Bradesco: Banking on the future of Brazil with IBM Z

Brazil is a diverse country, in terms of area, it’s almost the same area of the US. Bradesco is trusted bank for the Brazilian
citizens. We were the first company to buy a computer
in Brazil, the first company to launch credit card in
Brazil, the first company to start operation using
ATMs. And the first company to have online branches
to allow us exchanging money between branches We have 72 million clients. The amount of transactions per month,
it’s 1.5 billion business transactions per month, And we carry roughly 25% of the GDP of our country. We started using IBM computers in 1961. And year by year, we are doing upgrades in
our infrastructure. And now with a Z15 in our data center,
delivering these kind of services with availability, with resilience,
and with agility. IBM Z is helping us to be agile
and to be resilient, and also to be secure.

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