Bitcoin Milestone: 100,000 Merchants and Organizations Now Accept Bitcoin

hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal here on Saturday August 24th just doing another update about the cryptocurrency space in general and here’s an incredible interesting important milestone for not only Bitcoin but just for the cryptocurrency space in general and as we always say on all of our videos we like to celebrate the the forward-thinking the benchmarks the milestones of any project Bitcoin aetherium XRP you know whatever it is we like to celebrate it here because that we really think that it helps the space in general so as you can see this is from the daily hoo-hoo is a great wealth of information about the cryptocurrency space it says Bitcoin milestone 100,000 merchants and organizations now accept Bitcoin says greyscale just think about that 100 thousand merchants this is probably unheard of a few years ago now with you know slow adoption but it’s being adopted in use cases are out there merchants are accepting it so the digital asset management giant greyscale says the number of companies and nonprofits accepting Bitcoin around the world just crossed 100,000 now the company released the figure as part of its multi-million dollar drop gold campaign the firm challenges gold components to name one store you can walk into and pay using the precious metal that’s interesting to challenge it which then over seas and shows you the difference between obviously gold in general is just a store of value and I know that people are trying to say that bitcoin is a store of value as well but it has this potential added use case of a hundred thousand merchants accepting it so it’s interesting they put that challenge out there now grayscale which has 2.6 billion dollars in assets under management also released an infographic touting Bitcoin as the emerging future of finance and we’ll go over that infographic but I wanted to kind of highlight the 2.6 billion in assets under management now obviously they they might not have all Bitcoin they probably have other digital assets as well hello to management but just think in the next bull run that happens in the future and I’m not predicting one it’s a specific time or anything but at some point in the future there will be a bull run can you imagine that 2.6 billion if they add no more clients we’ll just we’ll sky rock it’ll just be amazing it if hypothetically Bitcoin was like 50 grand they could have 10 or 13 billion in assets pretty quickly so you can see how the numbers will be driven in the next bull run and those numbers will start hitting MSNBC CNBC money and those will be the headlines and they’ll just have more fun on the fear of missing out more people it’ll just have this multiplier effect so anyway bitcoin is still at its infancy bitcoin is driving global growth in new ways while also preserving the store value qualities that provide inflation protection and make it investable bitcoin is only a tiny fraction of the size of the market that stands to disrupt which real which reach well into the trillions of dollars now here’s their infographic that this article was referring from so you can see is from greyscale and the title of is Bitcoin the future of Finance so let’s go through this this infographic a little bit it says Bitcoin is an open and fair financial system for everyone anyone with a connected device that the internet can access Bitcoin bringing us closer to Universal Financial Inclusion what makes Bitcoin different from other money it can be accessed and sent at low cost in an email and without the need for middleman quickly and as seamlessly as sending a text message from any world anywhere to anyone in the world securely transparently and free of censorship you can kind of see in those four qualities that the like the geopolitical things that they are hitting on without actually saying them about free of censorship from anywhere to anyone in the world it’s just you know it’s kind of interesting what they’re what they’re trying to get out there so why bitcoin well that’s easy they say bitcoin is still in its infancy which is true it’s only about ten years old bitcoin is driving global growth in new ways while also preserving the store value qualities that provide inflation protection make it investable it’s still early bitcoin is only a tiny fraction of the size of the market it stands to disrupt which reached well into the trillions of dollars Bitcoin can serve as a digital gold mobile payment platform and the currency for hyper-inflated countries all in one which is interesting because that’s happening around the world now in some countries with just crazy hyper-inflated money so moving along funds are flowing and an estimated sixty eight trillion dollars in generational wealth is changing hands over the next 25 years well sixty eight trillion incredible Millennials the Gen X Gen Xers studies show much young people are much more likely to invest in Bitcoin that’s true so as the boomers give their money to Millennials and Gen Xers through estate planning you’re right the younger generation they’re there they’ve grown up on their phones so they’re more likely to invest in Bitcoin I get it diversifying is winning Bitcoin offers exposure to unique market opportunities that other asset classes cannot capture 1.5 12.125 percent allocation one to five percent allocation into this asset class can become an important part of your investment portfolio so there to show you how that diversify not put 100 percent their money in so you know long term maybe it’ll help out at your overall portfolio so it’s up to the individual to actually figure out what they want to do with their portfolio but can you imagine if if all the people united states of all these investments or hedge funds etc put one to five percent of their monies into digital assets like Bitcoin or theorem or XRP would be amazing of how much money will flow into the system and that says the network is growing there are 7.1 million active Bitcoin users with almost 32 million Bitcoin wallets set up globally 7.1 more than 100,000 merchants which is the title of this article and organizations worldwide now take payment Bitcoin with new adopters every day drop gold gold digital from grayscale so that’s cool so we just thought that was an important highlight Bitcoin milestone 100 thousand merchants organizations now accepting Bitcoin adoption continues in the space folks so again we’d love to highlight all the forward momentum in the space and anytime we do a Bitcoin update we always like to put our video about the original Satoshi nakamoto’s white paper in the comment section or the description of this video so if you want to reflect back on that because it’s always interesting to reflect back on what was the genesis of Bitcoin and then essentially ten years later how far we’ve come and then you kind of look back at the original white paper and say wow you can really see what this person was trying to accomplish Satoshi Nakamoto being a man or woman who knows so thank you again for tuning in this is the cryptocurrency portal here on Saturday August 24th thank you so much for joining us and please subscribe to our Channel thank you [Music]

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