7 Cool Gadgets For Kids 2020 – Every Kids Should Have

money we learned about it with this but
for these guys it looks like this it’s confusing
this is pigs be a pocket money app that helps kids aged six and up learn how to
be good with money with a little help from this little guy a piggy wallet this
is how it helps kids like Mathilda learn how to earn and save money I select a
task from my phone a reward and I just send it
pigs B tells Matilda when there’s work to do and when it’s done Matilda makes
it rain her money tree grows taller piggy balance grows larger but there’s
more with pigs feed the whole family can join in for birthday presents tooth
fairies and pocket money straight from the app from anywhere in the world
pigs B runs on water a digital currency designed for families that is fast to
transfer and cheap to use you don’t need a bank account to get started and you
can spend it in the real world just like regular money pigs B is a new way for
children to visualize interact with and learn how to save and spend their
digital money so kids can grow up to do the things they really love this is what
the piggy bank did next this is pigs B childhood it’s a time for
playing in learning imagining and discovering we want our kids to go out
and connect with the world but we still need to be connected to them so we give
our kids cell phones and then what happens they get glued to the screens
immersed in videos and games or texting with friends they go from sports teams
to screen time from play dates to pixels families need a better way to be in
touch introducing the okie talkie the okie
talkie is the distraction free way for your
family to communicate through voice messages there is no video and no games
no internet or texting so your kids see the world not just a scream to send you
a message your child button and speaks the message arrives in seconds to your
smartphone you use the app to send messages to hey buddy you forgot your
lunch and kids listen to them with just the touch of a button messages travel in
your own private network so you choose who your child communicates with the
handset works in the US and the app works around the world and the okie
talkie is attachable so it won’t get lost your kids will have it when they
need it hi I’m PLO Sano and I am Xavier Cardona
we are the founders of oq– we created the OSHA talkie I would love to be able
to send to my kids messages when I feel like just like I do with with my
extended family but in a kid-friendly way and I would love for my kids to send
me messages as well throughout the day we have been working on the okey dokey
for three years we have talked to hundreds of parents
and we’ve incorporated their ideas into this design we have great relationships
with hardware manufacturers that are ready to start building okie talkies for
us we’re so ready to make this a reality we just need your support oki talkie the distraction-free wait for
families to communicate it keeps our kids in touch with the world while
keeping us in touch with our kids what why is the sky blue when white
light from the Sun passes through our atmosphere the blue and violet
wavelengths are scattered making the sky appear blue to us hi I’m Sarah and this
is my little one Ethan he’s always curious about everything and asked
hundreds of questions each day we want to encourage his curiosity so we can
explore and learn more about the world so we invited this cuddly little
fuzzball into our lives meet Ruvo an incredibly smart robot powered by the
most advanced interactive technology Ruvo is both playful and goofy and
Pink’s even laugh all the time a small team of graduates from MIT and Harvard
curates exciting things about the world and shares them with Lu Bo so Lu Bo is
like a knowledgeable and kid-friendly search engine who not only answers
questions it also inspires Ethan to explore and more Lobo creates an
imaginary space to experience different possibilities so Ethan can be anyone and
work on anything no wonder Ethan asked me so much about
being a dragon trainer lately Wu Bo always knows how to spend an
independent and creative afternoon so Ethan never runs out of fun activities
to choose from sometimes where Bo helps take Ethan’s fun ideas one step further
and brings his imagination to life Lu Bo is always a patient friend who
helps even to make and create new things sometimes when Ethan’s friends come over
Lobo gets playful and invites everyone to get up and move around whether it’s a
whole afternoon playing charades or a completely new idea Lubell always keeps
up like a fluffy partner in creativity that’s only the beginning of what whoa
Bo has under all that fur like a launch pad for learning Rubel has more than 40
different skill sets and since we bow is connected to the Internet
his skills are always fresh and always growing I can also set up daily routine
reminders so in an encouraging way woo bo turns routines like brushing teeth
and cleaning up into engaging challenges and as Ethan starts
practicing these routines on his own he always had someone sharing him on with
Lubow every morning is a blast and every bedtime is a breeze
and the Stars hey rube oh we can’t teach kids outdated stuff if we want them to
compete in the future introducing Grove jr. a series of programmable magnetic
electronic modules for steam education it teaches young makers programming
electronics design and creative and logical thinking all while they’re
