97% Owned – Positive Money Cut

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  1. why cant each country have there own reserve bank (as they do) and have its population deal directly with these guys instead of this being directed through private sectors. Instead of them getting rich the government does which increases infrastructure and lowers taxes.

  2. Hey I'm 11 years I got a question how we can't give interest free loans? If I had all the money or could create it I would own everything and everybody. This is what my son said

  3. ..its about assets purchased for those "loans" where bank owners end up as LEGAL OWNERS of all those confiscated assets from people who borrowed.. and they will get it absolutely for free!!

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  5. BUT the 'money' banks create does NOT last. It is DESTROYED when repaid. So to keep money in circulation/'existence' – MORE loans have to be taken on TODAY by people,business and govts – just to pay YESTERDAY'S interest ! Therefore [in this stupid system] bank 'money' IS finite (ish) PEACE

  6. @27:11, "Instead, they use their license to print money to … push house prices out of reach of ordinary people by pumping hundreds of billions of pounds into risky mortgages”

    By definition, a mortgage is risky if it has a high probability of default. The people who have the highest risk of default are the lower income persons. In other words, by making housing more affordable to ordinary people by lowering lending standards, they drive up demand and prices.

  7. This usually wouldn't happen naturally in a free market, but it occurred in the united states because of a democratic process that resulted in legislation which contained incentives for banks to make these risky loans. In this way, yhe guy arguing for a “democratic” approach to the monetary system is misguided.

  8. You'd be surprised. The system relies on people who have been duped to champion the causes of the elite wealthy. Some of the most hard core conservatives are poor as a direct result of the system they support.

  9. Aaaahhh the good old "I see a problem in the world" followed by the "we need to control it". I guess we all see problems – but very few seems to be interested in our uncanny inability to "control" very well. The trust in human regulatory abilities seems to me to be completely unscrutinised by people at large. Why are we so happy with ourselves? Does no one care about our cognitive deficiencies?

  10. Most textbooks describe 3 functions of money: a) a storage of wealth, b) a measure of account, c) a means of exchange. So I guess that it's not JUST measure of wealth. Particularly because the "means of exchange" part is such a predominant part of everyday living.

  11. The money are destroyed or they simply "go away" when repaid, very much the same way the "pop into existence" when a loan is created. However you seem to forget what the money DID when they were "in existence". Somebody USED that money for a purpose that THEY must feel were valuable/profitable. Otherwise they wouldn't have lend the money. And the fact that the bank would like to repeat that trade is hardly surprising. That's how they make a living.

  12. BUT WHY should it be CREATED BY Private Corporations ? = They did NOT have 'IT' – but then THEY CREATED 'it' – THE Lifeblood of THE world – THE few thousand 'own' THE 7 BILLION !? and DECIDE WHO gets loans ! (and therefore for WHAT purpose ?!…business/jobs/healthCARE/environmental reasons – Luxury boat RE-sprays …for Christmas/Birthdays OR…just FELT LIKE IT !!!?) while THE world starves and fight$ among shits elves ! Checkout the non-existent 90minute video – "Wake the Fuck Up." P£AC£…?

  13. Why should they not. Money is a commodity like anything else and though you might not like private business we DO have a market economy. Besides no one owns anybody in the open economy. But if you want to borrow of course you're going to be OWING the lenders but they won't OWN you and if you don't want to be owing stuff – don't borrow. That's as simple as it is. And money is NOT the lifeblood of the world. Production is. I might need to wake up – but you certainly need to learn some economics.

  14. eCONomics ?? NO loans = NO 'money!' WITHOUT borrowing there is no (NO NO NO NO NO) money !!! IS that a STUUUPID system or not ? Production (of what exactly) SHOULD be the lifeblood of society BUT [in this system] without paper/ink/digits and bits of metal…? It's back to front ! PEACE

  15. Production of everything. There is a global production going on right now, and we usually measure production as GDP pr. year. In order to have that production running, you need an amount of money (that flows opposite the goods and services – which is why people have a hard time understanding it), and we simply NEED a certain amount of money circulating, in order to run the production.

    BUT….. (I'll continue in a new textbox)

  16. If the FEDS (or the private banks) makes TOO much money – it'll show up as inflation, which is bad for everyone. If they make too little, it's going to impair production, hence slowing growth – which is bad for employment. And I'm no fan of the de-regulation of the financial sector in the 90ies, but that doesn't change that we need a medium for exchange to make the economy work smoothly, and I believe its the responsibility of the critics to document a system that could work better than money.

