent
you can get it today just go to Dave eing book calm and claim your free copy
right now alright it’s a very easy read i formatted it very nice so that is very
easy on your eyes if you download it then you realize what I mean okay
I structured it such that it’s very very easy for you to read through it there
are no like huge chunks of text okay so yes if you want to earn money doing
service you can go over to this website which is called point
club.com the URL is up there pretty awesome we can get five dollars just for
registering but look when you have the skill of affiliate marketing $5 is
really nothing okay you can earn way more than that when it
comes to a flea market Bing and this is 100% free book you can go ahead and
check it out for yourself see if you are serious about making
money online because if you want to quit your job there’s no way you can create a
drop by doing all these different websites going to different websites
doing different tasks doing surveys that will not allow you to make a full time
income online you need to be able to have a real skill you need to have a
real skill need to have an online business you need to have a system and
one of the best ways for a beginner is affiliate marketing alright so go over
to dating book calm right now to claim your free copy and by the way if you
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again I promise you you’re gonna be making way more money than trading our
time to make money by doing service okay so congratulations you have the
discipline to finish this entire video so now you know right what is the better
way to actually earn money online so thank you very much for staying to the
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