Burning dropshipping FAQ: Store creation, design, PayPal & AliExpress | Part 2

Ready to get the answers to some burning questions
about dropshipping? Here is our second part of the FAQ video series. Three questions for today are about choosing
your store theme, easy ways of getting your store running even if you’re not a techy
person and a tricky question about PayPal and AliExpress. You’ll learn all the answers in the next
few minutes. Hi! I’m Anna and I’m happy to welcome you
to our Dropship Club project. In this video, we will give you some useful
info on the questions you might have. We find these questions in our mailbox, in
the comments here, on Facebook and in our Pro section on the dropship.club website. In the description below, you will find all
the necessary links. Well, I’m ready to share my thoughts concerning
today’s questions! First of all, you should decide what platform and dropshipping tool are more suitable for you. The two best combinations are AliDropship
+ WordPress and Oberlo + Shopify. Check our videos where we compare their benefits,
prices, and options. Our team prefers the combination of AliDropship
and WordPress because it’s actually much cheaper in the long run and doesn’t need
any additional payments based on your number of products or sales. So, if you are not a techy person you can
still create your store easily by following online guides, for example, the one we have
on our dropship.club website. Here is the step-by-step guide made by our
experts. Just follow these 18 easy steps and get a
ready store in a few weeks. But still, if you don’t have the time or
don’t want to dive deep into the tech part of the store creation you can order a ready-made
store customized for you. Just choose the package according to your
budget and needs! Your personal manager will gladly help determine
your niche and consult you on the store domain and hosting. You’ll get a fully equipped website ready
to get you a stable income day after day! Your store can look any way you want. Everything depends on the chosen platform,
theme and your design elements. You can do everything on your own, order a
ready-made store or hire a designer. All the themes are customizable so each of
the stores looks unique. You should put your own logo, favicon, homepage
images and pick the site colors. Let’s look through some of the examples. Here are 5 recommended themes for the stores
based on WordPress and 4 themes for WooCommerce stores. All the themes look professional and are fully
responsive. Most of the successful AliDropship clients
use these. This is possible because people who buy items
from your store pay you directly. So, you can set up any payment gateway you
want on your site. Adding PayPal seems to be reasonable as many
customers use it. When the customer makes payment on your site,
money is transferred to your account directly. Then, after that, you go to AliExpress and
order items your client wants on his address and pay for them using your account. With the help of the plugin, processing orders
can be finished in 2 clicks. And you can use any bank account to pay for
the products from AliExpress – it can be a different one from the account you use to
get money from your customers. Some of the dropshipping business owners even
use their credit cards in the very beginning, so you don’t really need to have any extra
savings for that. For sure, it can’t be PayPal account as AliExpress
does not accept it. As you can see, your client doesn’t contact
AliExpress at all, that’s why it’s possible to accept PayPal payments on your site and
then to pay to AliExpress seller with the money which you get from the client.
Well, that’s all for today! We’re gonna make more videos on FAQ about
dropshipping. Don’t forget to join our club and subscribe
to our channel so you don’t miss them. Put your questions in the comments if you
have any. See you!

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