Best Power Bank That Money Can Buy? – Mi Power Bank 3 Pro Review

This is the mi power bank 3 Pro. But is it the best power bank that money can buy? Let’s find out! So before getting to the video if you want to watch this video in
Hindi, you can do that from the top right corner in the info card. But getting that out of the way few months ago Xiaomi launched so many new products in their
lineup. Like a 20 volt wireless charger, their new wireless power bank and the
wireless car charger mount. And I made videos on all these products which you
can find in the top right corner in the info card as well. But today we have the
mi power bank 3 Pro which I have right here. So it’s a 20000 milliamp hour power bank and it has a lot of cool features to it. But before we talk more about this let’s
unbox this and see all the contents of the box And then we will talk about it. So here is the shipping package of the mi power bank 3. And as you can see it is not very interesting
to see, so let’s quickly unbox this. So here is the retail box of the mi power bank 3. And as you can see here is the
image of the mi power bank itself. And here is the mi logo. And below this we can see it says 20000 milliamp hour and USB C. And most of this would be in Chinese because
I have ordered this from Aliexpress. And you can also check out the links down below in description if you are interested in this. If you want to buy this product. And this also helps me grow my channel and
shows your support towards this channel. So… Thank you so much! But other than that
here we can see it says power bank 3. And 20000 milliamp hour. It says 45W, 74Wh and USB-C. Now moving further. There is nothing else on the sides. But on the back of the box we can see some specification about this power bank. That is mi power bank 3 20000 milliamp hour PLM07ZM which is the model number of this power bank. It says USB-C, USB-A/USB C port. I’m guessing so it says one input of USB-C, 2Xoutput of USB-A and USB-C. Output of 74Wh a 3 .7 volts that is twenty thousand milliamp hour. So in actually if you use it at 5 volts this is not actually 20000 milliamp hour. And in most of the cases when you buy any power bank this is how they calculate the mah. So in.. if you are using this at 5 volts then it’s actually
less than 20000 milliamp hour. That was just a quick information for
you guys. But as we move further it says 12600 milli amp hour at 5 volts at 5.4 amperes. See this is what I was talking about. Now below this it says input 5 volt~3 amperes, 9 volt~3 amperes, 12 volt at 3 amperes, 15 volt at 3 amperes and 20 volt at 2.25A. Now it also says the input of this power
bank which is 45 watt maximum. Which means you can use your macbook
charger to charge this power bank. And this also means that this
power bank can charge very quickly as compared to other 20000
milliamp hour power banks. But as you move further we can see output of this
power bank which is USB-A port, one USB-A port outputs 5 volt at 2.40 amperes,
9 volt at 2 amperes, 12 volt at 1.5 amperes. and the other outputs 5
volt at 3 amperes. Now the USB-C port on this power bank
work as an input and output as well. So the USB C port can output 5 volt at 3
amperes, 9 volt at 3 amperes, 12 volt at 3 amperes, 15 volt at 3 amperes and 20 volt at 2 amperes. And that’s pretty much it for
the readings of the specification. A very long specification I would say. But on the top we can see
the security code. You can scratch this and check if this is genuine product. I’ll do that later because I’m really excited to check this power bank out. So let’s quickly unbox this. So it’s funny we got a box in a box. Again we are trolled. But let’s take out the mi power bank 3 out of the box. And that’s why you guys have clicked on this video. So first up we have instructions. Obviously. Most of this is in Chinese and there is nothing much we can
understand. So….. we don’t need this I guess. But other than that we get the star of the show. The mi power bank 3 itself. It’s also called the mi power bank 3 Pro in some places. By the way the first impression is it’s very solid and heavy. And…. feels very premium it’s very soft touch finish
on all around the power bank. We have a mi logo on the front. And we have this button on the
side just like the mi power bank 2. So let’s have some joy by
peeling this sticker off. So the top and the bottom part of this power bank is
glossy which I don’t like by any means. But this is all what we get. We have two USB type-A ports on the top and one type-C input and output port on the top. And we also have four LED indicator to show the battery percentage with this touch of a button. And…. and we still have some juice in this power bank. But below this we can see some
specification about this power bank. I don’t think so you guys can see it clearly
but it says the 20000 milliamp hour on the bottom, again the specification the output of this power bank. So we will test that out later in
this video. So other than that we get this tiny type-c
cable to charge this mi power bank. And to charge the device with the type C port on it. So that’s pretty good they have included
this type-c cable in the box also. But for now that was the unboxing of the mi power bank 3. So let’s test this out in
the real world and see how it performs. So this is the mi power bank 3 Pro which is the successor to the mi power bank 2 and it is called mi power bank 2i in
India. But what’s the new upgrade in this power bank. So first of all you will notice that this power bank gone bigger in size and weight than the power bank two. The power bank is big enough if you have small hands then you will have some difficulty
when making grip onto this power bank. But one thing I would say has improved from the previous generation power bank is the material choices. The new power bank 3 comes in two colors one is the white and second one is this
charcoal black which I have right here. But you only get this color option in
the 10,000 milliamp hour version but for the 20,000 milliamp hour version you can
only get this in black color. But unlike the power bank 2 which was only
available in white color for the 20,000 milliamp hour, this one is very less prone to get dirty. Other than that the material on this is
pretty fantastic. Although it’s all plastic but the finish is so premium
that you will feel that when you hold this power bank in your hand it feels a
very premium top-of-the-line product. And actually you are it says “PRO” in the name! But as far as the design aspect goes we have this
matte finish all around the power bank. But on the top and bottom we have this
glossy finish which I don’t like by any means. Now we have all the ports placement on the top which includes two USB-A output ports and one USB type-c input and output port. I will tell all the good things and technical
specification in a minute but along that we also have four LED indicator which
represents the battery percentage. And just like the power bank – we have this
button on the side to view the battery percentage. But this time it’s much more