  17. Perhaps they just understand the economics of money. Bankers doesn't necessarily do that. Some of them just know how to make money of money.

  18. money is natural.it is the hierarchy about money,that has to go. it was the rules and regulation and the big state apparatus in bad with industry creating false jobs out of false money. money is as logical and natural as a pair of socks. you can't have real trade or entrepreneurship without money. it is a measurement system for the market!
    its the state and the regulator itself, that makes "false choices" without konsequences. if Market would be just FREE and SOUND, it would just work like music

  19. To learn REAL economics checkout the 5min03 video "Misconceptions around Banking – Banking 101 (part 1of 6)" and the 8min23 "What's wrong with the money multiplier? (part 2 of 6)" by Positive Money [obviously watch the other 4parts and visit their Site+YT channel for back up info] Peace

    Wall Street!
    The status or condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised.
    Includes slavery-like practices: DEBT bondage

  21. Our money system is not what we have been led to believe.The creation of money has been privatized, or taken over by private money lenders.

  22. Why do the banks choose to stop lending and create a money drought?

    Because this is how they obtain the fruits of our labor at fire sale prices.

  23. Simple things you can do: close your regular bank account and switch to a mutual (or cooperative) bank owned by its clients, use crowdfunding whenever possible, buy local to support national businesses instead of China-made stuff which most probably required borrowing to be imported,… and spread the word.

  24. Do credit unions work this way also? I'm thinking yes because they would call it a money union or cash union instead of a credit union, lol.

  25. The mistake that this movie makes is blaming the crises on the 'banking system'. It is not the system. It is the people who benefit  from the system. Jamie Diamond, Lloyd Blankfein, Henry Paulson, etc. They used the banking system to loot the world's economy. It wasn't an accident. It was done by design. The solution is to arrest these bad actors, seize their assets and lock them up in Guantanamo or some other American gulag as economic terrorists until enough evidence can be garnered to execute them for crimes against humanity. After 4 or 5 hundred of them have gone to the guillotine you will see that there is no longer a problem with the banking system.

  26. Good enough vid but it is bloody silly giving Cameron a free ride by saying he is ignorant of how banking works… he is not. He is a liar, consciously sold out to the bankers. Probably groomed since Eton to be PM. I wish people would stop saying "politicians are stupid". Sure, many are, but really they are just hungry for power and attention, with no conscience. Evil psychopaths. They have no excuse for ignorance.

  27. In “How to balance inequality” on Youtube, A few calls to a friend in the White House about an inheritance cap to let people redistribute their wealth fairly, realigns man's mission here with his natural, higher purpose.
    How to balance inequality

  28. Now with – Greek,Spanish,Czech,French,Croatian,Hungarian,Portuguese,Indonesian, Lithuanian and Swedish subtitles.
     Please pass it on.

  29. In my opinion this is the most important documentary on the internet today. It is changing peoples lives to get involved in monetary change.

  30. the central bank still printing about a 100 billion each mo and has rates at 0 
    the fed the USA for 5 years now 

  31. Swedish translations are done by Positiva Pengar.
    Visit us at www.positivapengar.se and facebook.com/positivapengar.se

  32. Keep up the good work. You are one of the pillars in social media today. I wake my babies by rubbing their feet and kissing their bellies. They always wake up happy, safe, secure and refreshed. I hope we can wake up the masses in a similar way. The psyops have entranced an unsuspecting nation into a delusional state of dysfunction. As a devote pacifist, my hope is in a peaceful transition of power back to a self determinate state.

  33. And for anyone in the USA who wants to come to a Monetary Reform Conference there is one in Chicago October 2 – 5, 2014.  There will probably be a representative of Postive Money-UK there.  There has been the last couple of years when I went: http://www.monetary.org/2014-conference

  34. Well done on this vid, positive money. I learned a lot!  From the perspective of principles of liberty, I'm not sure democratizing money is the best solution, if I understood it correctly. Should we really resort to just trying something, anything, since the current system is in failure? Since when has MORE governmental oversight ever solved a problem in the long term? Actually, I'm in the USA, so I'm thinking through how to sort out our problems over here. Sounds like our problems are fairly similar!

  35. We don't need to beg anybody to give us our freedom/rights back. We are free, just have to realize it and act on it. The tools are in our hands:

    There are viable alternatives right now. Decentralized/peer-to-peer/worldwide distributed systems are the way to empower the people and bypass banks and all centralized financial institutions, the path to re-set the control from the few to the many, are the future for everything. The potential implications of the development of distributed consensus technologies is revolutionary. 

