BREAKING! Putin: Zelensky Seems Like a Nice Person, He Wants To Change Situation For The Better

Jacob Grapengiesser, company East Capital I would like to ask about Ukraine. What is your opinion about Zelensky and is it possible to solve complex situation in Donbas? A simple question. The first question can be answered very simply. What is my relationship with Zelensky? None! I have never seen him. I do not know him. We talked on the phone. It seems to me that he is a nice and sincere person. In my opinion, he really wants to change the situation for the better, including in Donbas. How much he is able to do this, I do not know yet. Although certain positive steps have nevertheless been taken. I have in mind the separation of forces in two populated places, Although, the military reported to me yesterday that shelling from the Ukrainian side continues. However, I count that that will not be returning to buffer zones because we already listened from some politicians that these buffers zones left by the armies should be controlled by Ukrainian National Guard and police, Yes, of course, there should be law and order on these territories, but we know very well that most of the people in the Ukrainian National Guard are from so-called nationalistic battalions. And if they go back, nothing good will come out of it since they will be a reciprocal response from rebels of Donetsk and Lugansk People Republics. I hope this will not happen and even if something happens it should be only with the mutual agreement. And sides in a conflict are Kiev’s government and representatives of Donbas, in this case, DPR and LPR. Concerning the possibilities of the development of our interstate relations, this will be up to the Ukrainian side. We see that issues are constantly being raised there that we consider unacceptable and counterproductive from the point of view of a settlement in Donbas. For example, we can hear more and more proposals that the Minsk agreements should be revised. Second, the law on the special status of Donbas adopted by the Rada, the parliament, should be replaced by some other, which President Zelensky, whom you just mentioned, said about this: “I guess you can do it, but I really don’t know how to do it” How should we evaluate such statements? It is incomprehensible to me, I think that it is not clear to you either. This is not clear to President Zelensky himself. There may be a new law, and what it should be, he still doesn’t know. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the previous law was agreed by Donbas. Laws that are not agreed with LPR and DPR will not work. They will only lead the situation to a standstill.

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  1. Ukraina change the law imidiatly ! There is no solution to sell Ukraina out ! Better you go into konkurs ( unable to pay ) so you can begin new in a few years !

  2. Well, when the old USSR collapsed the US and Britain agreed to defend Ukraine against ANY and ALL Russian aggression if they divested themselves of their well over 100 Nuclear warheads. AS USUAL, THEY LIED. The only fair thing to do now is ensure that a MAD program is created: By giving Ukraine 50 or so vehicular mounted nuclear warhead ICBMs. This is ONLY thing that will deter Putin's goon squads from eventually destroying Ukraine.

  3. ~Putin is always so informative and insightful, especially when discussing complicated issues…, an absolutely masterful statesman.❤🇷🇺

  4. Ukranian president Zelensky acknowledges the level of corruption within Ukrainian politics.!! Showing positive interest to solve this complex situation by President Putin may well help bring the other side of interest into negotiation once again.!! Zelensky is new to politics doesn't mean he can not pave the way towards peace and prosperity in that Region.!! Innocent civilians Lives have been lost.!! Repair of Pain is the Gain is required both sides needed..!!

  5. Putin you should stop talking and looking good while doing it and start getting back most of fake so called ukraine back to Russia not only Crimea because its Russian land not yours!

  6. So what if Zelinski doesn't know his job as president yet…D. Trump didn't know either and he did great…I'm saying Zelinski will need to LEARN what to do as time goes on…if he doesn't do this, I think the people of Ukraine will replace him
    And by the way MAGA 2020 from the USA as well

  7. Yeah sure, that's what trump said along with his russian mob and look where it landed him, right into impeachment involving corruption with the Russians help.
    Putin who got trump elected are both imposters who will tell you what you want to hear.

    Putin's life as a KGB agent just turned overnight into a Christian savior? Cmon!

  8. In 2006, as Russia was preparing to host the G-8 summit in St. Petersburg, its parliament passed a law legalizing extrajudicial killings of accused "extremists" abroad.

    "It was an extraordinary moment," "Even as Western leaders were sitting around the table with Putin in St. Petersburg, at that very moment, laws were being passed … that enabled enemies of the Russian state to be murdered by Russian state agents on foreign soil with absolute impunity."

