Currency Searching For Fancy Serial Numbers and Star Notes!

it’s been a while since I’ve done a
currency hunt so I figured let’s do one Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and a lot of you been asking about me doing a currency hunt we’re
gonna be hunting through some dirty currency these are all circulated bills
I’ve been on a kick lately of trying to get new ones and hope for star Note
straps as well as some really cool serial numbers on an uncirculated bill so I’ve
neglected to go ahead and pick up some circulated notes
it helps us with cool seal numbers some rare star notes or maybe even some older
bills like a civil certificate I have a found one of those in circulation in
almost a decade anyway we’re gonna hook through these
I’m gonna start with this first strap of $500 in fives which is 100 $5 bills and
then I have 500 total one dollar bills to go through as well
as always I will go through them and if I find something along the way
I’ll bring in we’re about 3/4 the way done with the strap I figured I’d show
you this one first cuz I found it a few bills ago I was gonna put it aside till
I found something else which I did but this was almost a radar six nine one
seven seven one nine one if that one it would have been a six it would have been
six nine one seven or six nine one seven close but no cigar
wait check it out we’ve got a five-dollar star note and it’s actually
a trinary star note to boot zero zero one one two two two one almost a set of
four pairs as well we’ll be checking the perimeter rarities of all the startups
at the end of the video and I’ll show you how to do that in the meantime let’s
put this guy aside move on to the next one alright so anything good in the $5
bill strap was this star note so let’s go ahead and kick it off now with the
ones finish the first strap of ones I’ll bring the tension to a few bills this is
kind of a cool bill because it has the four sevens at the end and stars of the
seven so there’s five sevens on it the four in a row is actually somewhat
collectible but uncirculated notes like this and the condition
in it’s got to be really fancy so I’ll be keeping that one at all we did find a
1995 note and if you recall you do want to check your 88 days 93 and 95 for
being a web note and a web note is a bill that has it’s printing plate
printed up here because when we printed them they were in a continuous run like
this versus in sheets like you see them nowadays it was just an experiment for
those three years this is not one I don’t collect 95 notes anymore
I also got 1999 note pre 2000 nothing special I used to collect them just
pointing that out and then finally we got another bill here it’s got what’s
called kind of bookends 501 44 501 the bookends being that both sides of the
serial number are the same 501 and 501 again these aren’t that highly
sought-after and in the circulated condition it’s not something I’m gonna
hold on to just wanted to point that out now we’ve gone to the first strap let’s
go to the second strap so strap 2 is actually a pretty good strap we got a
couple of star notes here obviously I’ll be checking their print runs and
rarities so I’ll take two star notes and a strap that goes along with that star
note right there we also found a lower serial number under 30,000 zero zero
zero two nine eight eight seven anytime you can get under ten thousand that’s
the best but I’ll still take one that starts with three zeros any day we also
found a couple of cool bills here this one has four fives to begin separated by
one then another five just want to show it to you I’m not keeping it just wanted
to show it off but I’m probably gonna keep this one because it starts with
five of a kind five fives now really you want it to be six of a kind because then
it’ll be guaranteed to be a trinary with six of a kind but five of kinds with
fives kind of a lucky number for me as well and five fives just sounds cool
I’ll be keeping that one this one’s not that fancy because it does have four
different numbers eight nine zeros and but four zeroes in the middle separated
by the 899 and the one just kind of looks cool to me so I’m gonna hold on to
that one and then I found the oldest bill I found in circulation for some
time in 1977 man not too shabby there it’s in terrible
shape but it is a 70s bill that I found in circulation we’ll be holding on to it
now let’s move on to strap three yeah strap three was pretty much a dud strap
all he found was a trinary with zeros twos and fours and honestly it’s not
fancy enough or in good enough condition for me to keep let’s move on his fat
number four so strapped for wasn’t the greatest we did locate another star
notes we’ll be checking that here shortly we also found a bill that would
have been really cool look at this three eight two two and there is a three eight
two two in the second half but they’re miss jumbled so it’s not going to be a
radar or repeater I just wanted to point that out we also found a bill here with
four eights at the end again I’ve talked about that earlier with the sevens just
wanted to show that and then finally we found another 95 note obviously I
checked it to see if it was the web note it’s not it’s just a regular note so
we’re not keeping it as well off remove the last strap so the fifth and final
strap of ones was not that bad we end up getting another star note it is an L
series late I don’t think those are gonna be very good if I recall but we’ll
check them anyway and then I pulled this one out because it was almost a quad
tear zero zero six six four five five five
had that been four four or five five five five at the end we’d have four
patters it’s not that nice it’s kind of cooled it in better if it
was four 4 five 5 six 6 seven seven or a zero zero four four or five five six six
in order but it’s not it’s borderline capable but with the creases and folds
that it has and the condition it’s in I really can’t afford to keep into my
collection now that we’ve done that you’ve seen the older bill you seen the
three serial numbers that I’m keeping just because the seal numbers kind of
fancy not the greatest but I’m holding on to medium for now and the bills are
not in that bad of shape besides this one but it is a loss
now let me go ahead and show you how I check the printer on at Rarity’s of
these star notes have a link to this website in the description down below
but basically you go to my currency collection calm reference forward slash
star notes lookup pretty easy to do all you really have to do is take any bill
and so we’ll start with these two l series since they’re both from 2013 and
they’re gonna be pretty much right next to each other I take the lower of the
two which is that one so we’ve got the denomination here we’re choosing one
dollar we know it’s a 2013 and all you have to do is type in the star note
number so in this case it’s elf fourteen twelve so we’ll type here L fourteen
twelve and it’s eighty one thirty six when I hit enter it lets me know so
there was a total of twelve point eight eight million star notes printed in this
L series range and really the most rare ones are the ones of course with so many
zeros in front of them only eighty thousand that would make it good
unfortunately you want a combination of a low grunt size and a low total printed
this is a high runt size and a high total printed and obviously it shows you
the arrow where your bill falls into and that’s the same for both of these so
they’re not rare but I collect star notes so I’ll be holding on to them now
we’ve also got 2013 f-series and a 2013 B series so let’s go ahead
and plug in this B series next and we’ll do it right here 2013 put the B in first
and then zero nine four six zero eight two two we’ll hit enter here again all
three point two million print runs a ton of them printed not rare whatsoever now
let’s try the F Series out I’m going to put F zero three four six six nine five
four boom we just missed it you can see there’s some really low
print runs here in the F Series on this one but we did not make the cut not that
many notes printed overall but we don’t have a good run sighs either so
not rare didn’t find anything good and the conditions nothing greatest again
I’ll be keeping them now we’ve got a $5 note from na so let’s go up here select
$5 this is a 2013 as well don’t need to change that now we’ve got ma 0 0 1 1 2 2
2 1 so unfortunately 3.2 million printed
only 3.2 million printed so not rare in the run size had this been a runt size
of 128 thousand with a total print of 120,000 we’d have an extremely rare note
but we don’t still cool and actually I’ll take it because I don’t have very
many $5 star notes at the end of the day I hope you enjoyed this currency search
with me I know I always enjoy going through circulated bills because you
never know what you’re going to get I didn’t find a 70s bill still surviving
in circulation today if you did enjoy the currency search with me I’d
appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for

