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Content marketing strategies to help you
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one of the things that we had to think about right away when it comes to making
money with our content is that structure that people talk about where what order
do we do things do we create content and promoted them make money with it because
that’s what the lot of people suggest but we have to think about what we are
going to make money with so to make money with your content marketing
strategy you have to think about first what are you monetizing what is your
offer are you offering training courses are
you doing coaching figure out what that is first and then go ahead and create
the content and then once you know what you want to use to make money with your
content like your offer the next step is to create content around that offer so
think about what are some of the objections people may have before they
take you on your offer what are some of the questions people may have so instead
of creating random content you create content around your offers around what
people may buy from you and that’s how you create content that’s going to warm
your listeners up your viewers how visitors up and turn them into customers
so once you’re creating that content around your offer the next part is to
just promote your offer within your content so this is an area where a lot
of people don’t really do it because they don’t think to do it they think
let’s get people on the email list and then promote that way but by promoting
your offer within your content and I like to do it at the very beginning of
the content at the very end of the content and mention it a little bit in
the middle by doing that you build up that awareness for what your off
actually is and that’s how you get more people consuming your free content to
actually take action and buy some of the stuff that you are offering and one of
the examples I’d like to do for a blog post about content marketing I’ll always
share the content marketing success summit because it’s a free event over 70
speakers and people who join through that will
then get invited to buy an all-access pass right away upon becoming an
attendee so that’s how I make some revenue through promoting that but it is
something that I promote right at the start of an ending in the middle of a
block they ask you how are you just going to say that you’re fun and then
finally we have marketing that content so it reaches people so you created
content that promotes your offer the final part of your content marketing
strategy is having that marketing plan in play now it’s important to have this
plan in play before you create any more content because if you create content
but you are not marketing that content it’s like gonna do you any good so we
need a marketing plan in place so there are a few different ways you could do
this one I actually created a video a little while back talking about how I
repurpose my content how you can repurpose your content to so you will
link to that up above and in the description of the this video so
repurposing on LinkedIn on Twitter Facebook Instagram all the big social
networks to maximize your exposure one thing also do is making people in your
content so they are more likely to share it and if you do collaborations that’s
also going to help you a lot because the idea is that you can only do so much on
your own but if you get other people to help you with the promoting your content
and creating your content and you mention people that’s going to help you
reach a lot more people over the long run with your content and when you do
repurpose on places like LinkedIn and medium you do get the discoverability
factor where people can search for you on those places and just happen to come
across your content and if you guys want to figure out how to use social media
marketing to promote your YouTube channel or other content we did another
video on that as well we also do a lot of videos on this channel about content
marketing social media marketing podcasting all that fun stuff so make
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