Best Power Bank – Xiaomi Mi Power bank 2i Review

I would say this is the best power bank
you can get as of now. This is the Mi power bank 2i. So before getting to this
video if you want to watch this video in Hindi. You can check it out from the top
right corner in the info card. Hey what’s going on guys its Shivam here. We all need power banks be it for a smartphone, speaker or anything because the stock
battery is not always enough. And we don’t always have access to a power outlet. So we need some sort of portable battery backup. So this is where power
banks comes into play. Power banks can give you enough juice to get you going So I think it’s an essential for your everyday use. Now there are a lot of
options for the power bank and they come in all shapes and sizes so generally
they don’t have enough specs. Some doesn’t even offer the fast charging and
some are low on mAh. But I found the mi power bank 2i
which is a two port USB power bank. And this is 20000 milliamp hour which also supports quick
charge 3.0. And that’s not enough we will talk more about this in a minute. But before that we will unbox this and see all the contents of the box and then we will talk about it. Here is the packet from Amazon. And this is not very
interesting so let’s quickly unbox this. So here is the retail packaging of the
mi power bank 2i. This is 20000 milliamp hour. And this is 3.6 Ampere fast charging. You can also get this in 10,000 milliamp hour. And this is the white color but if you want to get ten thousand milliamp hour then you can also get it from the links down below in description. And that would be only available
in black and red colour only. So moving further we can see that
here is the mi logo. Innovation for everyone. And here are some key features
of this power bank that is 2-way quick charge, intelligent power output and below the box we can see that this is made in India Which is a great direction that mi
is heading toward. And now let’s just move further and we can see that it says mi power bank 2i 20000 milliamp hour. And here you can scratch
it for security code. Now as we move further to the back of the box we can
also see some more information about this power bank that is 20000
milliamp hour power bank 2i. We have the input of 5 volt 2 amperes, 9 volt 2 amperes. And the input is also micro USB . Output port is USB A And the cell capacity is 20,000 milliamp hour with 3 point 7 volt @ 74 Wh which is a great specification for a power bank like this. And down this we can also see some more specs of this device. That is 2 x 5.1 volt 2.4 ampere output, 9 volt at 2 amperes and 12 volt at 1.5 ampere and max of 18 Watts. So again I’m saying this is the best specification that you can get right now
for a power bank like this. This is the 2i, the second version of the power bank
from Xiaomi. And they recently launched their new power bank 3. Which is a better specification than this. And as soon as I get my hands
on as I try to put a video on that. But below this it also says contents of the box that is
power bank one unit, USB cable and user manuals. So for the MRP we can also see
it says 2,000 rupees. And you can also get this for 1900 from the links down below description so you make sure to check that out. So now let’s just don’t taste any time
and quickly open this up. I think I’m going to pop this
thing. This is actually funny if you get a box in a box. But anyways let’s just
open it up and see what do we have here So first up we are greeted with
instructions obviously. So here you can see how you can scratch it and see the
security code check it’s a genuine product. And we have some specification
some precautions some warnings. And we have some instructions on how to read
this LED indicator as a battery percentage. And that’s pretty much it for
the user manual. And we don’t need this I guess now. So next up we have the mi
power bank 2i itself. Let’s just remove this plastic sheet quickly and see. So here is the power bank itself. Feels pretty heavy by the way. And we have a mi logo
on the front. We have these two USB ports on the top for output and one micro-USB port for charging this device. We also have this four LED indicator and we have this button right here on the right side to see how much
battery is left. And that’s pretty much for the Powerbank itself. Now let’s put
this aside and see what else do we have in the box. Nothing else in the box. So we get this tiny micro USB cable to charge this. And you can also use this micro USB
cable to charge the smartphone which has a micro-USB port on it. And that’s pretty much it for the unboxing part that’s all what we get inside the box. And now let’s move to the review of the mi powerbank 2i. And see how it performs in the real
world. So now in this review let’s talk about the design first. So first up this comes in two sizes. One is 10,000 milliamp hour and second is
20,000 milliamp hour. Now you can get this in red and black for the 10,000
milliamp hour. But you can only get this in white for the 20,000 milliamp hour. Which is not a good thing because I wanted this in black colour because the
white one always get dirty fast. But overall the materials feels very soft in
the hand and we also have these dots on the front which provides a very good grip when you’re holding this. Now we also have this little and my logo on the
front. But the whole thing is plastic so you have to be careful and not let this thing drop. Because if it does then you will probably crack this thing open. Now as this is 20,000 milliamp hour, you can expect this thing to be much more
bulky and heavy in weight. But if you want a little lighter version of this then you can always check out the 10,000 milliamp hour from the
links down below in description. So now moving on to the all the inputs and outputs. We have all the inputs and outputs on the top which includes two USB airports for output and
one micro USB port for input. We also get this for LED indicators which represents
battery percentage. This button can also work to turn on the power bank if it
doesn’t start automatically. But this only happens sometime when I was trying
to use it fit my camera. Now moving on to the specs, as mentioned earlier this is
20000 milliamp hour or 74 Wh at 3.7 volts. So it lasts quite a long time. Also you can charge this with an input of 5 volt at 2
amperes. And after the complete charge it can output, from the two USB A ports,
with 5 volt at 2.44 amperes, 9 volt at 2 amperes and 12
at 1.5 amperes. And for the wattage side it can output 18 Watt
which is crazy. Now coming down to the performance it can charge your devices multiple times. For my testing, I was able to charge my Galaxy S9 Plus which has 3500 milliamp hour battery. Which charged the device three times. And as the galaxy s9 plus supports fast charging. It charged my galaxy s 9 plus
in under 1.5 hours. Now this is 20,000 milliamp hour, I don’t know how
many times I’ve mentioned this. But if you want to charge this power bank, Xiaomi says it will take you 12 hours. But if you are using some fast charger and also in my testing I was able to
charge this power bank under 8-9 hours. So now let’s talk about the last thing
in this review which is the price. So for the 10,000 milliamp hour version you have to pay a 900
rupees. And for the 20,000 milliamp hour you have to pay 1500 rupees. Which you can check out from the links down below description as I have posted the Amazon
link down below in description. So you can check it out
from there. And that’s pretty much it for the video hope you guys enjoy this and
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8 thoughts on “Best Power Bank – Xiaomi Mi Power bank 2i Review

  1. Mi 20000mAh powebank(my opinion):

    I have this power bank and l want to say that this is a damn good power bank. You can charge 4-5 smartphones depending on the battery mAh of your phone.
    Micro-usb cable is flat and more attractive than other cables.It takes 5-6 hour to full charge.
    I ❤️ this

  2. 20000mh is great and all but don't offer wireless charging like Samsung power bank offers and it is also fast charging wirelessly now the Samsung device is a bit pricey but is well worth it it is a lot thinner it only takes three hours to charge and it charges wirelessly but to each is own I thought watching this video would make me regret getting the Samsung Device but it didn't as a matter of fact I am glad I got the Samsung Power Bank

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