Bitcoin 2020 reality! Chainalysis is not as scary as it once appeared, weak hands, exits, Q&A!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister hang a hear me welcome to the one bitcoin
show yeah today is November the 24th 2019 at least it still is back in the
USA I’m in Adelaide Australia it’s gonna rain pretty soon apparently strong hand
oh yeah today’s one of those days you better have a strong hand if you
look for you Fiat freaks out there bitcoin is the next Bitcoin effort of
course in motion yeah I’m in motion baby five-digit realm well baby if you’re in
like 2020 if you’re in 2021 if you’re in that mindset of course you’re in the
five-digit realm you’re not into Bitcoin because you’re thinking 4-digit realm
you got into this thing cuz you’re thinking five-digit realm you’re
thinking you’re thinking beyond that baby
so what other sayings I do I have personal responsibility is the new
counterculture so yeah if you happen to lose your Bitcoin during this turbulent
period what’s your own fault it’s your own fault if your hands get weak alright
so let’s let’s jump right in this show again we’re gonna have a lot of time for
questions and answers today so feel free to ask me questions you can check out my
links below and get shirts like that right um what else follow me on Twitter
at Tech ball oh yeah I’m walking around I’m walking around with the laptop here
let me see if anybody we’re gonna get into the new day in a second all right
I’m scared friends so much fun oh there’s nothing to be scared of so yeah
we’ve lived through this before I it’s kind of funny I have not been checking
the prices at all basically I’ve been preparing to leave I’ll be on
plane in about 24 hours by the way check out this week in Bitcoin show with Zack
ball he tells you how to get a job in the space check out yesterday’s beyond
Bitcoin show it was also outside it got cut off part two will be tomorrow on
Monday when I’m on on the plane it’s it’s it was it’s a fun time when we go
beyond Bitcoin uh and so yeah a lot of people are tuning in here today just
because they want to see how’s Adam gonna strengthen my hand today is Adam
gonna still have a big smile on his face like he does every show because he’s
always happy yeah you got it baby I am loving life it’s a fortune I got to
leave Adelaide and go back to the cold United States of freaking america but uh
yeah I got to do that it’s Thanksgiving some of your saying Black Friday who
will the price still be uh well people so being a black down mood about the
Fiat price I don’t know yeah I don’t care I’ll be with my family I will be
checking the price too bunch of Friday is that this week a Bitcoin show though
will it be a buying opportunity for Bitcoin well I will tell you this on
Friday you are better off buying Bitcoin then
you are buying some big-screen TV pound that freaking like button all right so
so someone said it was pounded again guys in the in the chat please ask ask
some questions or something because we’re gonna run out of time here there’s
not there’s just not that much to talk about today because I mean most of the
stuff you see on the inner it’s just it’s just drama and you got to avoid the
drama rocky Palumbo’s in the house he says my favorite Adam Meister saying is
Val your wealth in Bitcoin yeah it’s one of my favorite Adam Meister sayings too
is the value I mean this is you still have to say about Bitcoin that you did
two days ago right people maybe you have more Bitcoin I want to okay no I was
gonna remind someone okay so five digit round 22 I am living the rich how can I
be so happy all the time how could I be so happy all the time well in terms of
Bitcoin it’s because I’m a long-term thinker and I’m not impulsive I defer
gratification I didn’t get into this uh to sell to do flipping to pay the
unites to to to do shirk short term capital gains and ridiculous things like
that no I got into this in 2013 I’m like oh it’s $600 this I mean I could buy a
house with this one day so when I see the Fiat Price yo dropping two thousand
dollars in a few days I did I mean I just have a big laugh because I’ve got
that three-digit round perspective baby so this is my advice have the
three-digit round perspective but also live don’t get caught up in the present
day the present situation you got into this for the long-term
you got into this there is a 20/20 having live in 2020 live in 2021 on days
like this that’s that’s my advice or just I mean don’t don’t be a Fiat freak
and go outside and enjoy life like I am here do you guys like this scenery you
think North Adelaide is nice yeah I’m all nice and shaving because I got a
obviously going to jet plane in oh is he starring the main oh it’s raining
luckily I brought my umbrella don’t want to do to be messed up and we don’t want
the laptop to be messed up either but I’m I’m under an awning so it’s gonna
it’ll remain dark and here for the rest of the show unless I can get a little
bit better lights which I really can okay so one two three those comes to