    We have now an open source peer to peer decentralized digital currency. It is very safe, since is cryptographically secured by a distributed global mathematical algorithm and public decentralized open source ledger, a revolutionary disruptive technology called 'Blockchain'. 

    This could be the future of money for everything, from donations, micropayments, money transfers, online shopping and bill payments, etc. 

    Empowering and welcoming to the game to billions of unbanked people. And the blockchain peer-to-peer open source decentralized secure technology will be used for many more applications, like escrow, contracts, voting, global ledger, etc.

    We shouldn't be like the ones that were dismissing the internet not long ago as a "den of pedophiles, drug dealers and terrorists". The blockchain is the biggest thing since the internet and will benefit also the billions of under and unbanked people. 

    Bill Gates: “Bitcoin Technology is Key” 

    WSJ article about FINCEN recognizing bitcoin:

    Bloomberg article about IRS legitimizing  bitcoin as property:

    PayPal now lets shops accept Bitcoin:

    BBC: "Microsoft to accept payments made in bitcoins" 


    Bitcoin goes mainstream:

    Bank Of England: Digital currencies and how do they work 

    World Bank Report: Bitcoin is a NOT a Ponzi Scheme

    Transfer money anywhere, safely, no fees, no middlemen, no charge-backs for merchants and no fraud. 

    These are just thousands of physical businesses accepting bitcoin: 


    With tens of thousands more online: 


    Some of the big companies and institutions accepting Bitcoin:

    PayPal, Microsoft, TIME Inc, DELL, VirginGalactic, CheapAir,TigerDirect, OverStock, Expedia, Newegg,Warner Brothers, Sacramento Kings,Uber, WordPress,Wikipedia, Mozilla, Khan Academy, EFF, United Way, Greenpeace, Wikimedia Foundation, Zynga, Dish Network, Suntimes, Gyft,Ronald McDonald House, Intuit, 1-800-Flowers, LordandTaylor, Shopify, Foodler, Digital River, Scan, OkCupid, PointTown, Overclockers, Takeaway, Wix, Cheaperthansteam, eGifter, Etsy, King’s College, OKCupid, Mint, Pizzaforcoins, Reddit, Square, Twitch.tv, Zappos, Menufy, DailyDealy, Dynamism, Grasscity, Save the Children, American Red Cross, Greenpeace, The Water Project, United Way, TradingView, Spar,CeX, F64 Studio, ESPN, Fiverr, Shipito, DriveWealth, Runbox, Archive.org, Golden Gate hotel and casino, porn industry, gambling industry, gaming industry,US political campaigns, etc.

    If you want to learn more:







    The 10 Best Videos to Watch to Learn About Bitcoin:


    "Not having an internet strategy in 1995 is the equivalent of not having a bitcoin strategy now.” 
    -Moe Levin

    “I’m a big fan of Bitcoin … Regulation of money supply needs to be depoliticized.”
    -Al Gore

    “Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”
    -Bill Gates

    “Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.”
    -Rick Falkvinge

    “With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless.”
    -Satoshi Nakamoto

    Bitcoin vs Wester Union: https://i.imgur.com/bjRILt4.png

    Historical graph: How much bitcoin a $1 dollar can buy? https://i.imgur.com/pR4ptme.jpg 

    Runaway Dollar Inflation Graph: (Source: the FED)  https://i.imgur.com/t8oBzH0.jpg

    How safe is bitcoin?


    Be an early adopter:


    The labels on the Adoption Curve[1] say that Innovators are the first 2.5%, and Early Adopters are the next 13.5%.
    There is no way bitcoin has reached 16% market penetration yet, so the people who say the early adopter phase is over are simply wrong. Assuming around 5 million consumer wallets represented 5 million users (they don't), and total internet users are 3 billion, we are optimistically at 1/6th of 1 percent penetration. More realistically it is 0.1%. Therefore we are still very early in the innovator phase.

  36. This is a very well crafted video which skews the reality, to enforce a certain train of thought. There are so many misnomers and points missed in this video. Id just be careful in what believe when it comes to issues like this. People like to seem different and through arguing against the regime its exactly what they think they are doing

  37. +amdg+ perhaps, it's better said that people who create the notes that are the foundation of the Loan are the ones who actually create the money, the bank facilitates the transaction, turning around and extending credit, which means expected deposits, but in reality, the people create the money, because they created the note and are pledging their sweat equity, which is translated into future deposits, right? +pax Christi!+

  38. The funny thing is that positive money doesn't believe in Bitcoin. So to know what is happening is not so difficult what is difficult is to find a solution.

