BREAKING! Trump Offers Erdogan $100 Bln Deal in Exchange for S-400 Resolution to US’ Satisfaction

And news from the USA Donald Trump is trying to bribe Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to abandon the Russian S-400 systems. This is reported by the Washington Post, citing unnamed senior officials of the administration. According to their sources, Trump sent Erdogan a letter last week in which he proposed to Turkey trade agreements for one hundred billion dollars, and also promised to remove Ankara from American sanctions if it abandons the Russian S-400, or at least gives guarantees, that will not use these missile systems.

100 thoughts on “BREAKING! Trump Offers Erdogan $100 Bln Deal in Exchange for S-400 Resolution to US’ Satisfaction

  1. They seem to forget they tried to assassinate Erdogan then black mailed the country threatened sanctions refused to sell their worthless B35 KamaKhazi refused to return funds ready paid on the deal. Assisted Kurd Terrorists enabling attacks on Civilians and Military in Turkey. Jewmerica can't be trusted hopefully Erdogan won't t fall for the Bait and Switch routine.


  3. The US doesn't give a shit about Turkey. Turkey was never allowed to join the EU, as promised. Turkey wasn't allowed to buy Patriot missiles. The US didn't listen to Turkey about leaving Syria.

    If Turkey takes the money, the US will again flip on Turkey and treat it like a slave, not a partner.

  4. Shitty US planes or the only air defences that can shoot them down as well as any other American plane, which will turkey pick🤔

  5. I wouldn't trust this orange wig orangutan… Ask Evo Morales of Bolivia or Erdogan himself couple years ago when the US try to topple him…🇺🇸💩🇺🇸

  6. No deal. Erdogan knows he will lose economic deals with Russia (pipelines, powerplants and rest in construction) and that doors to Euroasian union will slam right in his face. sure, he's cunning but he should be intelligent enough to understand that this would mean shooting himself in the foot.
    PLUS if he back from it now, he will appear a cheap, bribe-able weakling in eyes of his citizens, and not as a neo-ottoman statesman he likes to portray himself.

  7. s300, s400 is not a big problem ok, why try to make a new technology a anti.radar system installed to aircraft fighter more than stealth let's study that, you're the american you do what you want to do no countries can stop what U.S want ok trumps make your own Hi technologies a anti.radar system

  8. I'll just say / type a few sentences..S-500 Prometheus, and then maybe even the S-600..even the S-400 in Turkey is great, but it's an export version, which certainly won't be on par with, for example..the version of the S-400 received by the Russian Armed Forces, and what the Russian Armed Forces will have in the coming years, after each modernization of the S-400 system. Just as the S-300 in many countries is not the same as the latest, modernized S-300, or the latest Russian Buk M3, it is certainly better than any BUK M1 and Buk M2 systems owned by many countries. Also, someone has already mentioned here, who knows what the Russians can do when they sell an S-400 to someone. Maybe, just guessing, they can monitor what follows that particular system. Maybe (I wouldn't go into the realm of science fiction), in the event of some conflict, the Russians can disable the system they sold someone to, if it suits them? People, don't underestimate the Russians. So did Napoleon and Hitler, both of whom experienced (Hitler albeit briefly, since he officially killed himself shortly before the fall of the city and his " thousand-year Reich") that the Russians enter victorious in their capitals, Paris and Berlin..

  9. S-400 became so famous and dreadful by the U.S as if it was a Dead Hand Device developed by the Soviet Union in the Cold war-era. Then what will happen to the U.S if the S-500 get deployed sooner or later and other country get to buy those hard-ware

  10. Who could ever trust a zionist mafia Don? Better odds dealing with the Devil himself, people across the Earth will wake up one day and finally get rid of these satanic parasites, once and for all, and get the justice they so genuinely deserve, for what they have done to Humanity,

  11. Erdoğan will take the 100 Bln from a state that Undertook a coup to him. As where the Russians informed him on the ongoing coup plans…. (alexander dugov) …. don’t think so…. Erdoğan is a free statesman and will not bow for US imperialism

  12. This is the pattern, first threats, then bribery and if that doesn't work, blackmail!
    Some cases even require regime change or even military invasion. Recognize it??

  13. Wow ! By this moment In Turkey a very big double edged knife is ready. They won't even need to stub in the back…it will be straight in the chest in daylight !

  14. How many kurd's in the northern part of Syria has to died for that deal and to keep quite about Jared snitch out that journalists to the crown royal prince of Saudi's ? only Trump stupid A$$ would invisit a person who is blackmail him to the white house ? DAM I miss the Obama family not have white trailer park trash in the white house who are uneducation idiot.

  15. Trump is doing everything for ISRAEL only. Israel wants Turkey in the NATO and a US ally so that Turkey can never invade Israel and can never build a nuclear weapon which the Zionists fear the most.

