Bitcoin Maximalist Tone Vays to take on Steemit tonight and some Ethereum classic thoughts

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today we’re a little early because I jog very early in the morning and I want you
all to watch the tone vase video and I’m about to talk about which will come on
at eight o’clock tonight I believe I’ll give a link child is going to be
interviewed about steaming again and Bitcoin I assume tonight at 8pm I
believe again i will link to that below and provide information in the notes
section and now town phase is becoming very well known as the Bitcoin
maximalist and I think somebody you think that is not a good thing someone
you think it’s hilarious and some of the people who are really you know don’t
like him because of steam and some of his opinions on other all coins want him
to be painted at this Bitcoin maximalists evil Bitcoin maximus but
guess what guys if Tony phase ends up as the biggest and
best-known Bitcoin maximalist out there I mean this is great for his career this
is just I mean this is totally also i mean high-net-worth individuals let’s
face it they own Bitcoin they want advice will be we will pay people to help them with
Bitcoin and there’s a lot of money in that and total if tone is mr. Bitcoin
he’s going to get a lot of business consulting and stuff so hey this is great for tone i’m really
happy for tone it he’s mr. Bitcoin maximalist I respect him good luck with
the debate tonight the interview whatever it is he actually stands for
something and I think that is something that some people in cryptocurrency world
have forgotten that you you gotta stand for something here and any a lot of
people actually haven’t forgotten adam and i think the people who support here
in classic stand for something and they know the importance of taking a stand
just like Tom days until the base is gonna be a reco around for awhile and so
is appearing plastic very good segue into an article I’ve read about our of
an opinion piece about appearing plastic then i’m going to link to that you
should all read a really smart guy running i’ll leave you I’m going to give
a quote those who have chosen etc’ have chosen abstract rules over arbitrary
interventions they’ve said that developers will be the designers not
rulers this is a choice that I respect furthermore if BTC succeeds the initial
investors in it today will become disproportionately influential over it
as it grows there for the intelligence which characterized is in section will
continue to influence the evolution in the future I would then have to consider
it the strongest Bitcoin competitor yet hey no i’m not calling it a Bitcoin
competitor but I thought that was great coat for the sake of Bitcoin really need
to see how these for Shane crypto experiment turns out right i think it’s
going to be really interesting i haven’t I have a new very silver cord actually
it’s all but i thought was interesting my lower bound price for ctc is the
market cap litecoin 175 million dollars given HTC
has more one utility to dads three holders and for differentiation hey judge that statement anyway you want
to it’s very interesting so everyone has nervous to get there in classic prices
have gone down below two dollars i believe and obviously this is caused
because of the uncertainty with this white hat hacker or the deep the dell
guy removing his money or a combination or some duck Beach going on there’s a
certain level of uncertainty that needs to be removed from the system i mean i-i just gave a description of a
bunch of uncertainty I can’t even describe correctly so there needs to be
some sort of at least a partial resolution to the addictive del issue
there are a lot of questions swirling over it and then that’s not good for
price so as long as the dow is causing this ET SI volatility for now we’re going to
have this uncertainty maybe it will go away who knows so expect some price
drops some panic from people who don’t fully understand what’s going on in here
just like I open with this white hat has dado is I have a corner desk article
that i will link to about the dow hacker maybe getting away with it . classic you
should also check out gasps tracker dot IO i’ll link to it you can check how
much ET c you have there and that’s something if you want to spread the word
about the Syrian classic if you were the people who is uh you know taking a
chance and speculating on it I just you know when your favorite
videos the content providers or creators and you watch and they they always add
that lists the BTC address a big . address will say hey you should listen
with your plastic address just getting a few classic out in the mainstream that
way it helps a little marketing you can do i’m in some past videos of mine when
I was like integer for state about steaming room that when it first came out I mean you
got it was pretty cool getting that money and everything like that I said
the steaming model was a threat to read and i have to say that and that it is
that there is a threat to read if someone can perfect like the getting
paid for content model but at this point steam it is no threat to ready if all
steam it is people talking about how great steam it is and that’s what it’s
becoming and that’s not sustainable that’s an infomercial for Steven so
maybe the yours network will figure out the how to compensate the content
creator model that I just alluded to maybe not maybe Steve will get their act
together and stop being an infomercial which they’re slowly not slowly but
they’re becoming information but hey still poster stuff on steam it and if
you want to be part of the infomercial all you do is just post something good
about steaming and trust me you’ll get some votes and some money and be part of
the infomercial team um i want to mention civic civic is not
this is this is something I’ve in ealing hands I should have mentioned awhile it
was always talking about video going ham civic basically is going to protect you
from identity theft is free i have signed up for it to the Civic calm if
you’re concerned about identity theft it’s a whole new model of protecting you
against identity that I just thought I’d mention that I’m not in pain dimension
dimension that but I thought civic com is really cool i’m adam meister I’m just
trying to help you guys at I’ll talk to you later

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  1. Thanks for the Shout Out, hope you are right. At the moment I'm the idiot that is not making any money while other are making thousands (from me) by selling their steem.

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