27 thoughts on “Bytecoin intro

  1. ı have a million bytecoin ,waiting for go up, hope hope hope, please !ı will be die when its goes up. Do you know why because ı hate waiting .

  2. BYTECOİN TEAM !!! Fırstly you should change the name of coin. and than advertise , but ı dont know is it possible or not.

  3. Here is my video on how to setup your CPU to mine Bytecoin using XMR-Star-CPU.
    More to Come!!! Claymore/ CCMiner!

  4. Hello! I recommend the new ICO "Sphere" – this is a decentralized social network. For registration under the link https://goo.gl/2CLCW9 you will receive 200 Social Activity Token (SAT), which is equivalent to $ 10 (20 SAT = $ 1 USD at the Initial Coin Offering).

  5. i had a BCN wallet and i tried hard approx three days to sync it but every time stuck at block chain loading,,,i deleted everything and downloaded new wallet but the new wallet showed me new wallet address but i bought 400000BCN at previous wallet address and i was waiting for sync to be completed so that i could be able to see my 400000 bcn but before this i lost everything..plz help..i just have the copy of previous wallet installed file (bytecoinwallet-win64 – Copy)..as i saw the new wallet adress i immediately deleted the new installed wallet and went to this copy(bytecoinwallet-win64 – Copy) file and tried to open the wallet app bit it is hanged at blockchain loading and the cursor no longer functions on that stuck black box of bytecoin.plz anyone help as soon as possible

  6. I expect that https://minergate.com/a/65800cec21866f6a7e7202d7
    is good place to start to mine BCN when you are a newbie, because it is
    easy to install and work both on windows, macosx, linux and android.

  7. donate to me : 22srQj4v7UnekLqaqSezLpVrKwAGZ6oCUQ1MVSNxufDRKZfaAEWtqx4X8GCFGxt1vmEptpk7gPQzsKgoiNmPHgb8UJW3g7n
    and I will talk ,make video tutorials, with (French, Arabic, Deutsch) and make millions invest in it, causing the price to rise and we will make a profit all of us. to know me, head on instagram and watch my story on (tncarsofficial).

  8. Guys donate much as you can, I want to try running the wallet or not . Thanks.

  9. Please donate any amount of bytecoin you can to this address
    will be used for helping others.

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