five reasons I think digi buy is a very
promising investment at this point and then talking about its kind of overall
what’s going on with did you buy in this video so stay tuned what’s going on guys
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about five or reasons very clearly five reasons why digi bite is a very good
investment in the cryptocurrency space and why it stands out above a lot of the
other coins that have a much larger market cap and a much higher price that
really have no benefit so the first point is reliability and the history so
digi bite has been around since 2014 for years now it’s been going strong it’s
very similar to the protocol to the idea of Bitcoin but it has addressed a lot of
the issues let’s talk about those issues and the next points but I want to talk
about how Disney byte does have a solid track record there was a couple big
spikes and drops but overall did you bite has you know been moving higher and
it has a lot of things going for it right now and I think 2018 is going to
be a great year for did you buy it’s good to see that there’s a track record
that there’s something to look back on a mic hey you know did you bytes been
around it’s not going anywhere there’s a strong community here there’s a lot of
adopters a lot of reasons for did you buy it to be a very promising investment
in a very promising peer-to-peer cryptocurrency the second point I want
to talk about here is the transaction times this thing is fast as fifteen
second block times which means all the transactions can get into one block the
blocks are also going to be increasing in size in the future and by 2020 it’s
gonna be able to hold 2,000 transactions per second which is amazing you can see
here visa is 2,000 transactions per second and that’s the future for digi
bytes to get to 2,000 transactions per second by 2020 and you can see there’s a
possibility to scale it even bigger up to 280,000
transactions per second comparing that to PayPal which only handles 130
transactions per second digi byte is already a very clear winner it’s already
beating Western Union if I’m selling someone a product I don’t have time to
wait you know 20 30 minutes for confirmations I don’t have time to wait
and then pay all the extra fees I want to get a confirmation staff so someone
buy something from me I don’t want to wait around and make sure that money is
good so if I’m selling stuff online or if I’m selling stuff from my store
someone walks in to buy something they’re gonna walk out before the
confirmations happen so it’s very important that we do think about
transaction speed and in the confirmations confirmations are big deal
so when I say confirmations I’m talking about the blockchain basically recording
hey you know this person sent that money to this person and that’s recorded on
the public blockchain and now everybody knows so we need those confirmations to
confirm that the transaction happened the third reason I really like did you
buy is the fees the fees are so small that you wouldn’t even notice if you’re
sending $1,000 you’re not gonna notice there’s any fees they don’t pay less
than a cent if I’m sending money to my friends if I’m sending money to a
company I don’t want to pay fees I don’t think about hey I need it increase how
much money I’m setting to pay for the fee so I think about Bitcoin the fees
can be huge when you’re sending Bitcoin even aetherium sometimes the fees can
really get crazy if the network’s really loaded down so the fees are a big issue
that needs to be addressed and did you buy it has addressed that with such
small fees the fourth reason I like did you buy it is there’s five mining
algorithms and what that means is that it stops people from having one massive
large farm so like China right now controls 80% of the hash power on
Bitcoin all the transactions basically across the world are getting confirmed
in China because they have such a large pool and it’s only one type of algorithm
that’s controlling Bitcoin now with digital bite there’s five different
algorithms so for one company to be able to control all of the hash power they
would need to have five different algorithms running and they still
couldn’t do it it’s too hard to have all that setup my final and fifth reason
that I like did you buy it is that it’s seg Witt activated and what that means
is that the Lightning Network so we talked about lightning at work with
Bitcoin with litecoin now you can use lightning that
work with did you buy in the future and also a big benefit of this is atomic
swaps digi buy is set itself up for a beautiful option here for people that
are holding a lot of Bitcoin people that are holding let’s say they have all
their wealth in Bitcoin and then they want to do a small transaction they want
to buy a cup of coffee they want to buy this or that they can do an atomic swap
get some did you buy it use that digi buy fast not Patriots action fees not
have the issues with confirmations they can do everything fast by just using an
atomic swap and swapping bitcoin for digi bytes instantly and what that’s
gonna allow them do is to spend did you buy at places like I talked about like
at a coffee shop or different online retailers and get those confirmations
fast and then not have to use Bitcoin they pay the transaction fees so this is
a big benefit and that’s five technical reasons that I’m bullish on digi by
overall and I really just think that digital buy is set itself up to be a
very strong competitor in the overall cryptocurrency market also big news for
did you buy as they are now going to be hiring a outside PR firm to help
increase the marketing for digi byte recently it’s mostly to spend the
community that’s been marketing it there hasn’t been a huge marketing push like a
lot of the other big crypto coins that have massive budgets to get marketing to
market everywhere to get people to buy into their I cos did you bite hasn’t
done that so that’s been one big issue for the community people been upset that
did you bite hasn’t been marketing but now they are focusing on marketing and
