today we’re talking about digi buy and
why I think digi bite has huge upside stay tuned what’s going on guys Patrick
here today we’re talking about digi bite digi bite digi bite did you buy it just
sounds like a cryptocurrency right the name did you bite itself it just sounds
like it like a cryptocurrency why I think did you buy has a huge upside from
here and it’s not even that I think did you buy it’s gonna go to the moon but I
think from the current price where it could possibly go
I think there’s still a lot of room to play here and I’m gonna go over some of
the reasons I think that what my game plan is and why I’m holding a lot I’m
talking about a lot of digi byte holding is strong for the next year or so with
the idea that I could possibly make 1 million dollars if digibytes gets close
to $10 by the end of 2018 and the idea that I you know I have this much did you
buy it what I basically did was I traded a bunch of ripple ripple when it’s like
380 and then I started exchanging ripple for digi byte I also bought some dizzy
buy back when it was even cheaper so it worked out beautifully and I didn’t
really invest that much actual dollar bill so I didn’t really invest that much
I mostly used all my ripple profits all that crazy move from ripple where I got
in there below $1 went to 380 took that profit and invested it in the digi buy
but I want to talk about why I’m bullish and kind of talk about why I think did
you bite has a lot more upside compared to other coins on the market alright so
right now we’re looking at the digi buy it website let’s go look at the chart
really quick actually just to give you an idea of where we’re at right now
price-wise where this thing could possibly be heading so when I first got
into digibind ear down to 5 cent area 5 cent six cent area I bought a little bit
about like 30,000 coins was about five six cents and I was like hey I’m gonna
buy a couple I’ll let it hold a hold of a couple months if it goes up it goes up
if it doesn’t go anywhere whatever I didn’t lose that much money and then we
started getting some moves I was like we got the seven cents okay this is looking
pretty good a little bit of pullback but in the last couple days the last couple
weeks days and whatever you want to call it this thing has been going up and
not sure the exact reason why it’s going up right now like it’s going but it’s
going up obviously we had a lot of altcoins going crazy the last couple of
weeks the last couple of days I had TRX Tron going crazy you got ripple going
crazy all these all coins going crazy digi bite is obviously due for some type
of action and you can see from the eight cent area now we’re up there to 13 cents
I think the all-time high right now is sitting there right around 13 cents
maybe that 1260 area but it’s looking pretty good I like this view right now I
like this chart got some nice pull backs got some nice support Jurgis this nine
cent area nice support area but overall we’re trending higher this is the
five-minute chart so you can see if we go it’s like an hourly chart you see
this trend a little bit better here and it’s not a bad looking trend not a bad
looking trend at all and you know from this from the six cent area this thing
moving up there it’s a 13 cents now so it’s over a hundred percent since I
first got in I can’t complain about that I’m happy that I’m up a hundred percent
but I don’t want to be up behind I want to be up ten thousand twenty thousand
percent by the end of 2018 and I think that’s very realistic for a couple of
different reasons and I’ll talk about that right here first off the big thing
that I really like about digi bite first off compared to Ripple compared to all
these other coins is it’s very very decentralized for the sheer fact that
this thing uses five different algorithms I’ll show you down here it
uses five different algorithms for mining so that stops people from having
one big miner controlling all of the Digi by mining with one algorithm so you
have five different algorithms that’s gonna make it that much more difficult
for one large person one person with a lot of power mining to control the
market it’s also gonna make it a very decentralized system so comparing
digibytes Bitcoin obviously it’s gonna be you know it’s it’s hard to compare
directly but just to give you guys an idea Bitcoin you have four transactions
per second that’s TPS for short transactions for a second you can do up
to 280 transactions per second with digi buy that’s 2,000 by the end of 2020 so
you huge scalability the scalability is
already built into the chain it’s already built into the code so it’s not
like they need to do a hard forking like that to update that it’s going to be
able to be scaled very easily and as it’s already going to be scaled as it
grows you got ten minute block times so it’s that’s one of the reasons that the
fees are always so high a Bitcoin that’s why it takes long to send stuff I’ve
sent did you buy it back and forth come whatever wallets and this it’s insane
how fast did you buy this it’s scopes I mean it’s like instant
it’s literally instant there’s no wait it’s boom and still you sense it it’s
there it’s automatically just there it’s that fast
you have 15 second block time so every 15 seconds there’s a block being made
block being filled in boom transactions being confirmed you have one algorithm
for the Bitcoin network the Bitcoin blockchain you have five algorithms for
the mining algorithm for digi byte and looking at the nodes here that’s 7400
with Bitcoin you get 43,000 currently with digi byte and then getting into the
difficulty adjustment all that the big thing here that’s very important what
did you buy compared to a lot of other coins that have total number or
unlimited total cap Bitcoin has 21 million coins so right there that makes
it scarce it makes it a rare commodity when you think about was only 21 million
Bitcoin in the world now digi by it has 21 billion that sounds like a lot you know
oh there’s 21 billion did you buy that’s too many really it’s not that many now
I’m not saying digibytes gonna go to ten thousand twenty thirty thousand dollars
but I think you know ten dollars at twenty one billions not that unrealistic
you know even five dollars and that gives digi by actual real world use that
there are plenty of coins that it is scalable that it is fast back and forth
sending back and forth all that it’s it’s fast so like I said that’s gonna
really make it usable for people I can actually send my friend back and forth
money quickly unlike Bitcoin right to pay the fees I have to pay all these
issues if you look at kind of comparing digi by verse visa right now you know
280 transactions per second 2020 we’re gonna have two thousand transactions per
second that’ll be the same as visa basically that’s the same as visa
basically confirms and transaction everyday and then compare that you know
into the future how scalable digibind is on the blockchain in the actual
technology there so there’s a lot of stuff coming for digi bite this is not
like ripple where one company owns this coin it’s not like a lot of other coins
that are manipulated digi bite wasn’t pre mine did you buy it wasn’t just
