90 ft. Vertical Spike Wave in Slow Mo

Here we are in Edinburgh. That’s in Scotland, Dan. – Well, thanks.
– Yeah. We’re at the “FloWave
Research Facility” at the University
of Edinburgh in this giant wave pool. It’s about 82 feet across, and it’s got 168
individual little wave pusher paddles. Gav:It’s capable
of creating hundreds
of different types
of waves found in nature,
for various testing purposes.But with the simultaneous
of all of the pushers,
you can create
one giant spike wave
right in the middle,
and that’s what
we’re gonna get in slow-mo. So we’re here
for the fun, silly wave? – That’s correct, yeah.
– Okay, right. Dan:We’ve waited
for the water to settle,
’cause apparently
that’s the best
to get the optimum large spikebecause any sort of
disturbance in the water
dissipates the energy slightly.So really focusing it
to the middle. Got the Phantom set
to 1,000 frames a second, and we’ve also got
some very bright lights concentrated on
the middle of the pool, cause that’s where
the spike wave is gonna be. I think we’re ready. – I think so.
– Let’s do it. Dan: Oh, you can see
the movement. Oh. – Building up.
– It’s weird to just
have perfect ripples. – Building up.
– Oh, look at that. – Here we go.
– Here it is. – Whoa. Whoa!
– Flippin’ A. – That was a really good one.
– That was really good. I liked how clear it was
in the middle. Gav:
That is so weird looking.
Dan:The grid on the floor,
it makes it look really…
– Gav:It looks like–
it looks like a wormhole.

…computer generated.Gav:It looks like
someone’s just pulling
on space time.
That’s satisfyingly clear.
Gav:That is crazy.It looks like–
you know when you drop one single droplet in water and it just goes…
( imitates drop ) It looks like that
on a massive scale. Gav:Look at what it did to
the reflection on the wall.
It focused.
That’s the light bouncing.Gav:It was, like,
briefly a magnifying glass
on that part of the wall.– Dan:That’s a weird look
as well, isn’t it?

All falling back.Gav:All right,
look how much that sank down.
– Gav:That’s really cool.
– Dan:Ahh.( both imitating splash )I’m ready for the skadoosh. – Here we go.
– ( gasps ) – ( imitating splash )
– Oh! –( Dan laughs )
– Gav:Absolutely colossal.– Gav:Yeah, look at that.
Traveling up the column.