  9. People must realize the world is changing and it's not just Russia but also the United States look what's happening in America right now it's a different era. And this young generation have been denied collected in this is why you see this separation in the country now. ask for Russia at this country have gone through so much for decades. so blessed be Russia and their president. to come this far and to pick there country up

  10. I’m an American and I can say, I’ve admired Mr Putin’s ability to convey himself clearly on any issue and to be very knowledgeable on many world issues that exist. I’ve always seen Mr Putin in a calm demeanor and has the ability to speak positively without the use of poor negative words. He clearly puts much emphasis in coming up with a solution with the good intention of caring for Russia and its people.

  11. We both know how important Ukraine is, the Made Den El vested..but to entertain Russia and the Ukraine is far more desirable then the stupids of this country, overplayed machines, unaware, dumbed fown, acts of vanity, I hate…Now tigers remembered? How do we encourage a leader such as Mr. Zelensky, El from? Marshall of Greece Rome Europe Colonists then Eliam No Creational Cycle of Sheba heba No, going with Enuma Elish…Eliam may have been deposited into Ukraine as to simulate a form of continuance when the time and space continium not funded for it, Eliam found elsewhere. So are we dealing with a El deposited in Made Ukraine that is no longer revelevent? Need to proceed with caution and respect, bolivia,…I value leaders such as Mr. Zelensky…Lets be carefull and do what we can. Russian trained, schematically astute, Ive learnt so much…Have a nice day!

  12. Tweeted
    President @VlafimirPutin24 has made it clear that he does not want a standstill with Ukraine.

    Note, these impeachment hearings in Wahington, DC make no sense. For instance, they blame Trump for asking the President of Ukraine to investigate US citizens. So why didn't Washington, DC do anything when Trump asked the PM of Canada to arrest Xi JinPing? In fact, it angers me to know how absolutely sloppy they are doing their jobs which they are paid handsomely handsomely for!

  13. Sir Putin understands politics better than any so-called "leaders" in the world! A man of true class, Ameen❣💗💗💗🕊🕊🕊💌💌💌

  14. Ukrains be clever and make a deal with Putin,,Romania,Poland..they are your neighbours let americans..they have their owns problems

  15. Zelensky doesn't have the backbone, the stature, the brains, to be the president of the Ukraine. Furthermore, he is very supportive of the neo-Nazi political parties and militias.

  16. Zelensky is British empire 2.0 installed puppet
    working against all parties in the region
    Than you are going to ask why is Europe a battlefield ?

  17. Zelensky is a jewish globalist western masonic pawn. Just like gorachev was. You cant let jews run Slavic countries. They are not interested in bettering them only incorporating them into their own plans.

  18. I reckon if ALL the Leaders of the countries that are still lucky enough to be free from the evil of the globalists new communism ALL do their best to help Zelensky…..then Zelenskys job will be much easier and Ukraine will be set free too.
    Wouldnt that be wonderful…coz for Ukraine to be free the oligharcs and wannabes who do all the corruption must be eliminated…and wont that be a marvelous day for humanity…
    Darkness to Light.
    Good WILL conquer evil in Jesus mighty name. Amen.
    God bless you.

  19. JIT has evidence that Russia is responsible for shoting down of the flight MH17 and death of 298 innocent civilians. Putin is the greatest terrorist of the world.👎🇷🇺

  20. wow, the arctic is about to bloom with a massive release of methane, and that will eventually catch an ignition, everything north of 43 degrees North latitude will die, Putin will be lost in the flames, or the fallout. At least his pockets will full of money he has stolen from the honorable people of the country he has misguided into believing he is some kind of hero.

  21. Putin is nice and great he is world number one leader and one of the greatest leader of all time . He is the man that will save the world may God guide and protect him amen

  22. Very surprise, He is selling off large chunks of Ukraine. More so he is borrowing more money so that IMF can take more Ukrainians land when they couldn't able to payback their debts.

  23. Putin was sadden that when the fall of Soviet,Mother Russia, it broke into many pieces. It became more worst when Boris Yeltsin took over. I hope Ukrainians wakes up like their Crimeans did, rejoining Russia back and became as strong as last time. The West and Europe won't care to help, they have motive.

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