Bitcoin Jackpot – Win 1 Million USD on CryptoCurrency Lottery

A’aight dood, if you also wanna win a million bucks like that lady from the next town over who won the lottery 2 weeks ago I got you a Criptocurrency Jackpot you can enter for 1’000,000 USD It’s called Bitcoin Jackpot, and for a $20 ticket, you can get prizes from 1,000 – 25,000 – 100,000 and the Grand Prize, which is more money than you’ll spend in your Retro Game Collection Besides, with each ticket bought, you support the funding of organizations developing crypto related tech Simply click on the link below on the video description, click on “Buy Tickets”, Choose how many you want add ’em to the cart, pay in Bitcoin / ETH / Altcoins, and on check out input name and email. That’s it So use the cash you earned with the Everyday Bitcoin app, and multiply your $$$ There’s gonna be a raffle at 500 tickets sold, prize: 1 litecoin, currently worth more that 200 bucks Take advantage. The chances of winning here are way higher than a State Lottery and government won’t take half of it ‘cuz taxes and such, since… crypto coins Now you can become the Sugar Daddy of a gold digger; what’s the problem if she only wants your money?

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