– Dan:Oh, wow.You matched the speed
pretty well there.
Gav:I caught up
with it, yeah.
Dan:That’s solid.– Gav:Oh, right in the roof.
– Dan:Good effort.At that point, it’s like–
– Gav:Enough of that.Let’s come back down.
– Dan:Yeah.Gav:Look at the reflection.
You see the reflection
either side of the spike?
– Dan:Yeah.It looks so crystal.
( Gav imitating splash ) Gav:What are
we seeing right there?
It looks like a glass sword.
Gav:That looks amazing.
Look how smooth that looks.
Gav:Nailed it.Nice. Dan, have you ever
done this before? What? Sat in a giant wave pool
with a thousand rubber ducks? – Yeah.
– Buried? No. I haven’t, actually.
It’s funny, that. So, your job is to go out
to the middle and disperse them nicely. Okay. Lovely. All right, it looks
like you’re all set. It’s actually
quite hard to row when I’m covered in ducks. – It looks like you’re
going off on a voyage.
– Yeah. – Looks– this is fun.
– So how are you gonna get them out of the boat
in the water? Oh, I guess really slowly. I’m not really sure
what I’m looking at. ( Dan grunts ) Bath time. Gav: That’s a lot of ducks. – Okay, I’m good.
– It looks good. – Done.
– All right, duck close-up. Dan:I wonder how
airborne we can get here.
My bet is on, uh, Steven. – Dan:Oh, yeah, Stevie.
He’s the 95th duck
from the right.
Dan:All the ducks are
in the middle.
Bwosh! Whoa!There’s one–
one just landed. One flew off over there. That was amazing. Dan:It’s like
a really fun bath, this.
Wow, they flew.
You nailed the timing there.
Gav:Not the most
light up there,
but enough to see ducks.
I mean, you can tellwhat’s happening, right?It’s raining ducks down. –Those ducks just went–
– Dan:Bwosh!I like how you
can see the ducks
on the other side
of the spike as well.
If you look at it,
you look through the water,
you can see through
mid-air water,
into the base
of other ducks.
Gav:Yeah. Is that the duck
that went flying off?
Dan:I don’t know.Dan:Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, look there he goes.
There he goes.
Gav:One duck
just sort of flying.
Dan:He got caught
the backsplash,
so he got
the secondary jet.
And now
it’s just raining ducks.
Gav:It’s just
raining ducks, yeah.
Dan:That was class.And I think Steven was the one
who went the highest, so– – Can we verify that?
– No. – Can we get– no?
– Don’t think we can. – How do you feel, right…
– Yeah? – about taking it
right in the face?
– Okay, all right. I knew it was
a matter of time
before you asked me. – Glad you asked, obviously.
– Yeah. Yeah, obviously. Um, I’d say not full beans. – So, half beans?
– Yeah. – Medium beans?
– Medium beans. All right.
We can deal with that. – Okay.
– All right, well, let’s– let’s move
the old gantry over and lean over the edge of it. Brilliant. Okay, I’m ready! Dan, are you nervous? Uh, it’s hard not to be. Ooh. Oh. Oh! – Directly up my nose.
– Where are your goggles? Oh, no! They just disappeared. Gav:Oh, okay. Here we go.
Here it comes.
Dan:It looks like a tongue
reaching out to–
– Gav:Right in the nose.Look how, like–
– Dan:Look at my nose!
Look at that.
Look at that, like,
blade of water coming out.
You see that?
Gav:It’s going
straight up your nostrils.
Dan:And then
I don’t have any glasses on.
What happened to my glasses?
Rewind it, see if–
Gav:Let’s see if we can see
where they went.
Those glasses
were almost pointless.
Dan:They got, like,
lifted off my face.
– Gav:Oh, yeah.
They’re still there,and then they get,
like, lifted off.
Dan:So, I’m the only personto ever get splashed by
this wave tank, really.
that’s an honor, I think.
Dan:I think so.Well, Dan, this is
a precarious position. I can’t say I’ve ever
protected the camera
with my face before. So we got the camera
looking down into the waves. I feel that would be
quite a surreal shot. But we also don’t want to
blast the lens and camera, so Dan has volunteered
his face again to take the brunt
of the wave. We’ve also got
a nice optical flap over
the lens to protect it, and we’ve bagged it
so it doesn’t get wet. Hopefully, this should be
a very surreal and cool looking shot,
but we will get wet. And hopefully we won’t
break the camera as well. Let me know when
it’s gonna come, cause I don’t– I can’t
really see anything. Now it is. Here we go. Both: Whoa! Whoa. Gav:
That looks so weird.
Because it’s looking
right over the grid,
it looks like
it’s warping space.
– Dan:Yeah.
– Gav:That’s really good. Dan:It was like someone
just took a bucket
and went, like, up my nose.
Just like, “Ahh.”
Gav:That’s exactly
what it looked like.
Straight up my nose.
( chuckling )Took it to the grid.
Right in the grid hole.
Gav:Didn’t even need
the bag, after all that.
– I think we’re good.
– We need to save it. Yeah. – ( air whooshing )
– ( both shouting ) – Jeez.
– The automatic airbag
went off. Oh, my God. Well, Dan,
that was some very surreal, but very satisfying
slow-mo footage. It was.
It was a varied day
for me as well. – Very fun.
– Yeah, not your typical day. I mean,
I wasn’t expecting to be doing what I did today,
to be honest. – I don’t think anyone was.
– No. And we sent some ducks
to the moon, which is
always a good thing. Hopefully,
you enjoyed that video. Feel free
to check out part two, where we’ll be learning
more about waves, in this place
that’s over here. And you can subscribe,
’cause that would be lovely, and you can come back
whenever we make videos. I’ve just realized we’ve left
a thousand ducks in the pool. Should we clean that up?
We probably should. Probably go back in there
and clean that up, yeah. Do you think they’d notice
if we left them there? – Gav: I think
they would, yeah.
– Dan: Oh.

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  1. well done on the visual experiment. Could this be how the Big Bang was created…in 2D, 3D and 4D? or the Reverse black hole. Would be nice to also observe what it would look like from underneath the water, right under the Vortex 🙂

  2. Now imagine, using this technique of the spike wave for a way of transportation, how I see it its giving so much pressure and could in theory force an object through. Like imagine that on a large scale in space..

  3. The comment about the wormhole lead me to wonder if the physics of that wave could give us an insight into black holes.

  4. I live in Australia and I was swimming with my friends and that happened to me but not as high. Like if it’s happened to you


  5. Gav: so the lights are focused in the middle… because that's where the spike waves gonna be.
    Me: thank you for telling me i thought it would be on the side of the pool.

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    of cause not in this awesome dimension. :-p
    I would like to see what happens withe the falling water, the reason why it turn into drops is the air resistance, right?!

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