video intro [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] Hey, guys, beauty with one more video.
In this personal video I show here to How do you add and an account?
bank current inter sa to paypal Ok, so come on, you’re going to go in there.
paypal site here is the paypal will enter here [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] log in, you are ready to download now
I entered here on paypal account So the staff, huh?
down there give a little here to you you go in this option that has add a bank account, right?
then you click on this option there né add a bank account or card [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] here, people do not even have the option to
You’re adding your account. bank account
so you explain in this option add a bank account
Then you can fill it with your tell me ok [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] ready here guys you are going to put
information. It’s your bank’s current account, right?
here for you are you will select the Bank of you, right?
here is going to be the inter bank then you explain me to another bank and what stands
the field name is that they put themselves in the inter and it already looks like it is intermediate bank sa
or else you can put 007 is The number is still in the bank.
there you put yourself in an agency You will put people here who are
four the number is your disk ok and down here you are going to put the name
your bank account from the it’s seven numbers right here
is with it’s are 8 number you put 7 new the seventh place counts right and type
the final digit is up to you [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] after you have typed all the
information can be concluded by clicking down here
to add account [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] so the people are now hanging there
huh the information is not to confirm right
and is 1 to 2 business days, not one to two days to confirm how you can see
That is it, and we sent two deposit down the value of a real
from a real to the inter bank then it is It’s 1 to 2 days for the one he said in his
inter bank Then I knew value to fall, right?
You have to type both values 2 DAYS LATER … [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] It’s then the staff is I made this request
That’s when I added an account. Friday
so it’s both working day Saturday and Sunday do not count then only
I’m going to fall on Monday then it’s two days and it’s now the
value is already dropped here in my account and Back to show you there né 61
come in there, just be nice, right? I’m already here in my bank account
inter and here as you can see you do not have a balance of 22 in 22 cents and has already fallen
Right. You will enter the digital account, right?
and you go here in the extract not
click on the extract option and here you are shows the two deposits, which
paypal did not is then are these deposits is the deposit
of 17 cents in a deposit of 0.5 cents
so you have to type this two deposits on then your paypal account
then I will dictate that the two values ​​is one worth 17 cents worth of 5 cents
so you type like you are right or wrong type here
0.17 cents and here 0.5 cents now you can click here to confirm
My personal account is ready. successfully confirmed, right?
so now you can receive payment there huh
It’s on account itté not only bank account itaú
now you can receive all the payments in the interbank bank account
via paypal so it’s very simple to do it and do it is
adding is your bank account from inter bank to paypal [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] as you can see and personal is
Confirmed the account is not all right there is nothing else to do here [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] now you may want to make deposits
It’s not the money, you know? passed the inter-bank tip already can
do it now it’s all right so staff is was super easy and
simple, right? adding a bank account in the
paypal is inter bank account then the This is the personal video here, right?
and how to add a bank account bank and inter paypal is super easy and
simple so I’ll stay around if you
personal liked this video sign up for the channel of your like
comment and also share this video for helping the smartphone channel me
thanks [Music] … Clarx – HAY [NCS Release] final introduction


  1. Para confirmar precisa ter duas ted menos de 1 real na conta inter. Porém não conseguir pois as duas estão em uma TED só . Como posso solucionar isso.

  2. Precioso,você me ajudou muito nesse vídeo.Gratidão eterna e Like e mais uma inscrita no seu canal. Saúde e sucesso pra ti! o/

  3. Estou com uma dúvida acho que preenchi errado, coloca o número da agência sem o dígito, e na hora de pôr a conta coloca os 7 números e o último número no dígito ?

  4. Boa parceiro, tava aderindo ao paypal e inter semana passada e tava precisando fazer isso aí, valeu, bem explicado, rápido, simples.
    Sucesso aí !!

  5. o Paypal Pedi o Número de IBAN…. ridículo… não consigo de jeito nenhum colocar conta nenhum digital lá no paypal de merda.! eu vou tentar ligar pra eles xingamento muito eles. pois não tinha essa merda de IBAN, agora tem essa bosta.!

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