ASMR Bank Robbery

Hey! Hi It’s me ASMR Miranda And I’m talking to you, with a brand new ASMR roleplay video First I want to say We just passed 20,000 subscribers! And that’s So great I’m so happy Thanks! So last week I asked all of you to write to me, to tell what kind of ASMR scenario you would want me to do this week. So I tallied up the votes And the winning result… “Drum roll” Was bank robbery So today, that’s what we are going to do We’re going to rob a bank Oh, that’s them! C’mon Let’s go outside oh it’s ok, C’mon Alright Head in the back Hi! Glad you could make it So, this is Nevada And this is Mr. Horse We don’t use our real names Alright The plan is really simple We’re going to enter in the lobby area Nevada and Mr.Horse are going to contain everyone, while we get the cash at the register If no one is stupid No one is going to get hurt Then, we’re going to decide an exit, where we rendezvous with the getaway driver You got all that? Good, it’s go time In a deafening whisper, “GET ON THE MOTHERF**CKING GROUND!!!” Woman: What’s happening, oh my god Don’t be a fucking hero Woman: Please don’t hurt me Shut up and put the money in the bag Please, please, I have a daughter I said shut up bitch and put the money in the bag Do you hear that? This bag is full of money Do you hear it? Do you hear that? That’s money Mooooneeeey Doesn’t that sound nice? Alright.. Oh shit Police outside: Get down on the ground… Hey bitch, you’re never taking me alive Sorry ’bout that Looks like things didn’t go to plan But I’m really thankful and I promise I’ll give some of this to your family, so you can have a proper burial Sorry about that It’s all in the game you know Also Be sure to like and subscribe and leave a comment on what video you want to see next week Byeee

100 thoughts on “ASMR Bank Robbery

  1. Ok

    I moved the video to its half just to see what happens

    And I almost died from the loud shooting

    I thought this is a real asmr video

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