Customer Testimonial: Southern Company Innovates with Remedy & Digital Workplace

Southern Company is one of the largest utilities
in the United States. The electric utility business has changed dramatically
over the last, probably five to ten years. You’re seeing a decrease in the demand curve. In many cases, you have to invest in technology
to make that demand curve change or find other products and services, but we still have to
do our part from a cost perspective. We have seen a big increase on the self-service
side, it’s 25 to 30,000 people that seek us out for help at different times. So we’re seeing new employees come in that
are a lot more comfortable with technology, they’re comfortable having to self-serve, so
they’re more than willing to search a knowledge base, to submit a web form, to seek out other
ways as opposed to just picking up the phone and calling. We’re at 68% of our contacts to our service
desk come through go thorough self-service through the Digital Workplace. And that’s something we want to keep expanding
upon because that can make us more efficient, which helps us support the business better. We’re getting very interested in RPA and AI,
so the ability to use machine learning to automate manual tasks and take that work out
of somebody’s day so they can work on something else. For us, at our service desk, we’re going to
be moving into chat and we want to be using chatbots and trying to provide that different
look and feel to our customers, so you really engage well with the BMC team. What we have seen is a jump-start in moving
ITSM Suite forward, coming at us with new and improved products that help us meet the
needs of our business partners and customers.

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