  39. Money =human energy/time..
    The problem is when Corparations trade in and manipulate human work/energy/time. And Steal human/work/energy.
    And do it without any energy/time themselves(well a very small amount)..Thats why they are fat Bastards..And they are protected by civil Law…

  40. Money is like oil in an engine,it is a social lubricant .It is is a Talisman in the true sense of the word.
    Abuse is Black magick.

  41. People have to realise this is not a mistake,,Greedy mentally ill people are syphoning off all this human effort and doing nothing with it,the equivalent of putting it in a hole.
    Chief joeseph said when there is nothing left we cannot eat money.,or sitting bull,you know whAT I MEAN,
    Money does not disappear..It always go,s somewhere..

  42. I have explained in my blog, at this link


    the origins of raising inequality in the Western Countries, since the collapse of Bretton Woods system in 1971.
    The point I want to stress is that in order to understand the crisis we are experiencing, and our fears about our pensions, the immigrants, the lost of jobs, the increasising gap between the richest and the poorest, we need to understand some basic facts about

    1. how money is created
    2. what happens to the trade balance when you can print money and buy stuff from emerging countries, like China.

    I will try to explain, in each post following this one, the root causes of the stagnation of our salaries, the increase of our debt, the problems of getting the right education to cope with the new challenges in the labour market.
    And to give clues and hints on how to defend ourselves from these changes: when it is time to buy a house, how to invest, what changes in your mind attitude you need not to be biased by the media when you need to take important economic decisions.

  43. I do not think this video is 100% fair as it fails to mention, that private banks are not allowed to print money as they wish. They have to put up certain amount of real money in the central bank in order to issue electronic money.

  44. There are many people who agree this system indirectly, I'm talking about a very big sector of poor people who think it's necessary rich people making business (with them) in order to get a misserable wage to survive. These people indirectly believe in social clases, they support this idea, and they think the world should be like it is. Information doesn't make any effect in their minds, and I think this is the biggest problem, the "zombies".

  45. I'll sum this all up as basically and succinctly as I can.
    Historically all fiat currency systems end up debased by inflation and drop to their natural intrinsic value of zero. There has never been a situation where this hasn't happened. The average time that a fiat currency system lasts has been around 24 years.

    Ours, which is the mother of all fiat systems, when you factor in the fractional reserve banking money, has existed for 45 years – since Nixon took the US dollar off of the gold standard (temporarily) in 1971.

    An inflationary collapse is well overdue, and the banking power elite know this. For the last 30 years they have exponentially expanded the digital currency supply and doled it out only to certain connected elite groups who have steadily used this imaginary digital currency to buy up most of the worlds resources and assets, and more importunely, to buy up the political classes.

    They know this will end pretty soon, but by then they will have consolidated all their power over the rest of us.

    The pitchforks need to come out!

  46. I have listened to everybody complain about all the points worth wingeing about. What about making the banks pay back these bailouts with the profits they make the very next quarter ( amazing that they make money right away) MAKE THEM PAY IT BACK… We have to make good on our debts they as " a Person " should as well. Here is a shout out. pay it back pay it back pay it back pay it back

  47. Watch the trailer to our new documentary "The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uM2cdhfAGA

  48. This debt-money system uses leverage to create new money for banks to lend. Without having the additional money for lending, people would not have the financial power to buy expensive items. Borrowing requires that banks grow the amount of money they can lend in order to accommodate the growth of the population needing a larger supply of money.

    The key to managing this debt-money system is the management of the risk used in the banking system. This means that the leverage used by banks must be limited so that the banks do not fail as risk grows. The growth of the money supply advances ahead of the growth in asset value which creates the constant inflation that limits the value of money.
    All of these factors must be under control or risk will grow out of control and crash the system which was what happened in 2008-9.

    Limiting the ability of banks to add more leverage to their base of real assets is key to limiting risk. So, government must limit this leveraging of assets and oversee the risk in each bank and in the entire system of credit issuance. Government's role would be made easier if it required that each bank borrow the money used as leverage in its lending system. That would give the Treasury the ability to more easily monitor the risk-taking of each bank. Interest on leverage would provide an income to the Treasury as well and reduce the need for individual income tax that was actually created to pay for the Treasury's debt-paper that banks issue using the leverage that the money supply gives them.

