Android Blood Bank Project

hi welcome to the demonstration of the
user side of the blood bank the front end is Android and the back end is SQL
Server this app is useful for blood donors to donate blood to needful people
it is also helpful for people of urgent blood requirements to search for blood
donors with the basic information like the apicture
address and the contact number it is also helpful for a blood bank as it also
shows the blood available in stock and he can submit a blood request let’s see
how it works so this is the login module of the blood bank let’s register a user
the registration module consists of all the basic registration details to be
filled by a donor let’s enter For this Project Details Or Customized Software Development Call/Watsapp +917777094786 the username should be unique as you
enter the username so it checks whether For this Project Details Or Customized Software Development Call/Watsapp +917777094786 blood now and you don’t want to be a
donor so we don’t check it now so let’s register let’s login so
basically we have three modules here search donor blood bank and my details
my details will consist of all the details so as you can see it will also
ask you whether you want to be a donor again so if you edit and then you can
like why is update let’s say we ro want to update now let’s see the search donor
module so you can search the donors by the blood group we selected a B+ so you
can see these are all the donors with the blood group a B+ so you can see all
the donors with the blood group a positive so let’s select one so you can
see the details of the donor like his photo is address and the contact number
and if you select on the contact number it will it will ask whether to complete
the action so you can just call him so let’s see
beep positive so it says no donors found for the blood group B positive let’s
move to the blood bank module here you For this Project Details Or Customized Software Development Call/Watsapp +917777094786 address so let’s see the admin module of
Android web Bank was it so we’ll enter the admin ID that’s admin a BMI n and
the password that segment again and we’ll say go again so the new buxom he
can get the word transaction left bank and you inquiry so in their transaction
we have different kinds of words at he is V and all those and we have gave them
a particular ID and on the right side you can see that it is the stock which
is the stock which is currently present in the blood bank and to change this
stock again just go to covert ID and enter the ID so that’s the one and the
name and address of needy person and the already on V state was it to ordered to
you and the quantity and the shipping did on which bit are you shipping it or
you providing it to it who is a friend gain such as thousand minutes in and I
say out and add say submit so the transition was successful and from K –
was seventy it came to 16 so this is the blood transaction module
next we here is your tank model so here we can see the blood banks VPS or the
stock present in the blood bank so you can just see that a – has
currently 16 models and rest of them have their respective stocks so next
year is very very medium where admin gets to move the name contact number
blood type and a particular person of the movie person
who has requested for the blood typing can just directly call to that person
and contact him and provide 30 teens of web Bangalore so this is how the system
works thank you

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  1. Which algorithm you used to retrieve all the information stored in database about the donor and the last blood donation date and the state from which he/she donates……I mean to say how the work flow in searching the blood donors actually works???? Please Can you help me?? We too are dealing with similar project…Please reply me fast..

  2. hey please share this project sourse code , i have get 2 item first mage upload ,import database , and it responsive desige

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