2032 mindset six-digit realm you know what dude that’s really a hustle I mean
I don’t like to you know I I don’t like to say beyond the five-digit realm but
you’re so such a long-term thinkers I mean that’s a that’s great inspiration
for all the people that have weak hands today and landlord are there all these
weak handed people out there today coming up with all sorts of excuses okay
now you gotta get in you got it you got a value your wealth in Bitcoin
definitely value your wealth in Bitcoin I think some people understand why I
said that so um let’s uh let’s let me let me get to the rest of the show what
do we got here play this a two xpeke well you never know what you’re
getting at an outside show okay again the turbulence in the present means
nothing if you have future long-term thinking okay all right
pound that like button let’s read this tweet by space X manikin I like that
name space X manikin he’s actually quoting someone else here you never
appreciate the need to exit until you’ve had your exit blocked and I think a lot
of us in the Western world whether we be in Australia or in Baltimore Maryland
where I will be soon have to think about that we don’t
appreciate Bitcoin for what it could take all your wealth out of a country if
your country says hey dude we’re going authoritarian on you you all your wealth
is ours now if you try to leave this country well then you feel what it’s
like to have your exit blocked okay that that’s probably a really bad feeling I
thank God that I have never felt that before what it’s like to have the exits
plot to be on 8:00 to say hey you’ve got a bank account now in our country if you
try to leave here you can’t take it with you I mean that’s like Angola I mean
people who live in Angola you can’t take your wealth at Angola or you’re coding I
don’t know if they change it recently hello Portuguese speaking friends in
Angola but the people of Angola have a much different perspective on Bitcoin
than the people in Amsterdam okay and the people in Atlanta they know
what it’s like to have the exits blocked and you can have your exits blocked
financially physically it’s a today there’s so many there’s so many
different ways you want to be if you have your wealth in Bitcoin though
you’re prepared you’re already prepared if the exits all of a sudden get blocked
but most people don’t learn the lessons of preparing for the exits to be blocked
until they’ve actually experienced it so you don’t want to experience
I’m just telling you right now prepare or her if you value your often big coin
hey your art you’re already set just in case that happens I’m speaking to people
all over the world and yeah I am NOT a jhummer because I don’t expect that to
ever happen in United States of America to you know like something that happened
in in Egypt when my a woman who was married to a relative of mine as she was
Jewish and they said you got to get out of here now and you can only take the
stuff that’s on your back but what you can take out on your back with you now
you’re welcome Bitcoin now you’re welcome
anyway we got distractions here today okay okay so let’s talk about MIT you
want to hear about Shane analysis though you don’t want to hear about my
relatives why 8 wives how they got out of Egypt okay and after the Israel Egypt
war what was it the Suez war of 1956 all right show Shane analysis the guys at
channel-set now who likes chain analysis the chain analysis guys are though they
run a company that says they can look at the blockchain the Bitcoin watching the
light go and rifling whatever and they they sell a service – I guess
governments to corporations trying to track people hey we can use these block
chains to tell you how what what these individuals are doing with their
finances okay we can track people with the blockchain and its really disturbing
stuff and it’s really scared people over the years it’s really made people want
to vomit when they think about that business that’s a legitimate business
model that it’s it’s a freaking Informer and it’s Anna former’s model and it’s
not cool to be an informer I mean this is where the big boys play and you can
start your informant type of business you could be an informer they looked at
in that incident the dime all right ah that was something that I you know in
in my day which I think just passed die I would have valued my well off than
that thing anyway the value our wealth in Bitcoin not not in blond-haired
Australian so but so we got this informant company and
they just saw laid off 39 employees on Thursday citing the need for a path to
profitability that is all I mean it shows that at least in 2019 and thanks
to chase in 2020 and I know some of you are living in 2020 2021 but for now a
company like chain analysis isn’t bringing in enough revenue so they’ve
gotta fire people so there are not a lot of governments and institutions
approaching a chain analysis saying hey we want to spy we need you to be an
