Deutsche Bank Hauptstadtempfang 2019

A warm welcome to our traditional New Year Reception here in Berlin at Unter den Linden. We continue to expand here in Berlin and in the region, because we’re delighted to be here for you and want this to remain the case in future. We are a European Corporate & Investment Bank with a global network and intend to remain so. At home in Europe, but connected to rest of the world. We have to invest more in Europe again. Platform companies, which now dominate the global stock market rankings, and artificial intelligence – in both these areas the US and China threaten to leave us trailing even further behind. We at Deutsche Bank have an obligation to once again be more vocal and visible on such topics and play our part in raising and allocating capital for investment. We are here to stay, and I’m convinced that we will be in demand as an advisor and risk manager especially in 2019. As a company, we simply want continuity. Continuity in decision-making and in the people we work with. We have now been in a good partnership for 14 years. I simply wish Deutsche Bank were pragmatic once again. It lost this years ago. As I see it, the bank now has its feet back on the ground, and I hope that’s the way it stays. A very important topic for businesswomen in Germany is growth. How do you grow? Not only by expanding into other business areas, but also by entering foreign markets – and for that we of course need financing partners. We want easy access to capital with strong partners, and we have already been working with Deutsche Bank on various projects for many years. Christian Sewing outlined that there will be huge risks this year, so it is extremely important to know that there is a bank that German businesses can rely on; a bank that will stay here and not run away. We have had over 600 guests here in Berlin today who were all keen to learn more about Deutsche Bank, and to talk to us. There’s nothing better than being close to clients and discussing things with them. Clients want an alternative to the big US banks, and they see us, Deutsche Bank – the biggest bank in Europe’s biggest economy – as the alternative. And that is naturally very reassuring? I have sensed a tremendous amount of goodwill today. Our clients are generally very satisfied with what we are doing. We have to make sure our people know that clients are telling us: “you’ve no reason to shy away from comparison with anyone, you are really good” – and I believe that we are really good.

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