having too much fun to notice using grove jr. is a cinch
the magnetic modules are all color-coded by function and you can connect
different inputs and outputs in the circuit this will help you learn about
electronics easily while simplifying creative tasks no matter your project
grove jr. has the connections for it by the magnets cables are both with the
versatile magnetic adapter you can snap them together any way you want
it’s effortless to get started build simple programming projects and start a
journey of invention and with the pre-programmed kit you can play right
out of the box Grove Junior is based on scratch 3.0 graphical programming for PC
Mac or mobile tablet just by clicking and dragging kids are able to program
their own idea it is also compatible with Lego to further bring playtime and
learning seamlessly together the possibilities truly are endless for
teachers and parents we prepared an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial
book to guide you through everything you’ll need to know about programming
ideal projects back us today and get the amazing grove junior so your children
can have an incredible time and a bright future a mom’s work is never done but
for me making sure that my kids are safe and healthy is the most important thing
so when they have busy lives and dad’s away my first phone makes it that much
easier to manage it’s a smart little watch phone that keeps my kids safe and
helps our family work together with my first phone I can whitelist trusted
numbers only so all calls coming in or out will only
be from me and my husband and with instant messages it feels like we’re
always together make sure you bring me back a souvenir
dad my first phone also lets my kids keep in contact to all they have to do
is shake their watches close by and they can connect their voice video and live
calls their device is protected with maximum encryption and it all works off
real-time 3G data so I can reach them anywhere at a glance I can be at work
knowing that they’re safe at school through a GPS locator and also set
geofence boundaries so I can get alerts if they suddenly leave our chosen area
we can even see if they’re walking enough steps for the day just with the
app on our phones most technology these days gets in the way but my first phone
helps my kids focus it automatically puts silent notifications on when
they’re at school or music lessons so they can learn without interruption and
when my son is back at home not doing what he should be
dad can check in with a simple care cool James are you sure you’re doing your
homework whenever my kids need help or something’s wrong with my first phone
there just a few taps away well I think he should get some takeaway tonight and
Dad well no matter where he is he’s never far from home either even for
bedtime stories so when he actually does get back it always felt like he was
right there with them we would Sabri my first phone to as many
families as we can helping them communicate share affection
and stay safe introducing Mela the all-in-one
children’s clock designed to keep your kid in bed longer Mela is an alarm clock
sleep trainer sleep sound machine night laid a nap timer rolled into one
adorable package Mela goes to sleep when your kid goes to sleep set the desired
sleep time and Mela will do the rest Mela lets your kid know when it’s almost
time to get up when Mela turns green it’s time to wake up by using a
combination of facial expressions and bright colors Mela teaches your kid when
it’s time for bed and when it’s okay to wake up choose from a variety of
nightlight color options and sleep sounds to create the optimal bedtime
environment for your child malla doesn’t just help your family sleep better at
night mallas timer feature comes in handy for those midday naps timeouts and
other timed play activities with Mela you can provide a healthy comfortable
bedtime environment for your child while teaching good sleeping habits
melih brought to you by little hippo Parenthood just got easier reducing the
dough universe the dough universe is an interactive squishy play experience for
kids to mold and create with light sound and movement at the heart of these
products is electro dough a controller and a super friendly app to take them
through electro dough adventures kids are introduced to steam principals
through one of the most fun and satisfying squishy materials electronic
playdough they then play explore an experiment by creating whatever their
imaginations can come up with and discover some of the foundations of real
electronics with the light kit kids use different shapes and sizes of electro
dough to bring their creations to life most importantly they learn how to make
a real circuit with a sound kit kids mold instruments
out of electro dough to create squishy keyboards but actually they’re
discovering what Einstein referred to as wonderful words of resistance with a
move kit guess what the move electrode oh kids create moving racecars like
magic but what they’re really working out is how to add rotation and
mechanical movement to their awesome creations yes please what happens when
kids combine light sound and movement well of course they can unleash the
dough dinoball disco or whatever magical awesomesauce comes from their
imagination but for real watching four to six year olds unleash problem-solving
skills and make sense of electricity through play

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