informant we want informants on these people we want to spoil them we want to
do who knows what to them know that they didn’t get enough of that so they had to
fire a lot of people now perhaps they are getting some business but even they
miscalculated calculated they had to recalibrate they thought they were gonna
get more people wanting to spy on people so it’s good also what’s this mean for
all the privacy coin people to say we need privacy coins right now you got to
be able to do everything secretive but they’re all these chain analysis
companies out there well maybe maybe right now doesn’t look like they’re
there too many clients of these chain analysis companies okay so pound that
like button that chain analysis is not as popular as some people were scared
about and hey let’s be realistic pay a lot of money for companies like
chain analysis to spy on people that’s just that that’s the progression of
things but for now hey good job I want to remind everybody ins I’ll be in San
Francisco March 27th to 28th I link to it below midpoint 2020 conference calm
and I hope to see Frank cast and Dini in San Francisco okay moving on let me see
if there’s anybody any other questions in the chat if people remember oh you
ask questions in the chat I keep them for oh wow
got a cultist we got a cultist in the chat that’s pretty interesting Wow that
cult this guy he is she’s print he’s putting a lot in there
okay uh once you three knows who said when do you think the Netscape moment
will occur in BTC well great question I don’t the things you’ve got to take into
account it’s at the next state moment hasn’t happened yet and thus if you
freak it out about Bitcoin price drops in terms of Fiat you’re not doing the
right thing we haven’t even had on that skate moment yet it might it might not
happen till 2021 may might not have it till 2022 that the Netscape moment was
when the internet became like so accessible for everyone before that it
was news groups it was gopher it was all this ridiculous stuff
Netscape you just couldn’t cook on a couple things you’re on the Internet and
that got a lot of people in the Internet big Bitcoin really has to have that yet
I mean I just read a tweet of people complaining we need it easy wallet we
need it easy what my grandma can use well we don’t have that that would be a
Netscape moment Netscape a grandmother could basically use Netscape to get onto
the Internet compare a grandmother could not use newsgroups and gopher and you
know whatever colleges were providing back in before there was Netscape all
right look you see all these people it’s funny I see in the chat you guys get
distracted troubles just come to troll you can’t get that you got to keep
things positive you just ignore them and that’s what’s going on in Twitter right
now so many people get down because of the the trolls that come out when the
when the Fiat price and people are going to Fiat price drops and all these people
just get into a really bad mood and it’s uh you gotta ignore the drama you just
you just gotta ignore the drum koltes are gonna be cold this dude this is
where the big boys play let them enjoy their cult I mean you know there’s all
sorts of cults out there I mean sigh it ends really bad with the kool-aid
drinking sometimes whatever okay so yeah Jim Jones fans are in it so yeah if
people who aren’t who are watching this live there’s a family Jim Jones in the
house and if you’re not watching this light please play this at 2x so you Hey
and if you are watching us live ask some more questions dude because we’re
running out of time chunka thanks ed exactly man so many
things not worth paying attention to it’s exactly and that’s what that’s what
weakens people’s hands they start worrying about every little – should I
pay attention to this the the gold guy is saying that that bitcoin is on the
way down and that shatters China again we I have lived through this so many
times the China but the gold for this fund your mom’s bud the wood oven pizza
500 yeah I guess you guys can see that no I’ve never been to one evening I
haven’t eaten a pizza since 2010 pound that like button for health okay moving
on I mean I was gonna bring up the finance – I’m not bringing up the
finance drama daddy’s a distraction right there people
are gold they said finance Scott might have got
raided and now the leader of finance is angry and he’s gonna create a fund to
sue people oh we’re drop yeah Bitcoin doesn’t care about that it really
doesn’t care about the people that people are saying oh hey judge it
dropped because of all the rumors about finance know finance is a big exchange
they don’t control Bitcoin maybe there were some weak hands that jumped out
there I don’t know who knows who knows hey I want to do I wouldn’t say so I’ll
tell you some things not to pay attention to let me tell you something
to pay attention to do I have there’s a guy the having show he’s at in Norway he
when he got a kick out of a show a few days ago when I was outside near a bus
