COTI – The best of traditional payments and digital currencies

Trade began at the dawn of civilization First, we traded with those
we knew and trusted and as our circles grew, we created financial
institutions we trusted, to trade with strangers we doubted. Various payment methods were developed and our financial system expanded
into a big powerful force, that all payments came to depend upon. Today, Every time we buy something,
anything, we pay a fee. Transaction fees make their way
into the pricing of goods and services, causing prices to climb, Adding up to billions of dollars a year. Now, Blockchain technology
opens the door for change: COTI
Currency of the internet Shifts the power into
the hands of the people With a digital currency
built especially for payments: COTI encourages trade by building trust
between buyers and sellers, Its decentralized trust system assigns
each buyer and seller with a “trust score” that is visible to all others, honest behavior is rewarded,
and dishonest behavior is penalized. While Bitcoin and Ethereum
lack the fast processing ability that is crucial in everyday commerce, COTI is a digital currency built to process tens of thousands
of transactions per second. With zero fees for buyers,
low to zero fees for sellers and full buyer protection, COTI combines the best
of traditional payment methods with the best of digital currencies, providing the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective
and most reliable way to pay. For anything. Take part in the payment revolution!

26 thoughts on “COTI – The best of traditional payments and digital currencies

  1. Bitcoin and Hash-cash both derived from Dr Ron Rivest, Dr Adi Shamir and Dr David Wagner's DOS Defence Protocol, "Time Lock Puzzle"… The Mathematician of the Team Dr Leonard Adleman  was not involved. By traditional methods, RSA-256 can be cracked with an I-7 Intel Processor in 35 minutes. The question needs to be asked, How much of a Security Problem does this pose? With 60 Intel I-7 processors that is 35 seconds. with 600 processors, 3.5 seconds. with 2,100 processors only one second. There are alternative protocols for factoring large dual prime composite numbers. The Vulnerability of Block Chain is greatest at start-up or a "fork". (A separate Start Up on the block chain) I am more Mathematician than Computer Programmer, but in my mind's eye, I can envisage a "Shadow Block-Chain"…. Ready to pounce at a moment of high vulnerability. Such as a power-outage. That could result from a lightning strike, during a violent thunder storm. … It is always wise to bolt the stable gate, before the horses bolt! Especially during a violent thunder storm, where a lightning bolt might strike the stable weather-cock?

  2. COTI is just simply amaing. Please join us in the Coti group @Telegram and start earning FREE tokens by participating in Trivia game, Friendly hours and more. And be sure to subscribe this channel.
    Coti to the moon.!

  3. Yes power to the buyer ,Coti will help the community gain it's freedom with it's money, Fees must fall for sure

  4. For our dutch followers i have made a dutch website lets make this project grow!

  5. I love the disign of this trailer 🤩 thx to the COTI team for this project ! COTI is the futur. And i love saying that COTI >>>>>> PayPal

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