tactile and pretty easier to use. So overall the power bank 3 is well put
together I mean in terms of build quality and durability. Although it’s all plastic but whenever you grab the power bank it feels like it’s going nowhere in
few years if you don’t drop it. But if it does then you will probably crack this thing open. But if you took good care of this power bank it won’t stop working. Now coming down to the features and technical specification we have a lot of things going on here and I’m really excited to share it with you guys. So first of all is the output of this power
bank. We have a total of three outputs in
this power bank. There are two USB ports which can output maximum of 18 watts
when you are using one port. But if you’re using both ports simultaneously
then it will output 15 watts of maximum wattage. Now if you don’t understand
wattage then just keep this in mind. Higher the voltage higher the charging
speed would be. But the charging speed also depends upon the maximum wattage
that your phone can intake. Like my galaxy S9 plus can take up
to 15 watts through the USB type-c port. So that’s its maximum wattage
and it can’t take beyond that. So to calculate wattage, you have to just
multiply the ampere with the volts. Like if you have a charger that outputs five volt at two amperes then its capacity is 10 watts. So that was for the USB type-A ports and now
when we come to the other side of the story which is the USB type-c port
that’s when things start to get exciting. But now what is so exciting about this
type C port is that it has a whopping 45 watt input and output. This is the requirement for Apple’s dongle book or you can call it MacBook with USB type-c
port. So this means you can use this power bank to charge a laptop. Yes you can charge a laptop with this power bank on the go. This means if you’re traveling
and you’re running low on battery on your laptop then you can just take this
thing out and connect it to your laptop. And get an extra emergency juice to get
your work going. Or you can also charge your smart phone that can take advantage of higher wattage like the supervooc. And charge your smartphone or devices faster. Now as I’ve said that this power bank can also input take up to 45 watts which means the charging time on this power bank is relatively low. Now as I’ve said that this power bank can also take up to 45 watts of input which means that this power bank can charge relatively fast than the other 20,000 milliamp hour
power banks. But now you’re getting the point why this power bank is bigger
thicker and heavier than the power bank 2 because of that 45 volts output and
input. Now this power bank also have inherited
feature from the previous generation which means the power bank can charge itself while it’s charging other
devices. That means if you connect this power bank to the power supply. You can also connect your devices to this
power bank to the USB-A ports. And at the end of the night all the three
devices will be charged full. Other than those cool
features we have other standard features like temperature resistance,
short-circuit protection, input voltage protection, etc. that comes with Xiaomi’s power bank. So those were all the details of this power bank and now let’s talk about the battery backup and actual performance of this power bank. So as the name suggests the mi power bank 3 Pro. You can expect this power bank to work
like a real pro power bank. So the power bank has 20,000 milliamp hour battery. So it is enough to charge all of your devices and all the battery backup you need on the go. So if your phone supports other fast charging technologies like
supervooc which can take insanely amount of 50 watts of input. Then you can take the advantage of 45 watt USB type-C output and charger devices way
faster. So as I mentioned earlier the type C port can also take up to 45 watts
of input. So you can charge this power bank under four and a half hours if you
are using a 45 watt charger. Which is still lightning-fast when compared to
other power banks at a similar capacity But if you don’t have access to a 45 watt charger then you can also use your 18W charger and charge this
power bank in under six and a half hours like the power bank 2. So now let’s talk about the actual cost of this product and how you can get this product even if
it’s not available in India or in other countries. So a quick disclaimer before
the price reveal the price can fluctuate depending upon the
availability. So the figures will be approximate. So first up check out the links
down below in description. And also keep an
eye on the links in the description. As I will update these links with Amazon
links whenever this power bank is launched on Amazon. So for the price this power bank is priced at $28 or 2,000 rupees in China. But now you might be
saying that we don’t live in China. But don’t worry you can still get this power
bank three in your country by paying some extra fees. So just go to the Aliexpress link down below in description and order it from there. You will need a credit card or international card for the payment and
then they will ship it to you. But keep in mind that this price of 28
dollars or 2000 rupees is only for China. So on Aliexpress you will get
this for $50 or 3500 rupees including shipping. And when it will reach your country
you have to pay some custom duty depending upon the country you live in. So for the custom fees I had to pay
7 dollars or 500 rupees for custom duty. So the total cost for me was
58 dollars or 4000 rupees. This was the actual landing price
I got this Powerbank at. And you can also get this from the links down below as
well. So the total cost is $50 or 4000 rupees if you want to get this
power bank very early, before then anyone else. But for the price this power bank is little on the expensive side at least for now if you have to
order from the Aliexpress. But when this will be launched in India or
globally later this year I think it might cost around 35 dollars or
2000 rupees. So you can check out the links down below in description. So again I will update all the links with Amazon link with US, UK, and India and Canada whenever this Powerbank is launched globally. But if you want to save some money then you should definitely wait for its launch
later this year. But if you can’t wait and want to use that whopping 45 watt input and output then you know how to pull the trigger. But otherwise I think it’s a great power bank. I’m using this power bank from the last week and I’m
totally loving it. And I totally recommend this product. But along with this power bank Xiaomi also launched some new products like a 20 watt wireless
charger, a wireless power bank, a wireless car charger mount which i have videos on the
channel and you know where to find them. But that’s pretty much it for the video
guys. Hope you guys enjoy this and if you did just click the like button below. Share this video with your friends and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t
yet. And i’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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