  16. When you source is The Washington Post……and "un-named" officials…you know it is bullcrap. Never never trust American Media silly!!

  17. Why would Russia care after all? The Russians will get the money regardless. It is up to Turkey to decide whether to keep the system mothballed or not. It's like buying a new business jet and keep it grounded.

  18. many talk about corruption in Russia, but do not see how in America the president himself gives bribes in huge amounts (from the pocket of his residents). we have the expression "You notice a needle in a stranger’s eye, but you don’t see a log in your own eye"

  19. Erdogan is Takfiri fanatic NOT Ottoman/ Turkish person. Ottoman empire was scholarly sufi empire not a idiotic Salafi takfiri shit whole.

  20. US is not a trustworthy "partner" And this move shows the desperate attempt to maintain US hegemony in order to bully not only Turkey in the future but the world too!

  21. Here's an exercise for you: name ONE treaty, agreement, MOU, international law, of any shape or form that the US has NOT violated? Just one. One tiny little piece of paper you can point to and say "hey, we kept to our word!"

    You can't, because it doesn't fucking exist.

  22. One more calculated chess move by NATO and USA. The endgame has begun. Russia better think very hard about supplying the s-400 to Turkey. The USA will definitely get their hands on the s-400 if turkey is supplied by Russia. Unless of course if Russia has something better than the s-400 in their arsenal and don't care if the USA fry's access to the s-400, then Russia has really played this chess game to their advantage. The egg will be on the face of USA then.

  23. A trade deal with a bankrupt country sounds more like extortion than bribery ! US offer must have come across as offensive; Erdogan is very shrewd and very proud. I expect he'll 'return the favor' in all sorts of unexpected ways

  24. Washington post is member of the fake news! So they let Putin and Trump fight and their supporter in virtual world. Real life Putin and Trump are laughing watching the cabal panic 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  25. Filthy criminal scum Trump regime same as like the nazi regime. Trump is a bastard deepstate worm who outsmarted the american naive voters. Wake up americans the democrats and this shithole gangster reps Trump is totally same because both are using the american voters as sheeps. USA is an outlaw psyhopath state!

  26. The S-400 is the better deal, as it nullifies the ability of ZOG to destroy one's infrastructure. Remember, in the book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman", it's US policy to have business parks all around the world, and install US corporations on these business parks.

  27. Turkey should have hands on F-35 since they are one of many countries to help develop F-35. But, offering $100 billion deal to change Turkey's mind is even better deal for them. I'm guessing Trump lost and American tax payers is even bigger lost to this deal

  28. А знайте всё почему, если в случаи будут бомбить иран, С-400 будет мешать Америке и израелю.

  29. I don't think the US is saying not to purchase S400s, it's a done deal.

    They're certainly up to something. Trump is a business man, though a psychopathic one, but not a man of illegal wars. IMO 🤔

    He is also a competitive man. So he wants to 'out do' Russian in trade; by other means. Может быть 😏

  30. This is a good offer to test the Turkey President Erdogan how he is really a man of real character.
    I have strong doubt and Erdogan can say big YES.
    Erdogan is a master manipulator.
    There are few countries that can not be trusted and They can change Their positions in unpredictable way.
    One of Them is Turkey including France, Japan.

  31. Erdogan. DON'T be a fool. Don't stab Russia in the back.
    Take out a map – look at the geography of the Black Sea. Then look at the geography of the USofA.
    Reflect the long list of the USofA's lies and broken words. Compare with the behaviour and actions of Russia.
    Look at the state of NATO today.
    Think in long term strategies, like the Chinese – "Mou Lue".
    Then only play your cards.

    🇷🇺 💞 🙏 🌍


  33. if the F 35 is so good ,the highest ,the most,the best ….as they are claiming,why are they so afraid of the S 400…why is he giving them so much headaches….

  34. American arrogance has no boundaries. Blackmailing everyone, everywhere. If that doesn't work, than creating and financing ''democratic oppositions'' , aka terrorists and color revolutions is the way to destabilize sovereign countries. If that fails, bombs and occupation is American ultimate ''solution''!

  35. The American tries it with a #Judaslohn, so will show whether the American can bribe the President of the Turkish Republic Erdogan.

  36. This is clearly a case of too little too late. Under any other U.S. president Erdogan would at least have restructured his Russian deal, if not entirely abandon it. But with Trump's reputation for flushing away even most rationally negotiated deals, Erdogan is no fool to give it anything more than a casual hearing !

  37. Erdogan will play him along. There is no way Erdogan will believe or trust the USA.
    A deal with Trump is only good for at the most 5 years.
    The USA has lost all credibility.
    If I were Erdogan I would play the US game. Pretend to accept but don't honour the deal. Play it the USA way.

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