Cash Confessions by Santander Bank | Brian

I think my mom
will call me an idiot. ♪♪ I, like, put my debit card
into the ATM, and then I took money out. [ Chuckling ] And then, like,
10 minutes down the road, I got a call, and it said
they were from my bank, and they asked me for
my social security number, and they asked me for, like,
my birth date, my name. So, like, in reality,
I kind of gave them my identity. Your whole
social security number? -Yeah.
-Oh. I have been scammed
a lot of times. And I don’t know why
I’m just realizing this now. So I guess we’re just, like,
learning as we go. We kind of are.
We are learning. And what you do, it’s the people
that you bring into your lives. Like, I know a good
financial adviser that I could have you
sit down and talk with you. -Yeah.
-To get answers from. Going forward,
I would like to be, like, more observant
and understand it. And maybe not get myself into,
like, situations like that. Yeah. It’s all part
of growing up, too. ♪♪

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