Best GPU for mining cryptocurrency in (2018) Best GPU to mine Ethereum in (2018)!!

hello guys welcome back to bittruth
your host mark Luther to this video we are doing a video talking about the best
GPU for mining in 2018 the best GPU for mining or the best graphics card for
mining in 2018 okay we’re talking about cryptocurrency mining and of course
ethereum mining the best card for a ethereum mining so this card is actually
the msi RX 580 mk2 8GB okay this is the court now the guy who told
me about it is called D Tech he gave me a lot of information about the hard K
and he is on this cold or go on to his channel and subscribe and be one of his
subscribers of course he’s going to upload some content so we’re just going
to weigh down on that content D tech so please don’t let us feel bad anyways
talking about the cord now he bought it July 10th 2018 at 2:17 9.99 per core K
and I’m going to show you right now some nice hash stat so let’s get into it here
we are on his nice hash account or statistics if you want to call it and as
you can see the profitability right here is three point ninety seven dollars now
that’s false because that keeps changing and this is all false I mean he himself
told me that the month monthly is really low since off Bitcoin is really low and
we know that nicest statistics are not on point so we can consider that as well
anyways now here is the both chords it’s Z on the worker name I they’re not Z on
anyways and they’re on dagger Mishimoto 50 1.62 mega hashes per second they have
been running on the USA server and they are capable of fifty nine point nine but
we know it’s just statistics the extra the interactive history is not much to
look at I mean if we look just on that dagger hashimoto payment thing just let
me just remove all this stuff it makes a big chunk off the mining when it comes
to like the whole thing as you can see he has been lying on this one and there
was no problem okay he has been mining on this one so
now let’s go to what to Mayan let’s see what it’s
actually it’s ry so here on what to mine we are right now looking at the card
k25 ATS okay he got the mk2 armor the gigabytes and on each hatch they’re
making 60 point for at least what what term is telling us in 270 power on with
drawn watts and we’re having 12 cents per kilowatt-hour now here what I wanted
to speak about now there’s one mega hash difference I mean I tried to change the
mega hash but it would give me unreliable results so what I would
reconsider is that one mega hash is normal but when you have few mega hashes
we would reconsider okay let’s try dark mode yeah that’s
even worse let’s try light mode anyways yeah going back to our topic if we
calculate that okay depending on the USA we’re going to get at least like we’re
going to get one point seventy two dollars getting out of nice hash but he
is mining on nice he doesn’t like any other miners at least from where I know
from his own mining experience so he would be mining on nice hash one point
seventy two dollars if he wants to actually pay electricity if his free
electricity he’s ninety Force I mean he he will get that but after electricity
costs that’s ninety four cents during this bear market right now during
this calculation on the 4th of August 2018 we would reconsider that we are now
$400 K in aetherium and 6003 $936 in Bitcoin so if this goes higher if it
goes to up to like $800 if it doubles this will also double on the daily but
of course we cannot just predict stuff we need like real time things because
with mining you need to really keep up with your profitability or else you’re
going to get burned okay so I think those cars now we will calculate their
ROI so right now we’re going to use some math to our advantage so we’re going to
calculate how is the ROI off both these cards on this aetherium stuff so let’s
go to 17 and ninety-nine and times that by two he
got two cards okay at that price now it’s like two 99.99 so you may
reconsider it’s five five nine so we want to divide that by zero point nine
three and we’re going to get six hundred days or why that’s not bad reconsidering
okay like despite the fact we have like ten seventy Ti at eight hundred days
okay like really I think that’s a really good news when it comes to aetherium
okay since if it’s six hundred days that’s not bad in a bear market but what
if he’s like a college student or something like what if he’s for example
having free electricity let’s see about that I mean some people have free
electricity they’re just blessed okay at their current state of their life okay I
want to calculate on nice – because we’re calculating nice hash stuff so
that’s three hundred twenty-five days that’s even better since he’s not paying
any electricity but the guy’s paying electricity divide that by two if we go
on a bull market that’s one hundred sixty three that’s one hundred sixty two
days just are lying without paying any electricity that’s if we reconsider of
course let’s say okay that you want to buy them at 299 okay and you want to pay
electricity because at the end of the day I’m talking about you mister viewer
mister subscriber because at the end of the day you are the guy buying it it’s
not him he bought them he’s working on them I might buy them you might buy them
so we want to look on this and get five there it will not be that much bad but
we just need to get some exact information of course this can change
way up and way down real quickly 645 days if we add one sense that will
change anyways so reconsidering what would you
buy the ten seventy TI or the rx five eighty you know I will leave this to you
because the GPU the NVIDIA GPU is much better when it comes to mining because
it can mine different stuff okay not only is hash but if we want to look on
aetherium okay you can look on it from this side but you can look at it from
that side so to be what I will be buying is the rx 588 gigs
because I think with BIOS modding you can get really good results okay also
maintaining their temperature and all that stuff you know that mining stuff so
I’ll leave this up to you in the comments down below if you want to buy
it the RX 580 over the 1070 TI you can on here on the right you will have like
an eye button you can click on it and you can click if you vote if you want it
1070 TI on RX 580 okay to rx5 ATS are nearly at 1070 TI for vice versa 170 t
is to RX v 80s i will be really happy to hear what your ideas and what are your
viewpoints on this video so thank you guys for watching this video from bit
truth you get rose to my cooter and hopefully you enjoyed this video and in
this calculations if you want me to do more of these I’m going to make another
video about these cards okay how to overclock them on etherium so stay tuned
for that and see you guys on the next video

7 thoughts on “Best GPU for mining cryptocurrency in (2018) Best GPU to mine Ethereum in (2018)!!

  1. hope everyone enjoys this Video and thank you Bit truth for the shout out.. ill be working on my channel soon .. but may be a few months before i get going.. in process of moving…

  2. hello
    i have hp 280 G1 MT business
    what is the best carte graphique i can use for gaming
    180 W
    thank you

  3. Only option is free power and cheap 100€ r9 290 (27mh Eth, 750h/s cryptonightv7, 350sol ) Nvidia is waste of money.

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