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the first piece of news is from the major league baseball so MLB you guys
know the US are big fans of baseball if you’re outside the US you probably don’t
watch it too much mean being Brazilian even though I moved here I don’t watch
it much either but they are set to debut crypto collectibles on aetherium and I
thought this is going this is going to be the beginning in my opinion of
something that a lot of where we’re gonna see a lot more of because we saw
crypto kitties you guys remember crypto kitties that
thing blew up and people love collectibles especially when it comes to
sports where I can expect us to see baseball basketball you know football
football American football all of those sports I believe we will see maybe even
boxing golf tennis I believe there’s going to be collectibles for those
because there is a market for you guys know people buy jerseys people buy a ton
of stuff and this is just another opportunity so it says right here that
and the Major League Baseball confirm late last week that it will they
establish a new partnership with startup lucid site that will see both firms work
to debut a DAP game on a theory of the game tentatively titled MLB crypto
baseball will see players collect store and trade blockchain based
baseball avatars similar to how one might play crypto kitties or other
blockchain base games I think this is gonna get a lot more people who are into
collectibles it may be looking into the blockchain looking into cryptocurrency
as a potential new way of of having more collectibles I think this is going to be
interesting to see how it plays now it’s not gonna be anything major it’s not
gonna be anything that changes the world I just think it’s gonna be something
pretty cool to see when it comes out especially since the Major League
Baseball is so big especially since they have such a huge audience that them
doing this would give cryptocurrency more credibility and would put more
people to look at cryptocurrency overall I think it can only be a good
thing moving on though this is big big news and this is why the market has been
going up you guys if you you guys probably check the market today and it
is in the green and there’s good reason for that
well Blackrock the world’s biggest ETF company is exploring crypto currencies
which may skyrocket the price so we’ve been saying it for a long time we’re
looking at a few things so Bitcoin ETF hopefully we’re going to get some news
on that in mid-august or sometime in August but also we’re looking at big
money to come into the market and that will be done when there are more
regulations more set out structures of how things are going to work I think
that’s going to draw big money in and if you guys are wondering what type of big
money I’m talking about and if you guys don’t think it’s gonna happen I go I
don’t know whether to believe this this company works with over six point three
trillion dollars in assets they have six point three trillion dollars in assets
under their management and that is a huge amount remember where the
cryptocurrency market cap is right now think of only a fraction of that six
point three trillion dollars being put into cryptocurrency that already would
cause the price to move now nothing is set in stone right now what they have
done is they have built a team and they are now going to look into
cryptocurrency because people want to make money and
cryptocurrency provides that opportunity there are cycles sometimes it’s bullish
sometimes it is bearish as we are seeing right now we’ve experienced that cycle
the last few months but overall there is money to be made in cryptocurrency there
is a lot of money to be made in cryptocurrency and I don’t think these
big firms buy I don’t think Wall Street I don’t think these guys are just gonna
bow out and not try to take their share and I’m sure they will make money with
it but these guys I think that this is positive news this is why the markets
been going up this is really cool to see so reports have surfaced that Blackrock
the American Global Investment Management Corporation which has over
six point three trillion dollars in assets under management emphasizing that
again has set up a functioning group to examine cryptocurrency it is said that
the group has been a concern has been constituted from various sections of the
business to look into cryptocurrencies and their fundamental infrastructure
blockchain so maybe they’re trying to incorporate it in their business that
will do maybe they’re trying to corporate blockchain in their business
as well to make things run smooth that we’ve seen a lot of companies do that
and it work out successfully but I think since they are in since they are in the
business of managing assets I believe they are also looking at a way to make
money and to have great returns from it but they have actually talked about
cryptocurrency in the blockchain love last year and it was mixed feelings so
obviously when there was the huge price increase
they said that cryptocurrency show many characteristics of a bubble right now
turns out that was correct as we see it was in a bubble in the end of last year
so as much I don’t think they bashed it as much some people might take this as
then saying saying negative things about cryptocurrency I like the fact that they
said I would say that cryptocurrency show many characteristics so it’s not
like they’re condemning it to something they’re more speaking generally of what
it looks like to them what the characteristics aren’t in it Bitcoin
Josh just shows you how much demand for money money laundering there is in the
world this part I didn’t agree with because you guys know there’s a lot more
money laundering being a lot more money laundering is using US dollars in other
field than they are using Bitcoin so that to me is a small excuse for not
getting in to crypto currencies but this did get
Twitter and the crypto community excited of course guys something with six point
three trillion dollars in assets and that’s just one man that’s just one
company right imagine imagine Walshy imagine all the other companies like
that that could be coming into cryptocurrency I probably are looking
into cryptocurrencies right now as well that’s what we mean by big money and
that’s why people are people think that cryptocurrency is still very very
undervalued that’s why I’m holding my cryptocurrency because I believe we will
get to those trillions of dollars in market cap and that’s when we are going