created and then they’re holding a bunch of ripple in a escrow account basically
promising the market that they’re not going to flood the market with ripple by
the same time they could where did you buy it you know every coin has to be
mined big they started mining did you buy it for the first time in 2014 so did
you buy it is four years old now it’s just it’s good to see that there’s a
track record what did you buy it’s not just Moran knew some guy didn’t create
it last week and it has potential here another thing to be looking at here is
just kind of the overall how large does you buy it covers the world how many
nodes are like I said forty times faster then bitcoin five times more secure and
more scalable than Bitcoin it’s already used in over 82 countries worldwide how
people talked about how did you buy they saw it was used at their local airport
for parking which is really cool I didn’t even know that until I saw that
online you can see kind of weird did you buy it fits in the ecosystem you know
you have all this different stuff going on here
digi buy it really belongs right there below litecoin right below Bitcoin I
think did you bite has huge potential to really kind of be that dollar to dollar
area where did you buy it can be sent around the world quickly fast and it’s
not gonna be this thing people hoard like Bitcoin same time did you buy still
good you know good to attend to all our area have no problems there are so right
now in 2017 there are billion coins out there so as we go along in the future
they’re gonna be able to mine more I think toll 2035 so we’ve still got a
plenty of time here until we get to that 21 billion mark and you can see and you
can see the first time they launched this back in 2014 when it was first mine
the first Genesis block was mine back in 2014 it’s good to see that there is a
track record that there is some kind of proof of concept
dear did you buy is being used it’s gonna be use more and more as we go on
here in the future there’s a lot of Technology built into the actual system
built into the code you have all these options to be able to put stuff into a
did you buy in the same sense as you have smart contracts with aetherium
network you can do smart contracts with digi by network which is really cool I
think the smart contract technology is really going to be a huge thing for
blockchain and for cryptocurrency world for you know virtual currencies really
having the technology to be able to create contracts for different types of
uses like buying a house or whatever you want to do there’s all these different
ways of setting up these contracts and basically getting rid of banks getting
rid of escrow accounts so I think digi bite really I’m looking forward to the
future here the one and one of the reasons I see the upside with digit by
is of the capped out supply there needs to be a cap you got to stop people for
just creating more and more if you’re just investing in a coin that they can
create more whenever they want they can flood the market they can do whatever
they want manipulate the price like ripple and other coins that are out
there right now did you buy it’s not allowed it has to be mined it’s just
like Bitcoin in that sense it’s a proven technology it’s scaleable there’s all
these things that are going for a digi buy right now and I think overall
compared to a lot of the other coins out there that are being pumped up right now
that are you know at 3 or 4 dollars that have trillions or billions that are just
being made up and sent out into the world
I think digi byte shines when it comes to the capped out supply the one issue
with did you buy obviously is it’s not that easy to buy in a sense that a lot
of the different exchanges don’t have it yet if coinbase were to add digi byte
not that I’m not that I’m saying coin banks would or they are going to but if
they did in the future that would make it a lot easier people to buy do you buy
I know going into the future it’s gonna be easier you know as this is integrated
in more exchanges and more web sites so big news right now is that they’re
adding an iOS wallet that’ll be on the App Store for people with iPhones to
download and then be able to have a wallet on their phone similar to other
coins but I think this is gonna be big news for people who do have Apple phones
I think a lot of people have iPhones and a lot people are gonna be looking for
that so the digi byte foundation is
a nonprofit organization that’s working to educate consumers they’re working
with outreach to work with different governments organizations and increase
the global adoption of the digibytes blockchain to the world so they’re
working on a lot of things so you can see some of the digibind core
initiatives for 2018 right here so they already have the OS X wallet going live
soon they’re working with treasurer which is gonna be great for the hardware
wallet working with different exchanges you can see coin bases on their Gemini’s
on their if coin base and Jim and I added did you buy it would be huge I
mean easily I guess see this thing going to three or four or five dollars in no
time as soon as it was added to coin based people would love to buy a very
very cheap coin if I was a first-time crypto investor and I saw there was a $1
or sub dollar cooling on coinbase I’d be buying it up by crazy compared to buying
one light coin or a coin or just a percentage of a Bitcoin so I think
there’s huge potential here for digibytes to be added to those big
exchanges and then look for some big news to come from the digibytes
foundation in 2018 so that’s not me looking out for but I think long term
did you by having that capped out supply did you by having a good foundation
behind it did you about having a good marketing media team behind it working
on all of this stuff is only going to help ensure that did you buy gross and
see what happens here going into the next couple of years I guess said by the
end of 2018 I’m looking for digital buy to be over $1 if that happens I’ll be
happy if it gets over 2 or 3 dollars I’ll be really happy if it gets too
close to $10 by the end of 2018 which I’ve seen some people talking about on
the charts how it’s possible I’m not gonna tell you that I think did you buy
it is gonna get the $10 by the end with 2018 nobody thought that light coin
would go from $3 to $400 in 2017 and it did so there’s a chance here I feel like
I got a pretty good entry if you want to learn more about digit buy check out the
website do your own research learn more about it watch other videos see what
other people were talking about did you buy but this is what I’m thinking for
2018 this is my big I don’t know if I call it a gamble but this is kind of
what I’m betting on I’m betting on digibytes
in 2018 going in 2019 long long term here I’m holding this baby I’m
nothing I’ve got no reason to sell we got no reason really to take profit at
any point until I’m basically a millionaire from digivice so we’ll see
what happens cross my fingers pray for me guys if
this thing hits ten dollars I’m gonna be I’m gonna be a really really happy happy
boy and I’ll talk to you guys later on

