Canada’s New Polymer Bank Notes—Made to Last

Canada’s new polymer notes-
not only are they innovative and more secure, they are
the most durable bills that Canada has ever issued. They are designed to last
at least two and a half times longer
than paper notes. This means reduced
replacement costs and a lower environmental impact. With this series, we join
the ranks of over thirty countries that
circulate polymer notes. Rigorous tests were
carried out in qualified labs in Canada and
around the world. The notes were tested
under various scenarios and in temperatures from
as high as 140 degrees to as low as minus
75 degrees Celsius. A wide range of mechanical
tests subjected the notes to heavier than
normal usage, proving excellent
resistance to abrasion, folding and crumpling. And when exposed to things like
coffee, juice, ketchup, or honey, the notes were
easily wiped clean with water. “Based on our tests, we
can say with confidence that the notes perform very
well under normal usage. They can withstand
Canada’s very cold and very hot weather
conditions. And because polymer is
a non-porous material, the notes will resist
moisture and soiling. Polymer is a good
choice for Canada.” While polymer
notes are strong, they are not
indestructible. If nicked, a tear
can spread quickly. Should one become torn, it can
easily be repaired with tape. If your bank notes-polymer
or paper-are accidentally damaged, the Bank of Canada
will reimburse you for them. Canada’s new polymer
notes are a great step forward-strong, durable,
and secure bank notes that will serve us well
for years to come.

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