Hi guys xD Welcome to another video Today I’ll be talking about other ways to farm gold Prolly you guys already see my other video about ways to earn gold If you didn’t, I will post the link at the end And today will be other ways Not used as much but very useful to farm gold The first is: you can farm gold by furnishing items Some of those items you can buy with tokens or coins that you earn in specific maps As you can see: Teeth, earned in Elite Tindirin From bosses Planar fragment, earned in Planar Tombs (2nd tomb is easier and faster) Orc Tag, earned in Ren’Gol You can also farm some items with Hauntlet coin You earned on The Hauntlet annd.. you can also farm some items with Cryotar coins and Glinstone Coin All these items you can farm There are many items, you just need to have a house The cheapest house costs 25k in the NPC, but on the Auction it costs less! so you can farm all these items these two sell faster the divider this window You can farm these items and resell Furnishing items usually has the high price Especially at this time without an event so you can farm your gold this way too Another way of farm, it is through the jewels You can farm the jewels and resell them ( don’t forget to up the jewel ‘lvl’) First tip I give Is that you use some elixirs it help your drop For those who do not know these elixirs here these elixirs can help you to farm more jewels and the jewels you can farm to sell, are these one MIND, FINESS AND FURY Another jewel you can farm, and you will say ‘ really?’ yes!! It’s the NATURE Nature is expensive from a certain level, for example From superbab you can sell for a good amount (120k- 140k) and Noble you can get 400k So you can do one nice farm gold The maps you can farm MIND, FINESSE AND FURY From City Of kelys to… Tindirin Glintstone, Underhul and Grave all these you can farm FINESS, FURY and MIND But Tindirin ELITE it’s the best place to farm jewels any map from Tindirin Elite another tip that I have for you, if you do not know it’s use these recipes to craft jewels These recipes allow you to craft a fortified using 6 weaks You skip the standard craft and go straight to fortified, saving 3 weaks jewels That is, this will help your farm Soo guys, I hope you liked it! That’s my tips for today It was a quick and easy video To you who wants these tips about ways to farm gold If you enjoy it, gimme your like 😛 Subscriber in the channel If you wanna know another ways comment so I can see what you asking for ANND, CYA xD


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