stop and he made a one-minute bitcoinmeister tribute to that show and
it’s a cartoon version of me it is so hilarious of me screaming random things
about the bus stop it’s linked to below it’s one minute
I had actually added it to disrupt meister con so you can see to my
archives but take a minute it’s linked to below they’ve got to give this key is
in motion to having show his name alone is awesome it reminds everyone about
2020 that you can’t get freaked out by these uh twenty nineteen years twenty
fifteen years imagine all the people that got to it they got freaked out by
2015 price drops which are the same as 2019 price drops and never got back in
the Bitcoin woe is me they’re saying woe is me I guess responsibly as a new
counterculture they should they’re no they they should but they should
understand that so anyway check out his video below and thank you for that
tribute dude it’s really uh it’s funny stuff and we talked about the San
Francisco event in March yeah that’s far off but why not talk about San Francisco
California dreamin on such tough what’s a beautiful day here I heard in a vacuum
in the United States is not there’s gonna be snow and it’s just gonna miss
Chicago thank God is I gotta fly through Chicago and a reminder to everyone
Thanksgiving and the price volatility it could get more volatile because a lot of
Americans just aren’t gonna be trading the next few days they already got in
the lazy mode they’re already taking off and so the whole world has to deal with
it’s Thanksgiving United States you guys have to know that it is Thanksgiving
United States and there just won’t be as many people in social media on the
internet because the Americans it’s such a golden age they don’t have to work
people are taking the whole week off finances that you can the whole week off
alright so remember guys Twitter is I mean hit coin is still divorce insurance
it’s still the best savings account ever devised by man it’s the most secure form
of wealth storage on the planet and I don’t care about what the Fiat ruse you
still have as much big point as you did before and remember the biggest supply
shock in the history of financial markets that’s the 2020 big point having
that’s common so yeah it’s 2019 you Fiat freaks are freaking out you
think 2020 having biggest supply shock in the history of the history of
financial markets and that’s it that’s all I had written down for this
show tomorrow’s show is going to be part two of beyond Bitcoin check it out it’ll
be around this same same time I’ll be on a plane maybe I’ll be uh maybe I
hopefully be able to tweet out a lot I want to say thank you to Adelaide
Australia it has been a blast I do not want to leave Australia Australia you
rock as a country you rock you rock you rock I will return in 2020 if all goes
well and let’s just I just want to check out in the know there’s nothing nobody
else had any questions once you treat uh Oh a second there were more yeah one two
three noscope well and we’ll end with you you’ll have the last word in
Australia do you try to get people to buy Bitcoin when you talk to them about
it or do you find that people are less interesting now that the price is going
down well when I talk to people about it I don’t give him like a hard sale I’m
not a Bitcoin salesman I just tell him what I’d done and I tell him about my
experience the Bitcoin and I just like I just tell him watch my video here’s look
it up I don’t say you better buy it or you’re gonna be doomed if you don’t buy
it I know and I don’t try to scare people so I mean I’m not I don’t try to
say I don’t try to sell it I’m not a Bitcoin so I just I talk about it to
newbies if they have questions I’m like follow me on Twitter at Tech vault-tec
HB alt but but some people are scared definitely when you when you encounter
newbies and I talk to a random person on the street they would this some people
would say like if they heard of it like which it’s too volatile and I try to
explain to people that you know get into a 3-digit realm mindset like think about
how just back in 2017 still it was in the 3-digit realm so if you’re concerned
that it’s gonna go to zero for concern about volatility just look how much it
has gone up and that there were people just like you then who said they were
worried about volatility they were worried it was gonna go to zero etc etc
and that and now look how much she’s changed for the better
all right dudes that is it i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember justice right let’s let’s get one less let’s get some it’s
not I think it stopped drizzling all right
no it’s drizzling still rats alright guys that’s it
pound the like button bang the bell button click on all their squares follow
me on Twitter at Tech ball retweet all this stuff retweet this show this was a
lot of fun guys see you back in the United States and you’ll get beyond
Bitcoin part 2 tomorrow good night

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