9 thoughts on “Bank mistakenly puts $37 million in Texas woman’s account

  1. Some people don’t know when they have been blessed with 37 million dollars..The husband is stupid..for going to the bank..maybe that money was yours..of course the Bank is going to say it was a Clearical era..We have all been raised to fail in the name of honesty.. Take for instance the banks set your rates for borrowing and charges what they want to in Illigitimite fees for having a deposited bank account..A bank that can’t keep up with 37 million dollars..do you really want to put your hard earned money in that bank..Hell No..!!!

  2. Oh.. yes you keep saying the 37 million wasn’t her money.. it was diffinantly her money..it was deposited in her account..with her routing number..she should go to Court and get her money back..not be shy about it..do you honestly think the bank is going to give you a reward for taking your money back..maybe when Hell Freezes Over.

  3. Armand Welch..you are the many that have been brainwashed into thinking it’s a client’s money..it was Her Routing Number that was involved in the transaction..it was a transfer of funds into her account..which she should have held onto until the bank had proof that it was their money..if it was the banks money..they diffinantly do not need to be doing business losing depositors money..especially a large amount ..37 million dollars is a lot of money in any language.

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