    Interest on bank leverage would be better managed if it would auto-adjust based upon the amount of used leverage by each bank. This favors banks operating more efficiently and creates competition between banks.

    Without the fractional reserve lending system, the money supply would not grow to provide the growing population with the money needed to provide the purchasing power families use to compete in society. So, society actually benefits from this fractional reserve system. The problem is limiting the risk-taking that lets banks steal profits from depositors and investors and leads to taxpayer funded bailouts.

    Remember, as the population grows, so must the money supply and so must the lending capabilities of banks. Risk management gives us the safety we need to grow the money supply in every nation. Banks must be considered as risk-takers with the potential for using leverage to steal wealth from the people who provide the assets to the system.

    This risk taking and theft from investors is amplified when investment banks also use leveraging of assets of investors and when leveraged assets are leveraged further using the speculation with derivatives. Tax-payers must be protected from this risk-taking by properly regulated all of this risk creation and forcing those taking risk to fully pay for the losses they create.

    Critical comments appreciated.

  49. As banks create money for lending, they use leverage which is actually borrowing the nation's money at zero interest. Requiring that banks pay for this leverage provides the means to limit the volume of new money created with leverage and pays the nation for overseeing this risk-taking that actually devalues our money as the supply grows.
    Not requiring banks to pay for leverage is a mistake and lets banks steal our wealth.

  50. Creating a powerful agency to control money in the nation is not smart as major corruption is always possible in the minds of money handlers if such power is concentrated in hands of a few.
    The national Treasury is already the sovereign power we seek. The private money handlers – banks, financiers, insurers – should pay for the leverage they utilize and the leverage must be limited and risk overseen by agents of the Treasury. Spreading this oversight into local government agencies is less likely to allow a nationwide crisis. It should be done by means of local voter oversight.
    Requiring that money-handlers pay for their leverage use should be a fundamental part of risk management.

  51. When I was at school, I was taught in Commerce O level that banks used savings to lend. Obviously this is wrong but why are schools misleading us?

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  53. “Money is the center of the economy if you dont understand where it comes from, who creates it and when it gets created then how can you understand the entire economy”?

  54. People seem to struggle with the idea that something that so captures their energy and hardwork to earn~ Money…could be simply conjured up by typing in numbers by those in the position to do so. Read what Carroll Quigley has to say about the hiddeness of Banking and how this contributed to its evolution.

  55. The women in this video said that when banks lend money to the public they create new commercial bank money and when the loan is paid back the bank destroy the commercial bank money and keep the interest .
    But many banks sell the loan which is then put with other loans and then is put into a SPV in a limited company and can by loaned out 9 times over . This is why banks cannot produce the loan agreement once the loan has been paid and asked for by the borrower . So the commercial bank money is not destroyed once the loan is paid off .
    checkout Steve Mccrae expertinalllegalmatters.com

  56. complete stupid video it bemoans the central banks and government, the very criminals enslaving us and their answer is to go to our criminal government for help, unbelieveable. Nearly all these fake movements request more and bigger government control which involves more slavery. YOUR GOV IS THE PROBLEM why wud criminals help you

  57. So if some one take loan and put it in other bank as saving account interest so he will make money as interest and then give it back to loan to previouse bank is it possible😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  58. This could still be edited down by another half hour by getting rid of irrelevant clips. Who padded this out to more than two hours??? Old movies, home movies, news reel footage…!!! Stick to the subject; otherwise, you're wasting everyone's time!

  59. absolutely brilliant easy to follow, clarifying and full of valid information. this is really well done, cleared up a lot of things for me
    many thanks

  60. This PM cut is indicative of PM's retreat from advocating a public money system. Now it's just banking reform meaning capital controls. Very weak. Taking the Money Power away from the private for-profit banks and creating an accountable public system (its called democracy) is the most sensible demand in light of how irresponsible the banks have been with it. Then it is they who would counter with an offer of some "democratic" capital controls. PM is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  61. 7:40 bank of England is a private bank…on private land in the middle of London called "the city of London" has its own government/law and it separate to UK laws and cannot be held accountable to anything in the UK, that why the bankers never went to jail…they broke no law….of the there's.

  62. Its not my personal debt it belongs to the banks they created their own debt. I owe nothing to a bank. I don't even use banks I use cash.

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