100 thoughts on “DIGIBYTE HUGE UPSIDE IN 2018?

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    I’m new to all this so do you mind explaining the difference between storing online on digibyte website wallet and nano s ledger? Thank You!

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  5. This coin is hitting huge walls at the moment, when it gets past those you will see it absolutely rocket. As stated in video it had a healthy uptrend rather than pump and dump. If you have a spare 1k this could make you rich long term.

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  9. 2:20, you said not sure why it's suddenly going up… I think it started going up because Clif High at Half Past Human came out with his latest report and he makes comments that make it sound like DGB will undergo a BTC-like buying frenzy this year, starting pretty soon.

  10. when coinbase gave the reasons why they have listed BITCOIN CASH, I felt like they were talking about DIGIBYTE
    -the developer’s reputation
    -the ethical standards of the project team,
    -examples of real use of the crypto currency,
    -the openness of its source code,
    -various security aspects,
    -the volume of trades and capitalization,
    -user support,
    -the size of commissions for transactions

    when you take a look to DIGIBYTE you understand that is just not like any other crypto … I always say to my followers, if you don't have a bunch of DIGIBYTE you will regret it someday we will be very happy to have bought those coins at this prices … BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CA PEOPLE AND HOLD

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  12. Dude, with the current market cap, circulating supply and price, it's not possible to hit $10 within 2 years. Because if a coin hit $10, the total market cap would be worth $ 97.396.829.410. Maybe, just maybe within 10 years from now but certainly not within 2 years.

  13. Clif High's latest webbot report has DGB getting "mainstream media" attention and a "mania" in 2018. People are going to scramble to "mine" the coin. Just think what people will turn to to mine when it's no longer profitable to mine ETH or BTC. All those miners can convert to DGB easily. I think a $10 DGB is very possible and like you, I will be very, very happy haha.

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  16. DigiByte Specifications :-
    – 21 Billion Total Coins
    – 30 Second Blocks
    – 8,000 DGB Reward, Reduces 0.5% Every Week
    – 0.5 % Pre-Mine
    – Scrypt, POW
    – 1 Min. Difficulty Re-Target

    DigiByte has an official mascot which goes by the name, The DigiMan.
    DigiByte switched to 5 multiple algorithms consisting of Scrypt, SHA-256, Qubit, Skein and Groestl.

    Genesis Date January 10, 2014 (about 4 years)

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