actually hiring an outside PR firm to work on that so that’s big news for digi
byte I do like that news there’s also a lot of other rumors going around that
did you buy it could be used for different types of uses like like being
worked into the Bitcoin protocol that small transactions could be through did
you buy it with Bitcoin I don’t know the exact on that that’s one of these
far-fetched ideas but there’s a lot of different ideas a lot of different
applications for did you buy it it’s already being used at a couple different
places I think it was an airport parking lot that’s now using digibytes to buy
time on a meter if you look here at the chart the big thing right now with digi
bite is that you know overall the market is following Bitcoin it’s gonna be like
that for a little bit you can see this is the daily chart here we’re actually
kind of breaking out right now I’m not gonna get excited I’m not gonna get you
excited just yet but we’re kind of breaking out of this downward trend
we found some support there the five-cent area which was previous
support that before we had that big massive move up to the 1314 cent area so
we’ll see what happens from here I’m gonna be watching this seven cent area
either way I’m holding a ton of did you buy I think a long long term you know
two three years from now did you buy it has great potential I’m not gonna be
buying I’m not gonna be trading this I’m gonna be buying the dips here I’m trying
to get as much as I can over the next year or so and see if we can get this
move for did you buy over one dollar and then you know maybe two or three dollars
in the future it really comes down to what happens with partnerships what
happens with different deals let’s say a big company like Tesla starts to use
digi bite that would be massive for digi bite you never know now that was totally
just you know a hypothetical don’t quote me on that nobody go and screenshot that
and talk about hey this guy’s talking about Tesla it’s this been a rumor going
around it’s an idea but let’s think something like that happened that you
had a big company all of a sudden said hey we like the edgy buy did you buy
it’s gonna go to the moon so you never know when it’s gonna happen it just
could come out of nowhere that of some big news
didja by it goes up big and we’ll see what happens from there I remember when
I was buying litecoin at the $50 area and it went sideways for the longest
time and I thought and I thought white coin would never go up and then all of a
sudden it went up to 100 and then 200 then 300 and 400 it went crazy over like
a week period and it went to the moon so really you just gotta be ready find
coins that you do like find coins that you like the story you know there’s
other coins out there not just did you buy it if you find the corn that you
like get into it hold it look for a nice opportunity to buy don’t buy after it’s
already been pumped up big so everybody who bought here at the 13-14 cent area
you know maybe they were pretty upset now because it’s pulled back down there
the five cents I’ve been buying here at the five and six cent area for a while
any dip below five seven this point I’m gonna buy more but I think overall here
the big thing to watch is the Bitcoin chart we got to get Bitcoin breaking out
here you get Bitcoin over this thirteen fourteen thousand dollar area I think
the overall crypto world’s gonna start to rally in 2018 is gonna be a bigger
year than ever cuz remember last year 2017 it was a massive year there was
some massive moves for Bitcoin for cryptocurrency in general digi byte went
up 28,000 percent or twenty six thousand percent one of those numbers it went up
massive is a huge move on did you buy it in 2017 not a lot we’re talking about it
but did it made a massive move in 2017 now I
think the reason that’s gonna help us is that a lot of people made money and are
they chase say they saw the news in 2017 and now that everything’s kind of pulled
back we’re like hey it’s good time to buy maybe I’ll buy some Bitcoin you know
it’s half the price as it was last year so I might buy some here and hold it and
then you got people who are gonna be FOMO in trying to jump in here trying to
get in here on this action let’s say Bitcoin gets back up there there’s a
twenty thousand dollar area it’s gonna get a lot of people excited to get a lot
of people chasing it and I think Bitcoin can go from 20,000 to 50,000 dollars
really quickly you can see here some of these candles some of these daily
candles they went from 11,000 up there to 14,000 in one day and then went from
13,000 it’s almost $20,000 in one day so when it does start to happen when these
coins start to move it’s gonna happen fast so the same idea as so the same
idea for digi buy when this does start to move it’s gonna happen fast I think
if we get over seven cents we get it was a ten cent area pretty quickly and we’ll
see what happens from there we get back to all-time highs there should be no
problem for did you bite to run up there 225 7:37 area in no time and then we’ll
see what happens after that but overall those are my five reasons
that I’m bullish on did you bite five reasons that I’m holding a lot of digit
by at this point and I think long-term we’re gonna see some major moves here
for the digi bite world and the did you buy coin I talked about another video
said you know maybe ten dollars in the future a lot people gave me crap for
that who knows is gonna happen cannot see the future but we could see you know
two or three dollars for did you buy realistically in the future in the next
two or three years no problem I think the AG bite has a great foundation a
great coin and there’s a reason that people are behind this coin I think it
has a lot of upside potential so do your research learn more about did you buy
talk about it tell your friends help me share this video share this video with
your friends also leave a like if you enjoyed this video or if you’re also a
big digi buy supporter or if you’re behind the did you buy community leave a
like go ahead and hit that subscribe button
as well and I’ll talk to you guys later you