to see some very nice returns but you guys see Twitter lots of people tweeting
about this on Twitter big news and overall why the market is up and as you
can tell when I say the market is up 267 billion dollars in market cap forty two
point five percent big point dominance lots of stuff in the grain today very
few in the red we CV chain in the red still on that decline didn’t see the run
of that every other cryptocurrency basically a seed tether doesn’t really
count but if we take a look the 24-hour chain let’s see who’s moved up the most
so 10 X 48 almost 49 percent other than that
can the who the first a second drop-off pretty big kid at 18 percent we see MCO
at sixteen point seven seven percent power ledger at 13 point zero eight
percent wax at twelve point we see a lot of big movers and like I’m scrolling
down look at that a lot a lot of green if we go all the way to the bottom we’re
going to see some red how many one two three four five not count each other
five crypto currencies in the red six if you want to count ten there but I
wouldn’t really do it and you see small chains a small percent here small
percent here cou coin shares continuing to fall at three point two to four
percent down V chain down might be a good opportunity to pick up some V chain
but I didn’t want to talk about Tron ripple and stellar really quick so trunk
why do I want to talk about charlo time Tron is always in the news and honestly
they were number one in top 10 mentions on Twitter which is probably why they’re
always in the news they’re doing their marketing correct they’re making sure
they always stay relevant some people love that some people hate that it’s a
smart move though it’s what every company does is what every personal
brand does think about your favorite youtuber if you guys watch YouTube not
cryptocurrency you too if you watch any there YouTube then same thing everyone’s
always trying to stay relevant and that how do they do that they you know it’s
get talked about they stay in the news that stuff has to continue happening and
Tron is doing just that and turns out Charles actually is actually being
accepted by a taxi driver in Spain which is really cool to see so we see a
Spanish taxi driver who is bullish on Tron accepting Tron again just spreading
the word of cryptocurrency seeing cryptocurrency used more in the real
world always makes me happy to see so very happy to see that nothing major but
still in my opinion it’s a positive sign in adoption it’s it could never hurt to
me that’s only a positive sign now ripple actually did a Q&A and they
talked a little bit more about X rapid XRP and ripple net and you guys remember
Western Union actually came out and said that this wasn’t it wasn’t it didn’t
work for them as well as they would have liked you got I don’t know the exact
quote they gave but that was it and they actually address that saying that
there’s such a massive company that they’ve been around for longer than most
payment companies out there really for Western Union to take advantage of X
rapid they would have to move all their volume over to something like X wrapping
because they’re already because they already have fixed costs and optimized
liquidity flow so right now they’re reorienting we’ve reoriented our
customer support on up starts payment providers of that I think our sweet spot
and that’s what we are looking to bring into production as soon as possible so
they hope to launch X rapid sometime this year but there’s still no release
date yet but if you guys are invest in ripple I do recommend or if you’re
thinking of investing in ripple I do recommend going out and checking out the
Q&A they did we’re not gonna go over that too much because I would take up
too much time in this video but I did want to mention for you guys to go check
it out if you are interested and lastly talking about Stella Castel has been in
the news a ton honestly it got lasted on COO coin it got put on
COO coins most promising tokens it had a recent partnership it’s now going it’s
trying to compete with ripple or ripples trying to do stellar has been in the
news a lot and you guys can see the price has actually grown a decent amount
from that as well especially because even the coin based thing how can I
forget the coin baseball possible listing as well so if you guys wanna
know a little bit about about stellar so 2014 it’s been around for quite some
time or it’s been on top for quite some time
which again to me that indicates it’s a safer investment if you’re looking at
investing it’s not as risky as investing in say ranked 200-point stellar is
currently ranked number seven and it’s been around for a long time I believe it
will stay in the top ten especially if it keeps having the progress that we are
seeing it have right now so the 2014 sell has established as a byproduct of
ripple because Jed McCaleb I believe that’s how you pronounce it maybe not
the co-founder had a different philosophy with the rest of the row over
the rest of ripples board now the function for it is that it gives more
secure cryptocurrency it’s the partner organizations that serve as anchors
anchors are trusted entities and provide lines of credit for individuals to use
the stellar that lets you to use a stellar network using assets like dollar
and euros so overall stellar is self is a fast cryptocurrency with low fees a
built in decentralized exchange and the capacity to issue tokens and host I SEOs
may make a stellar the most successful cryptocurrency of 2018 it is going to
happen may be obviously we were in the bear market we are waiting for that bull
market to come that’s what’s really gonna indicate which cryptocurrency is
going to be the biggest mover in 2018 chances are it’s going to be a small
cryptocurrency that’s usually how we see the biggest growth usually comes from a
small cryptocurrency that shoots its way up into the top 100 but from the more
known cryptocurrency steller definitely stands a pretty good chance of growing
the most in 2018 obviously there’s a lot of good competitors in that top 20 top
30 bracket but Stellar’s making great moves hopefully they continue to do that
in the future as long as it’s positive for cryptocurrency
I am happy I don’t personally have a lot of stellar maybe I’ll invest into it
maybe not I don’t honestly have a lot of it but like I said if it’s good for the
cryptocurrency a community if it’s good for the cryptocurrency world then it’s
good for me but guys hopefully it did enjoy this video if you did don’t forget
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