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  1. Currency Searching For Star Notes and Cool Serial Numbers!

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  2. I rarely do paper hunts. I found a $50 1928 A NEW YORK federal reserve note that was in EXCELLENT CONDITION! I still can't believe I found that note. Love your videos!

  3. I found a 50$ star note that was in the orange. I spent it cuz I didn't know how to get rid of it. Went to the coin store and he said it was worthless.

  4. I became a collector because of my job handling money at a Circle K. It baffles me that people dont even know to look at anything? I found a 1995 $20 bill

  5. I don't hunt US bills. But I enjoy your channel and always learn something. As far as bills go I collect foreign currency and the kind that I have to pay the water and the gas. LOL

  6. Videos like this really help me when looking through currency. I found a couple of bills I probably would've spent, had trinary and binary serial numbers, mostly on Canadian $5 and one on a $20 bill. I am always checking my currency now! Thanks for the video Rob, I hope you're feeling a bit better! Happy hunting!

  7. Scored 4 silver certificates from a passenger in my bus yesterday, one was a trinary, it had a tear in it but still great to find!

  8. Very nice search. You know I'm about trying to make a little profit off of my finds and have found it hard to sale alot of the paper $. As you said, condition and the more fancy is the key. Thanks Rob

  9. Awesome 1977 bill. I got a 1968 Barr Bill in my change a few days ago. It was beat up, but I still kept it.

  10. are these patterns in serial numbers or star notes worth more than face value? Or do they just interest you?

  11. Now that is some serious cash Rob! I enjoy paper currency hunts almost as much as coin roll hunting. It is a different type of treasure hunt. It helps keep things fresh.

  12. That first 1 dollar note you showed with the 7's is ALMOST all 7's….. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th numbers are 351. 3 and 5 = 8 – 1 = 7 There you have it …….

    Plus Tard Mon Ami ~!~!

  13. I've got a mint $20 right off a deck on new bills at the bank with the numbers 66337766.  Might this be a collectors item?  Got another 66337755.  Both  like virgin bills.  (never been kissed)(ls)

  14. I've got some real good bills. $20 Bill: 66337766, MINT.  00005731* ($20 BILL) 2017.Need some advice on these as I am NOT A COLLECTOR.(LS)

  15. I have a 100 dollar bill with the serial number MF 66613291B series 2013 do you know anyone that would be interested?

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