68 thoughts on “DIGIBYTE 5 REASONS TO BUY!

  1. Do you think It will be late to get into digibyte in a month and a half,waiting for a big payment so I can invest properly

  2. From a blockchain seminar last year Jared Tate was talking about DGB use for Port to port logistical uses in China.

  3. For anyone accusing me of Pumping this coin. Yes I do own a large position in Digibyte and I've been very clear about that. I plan on Holding $DGB for a long time to come. Remember Crypto Currency's can be very volatile and there's always risk associated with any type of investment. Never invest more than you can afford to lose!

  4. I agree that digibyte theoretically has great potential, but I just saw a video on youtube where a german is talking about how digibyte is a pump-and-dump and some of the argumentation makes sense to me, for example that the project has basically stopped being developed since april 2017, since then it just looks as if the actual project is dead (see contributor chart on github: https://github.com/digibyte/digibyte/graphs/contributors?from=2017-04-09&to=2018-01-28&type=c ) what do you think of this?

  5. Do more fundamentals. You talk way too much stuff on penny stocks stocks that have major volatility pump-and-dump type things. And that's why I'm unsubscribing good luck

  6. Couldn't a customer just pay a merchant via atomic swap? Instead of exchanging bitcoin for digibyte then paying for a cup of coffee? I'm long on digibyte. Just curious why a extra step would be desired if segwit and lightning network is going to make bitcoin transactions cheap and quick

  7. They been being added to 10+ exchanges over the last 10 or so days…before you push for a huge marketing u need to make sure ur coin can be accessed all over the world. Smart ppl at work here, something big is about to go down. I'm hodling onto my DGB coins tighter then I will in my future new DGB lambo's holy sh*t bar.

  8. Patrick, what exchange do you suggest using? Once I get to the part where they want my SSN I get spooked because of security issues. Bittrex has already shut down new applications due to demand.

  9. I just bought a small amount, plan on keeping it a while so it will appreciate… The more that know and invest the more money we all make 😊

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    DIGIBYTE solves all the BITCOIN problems
    -the developer’s reputation
    -the ethical standards of the project team,
    -examples of real use of the crypto currency,
    -the openness of its source code,
    -various security aspects,
    -the volume of trades and capitalization,
    -user support,
    -the size of commissions for transactions
    DIGIBYTE is ultra fast, ultra secure, more decentralized than Bitcoin because DIGIBYTE has a multi-algorithm mining,
    and its scalability will be the same as VISA … for those reasons and much more is not a bad idea to have a big bunch
    of DIGIBYTE, at that price is a gift
    DigiByte is the undisputed king of undervalued cryptos

  12. THE COINBASE'S CRITERIALS SYSTEM FOR NEWS COIN LISTING it seems that they are talking about DIGIBYTE :
    -the developer’s reputation
    -the ethical standards of the project team,
    -examples of real use of the crypto currency,
    -the openness of its source code,
    -various security aspects,
    -the volume of trades and capitalization,
    -user support,
    -the size of commissions for transactions

  13. I am a follower of Clif High and his crypto predictions. His latest report has this blockchain becoming more widespread over this year and next and "making headlines both early and late in 2018 as adoption rates begin to grow to the point that notable milestones will even make the mainstream media." Also forecasting something of a "minor mania" for DGB based on rumors late in the summer. You can pick up his reports at HalfPastHuman.com. They are well worth the money.

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  15. They want you to feel not optimistic so the 1% can stay rich and us poor. But you will sooner or later. God bless

  16. Clif High's last report said: "Those sets that can be associated with DigiByte have the 'distributed', and 'mining' aspects of thisblockchain becoming more widespread in 2018 and 2019. The linguistic sets are forecasting that DigiByte will be making headlines both early and late in 2018 as 'adoption rates' begin to grow to the point that 'notable milestones' will even make the 'mainstream (propaganda) media'. The data sets are also forecasting something of a 'minor mania' to run for DigiByte on 'rumors' late in Summer (northern hemisphere), 2018."

  17. Nice Video..

    Please make a video about their marketing campaign milestone raising. They have completed their first milestone in 24 HOURS!! onto the next one. We all should donate to more this currency forward. Once DIgibyte start campaigning we'll all see big movements in the currency. 😀

    Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Digibyte/comments/7tqwy7/first_marketing_milestone_has_been_reached_300000/

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  20. Note to those who compare the DGB 21 billion supply to Bitcoin 21 Million supply:
    1 Bitcoin is divisible into 100 000 000 ( 100 mil) Satoshi.
    1 DGB is the smallest unit. So,
    DGB : 21 000 000 000 units.
    BTC: 2 100 000 000 000 000 units.

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  23. These prediction vids often don't age well. As of Jan 18 2019 DGB = $0.010023 USD
    (as a major DGB holder, I hope this comment doesn't age well, either!)

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