Digital Stories: How to make money using social media

today I’m on my way to see a telephone company, telephone service company and we are going to talk about digital marketing and my brief is very broad they want me to turn up to four hours with no training structure they want to do what they call brainstorming which I don’t mind I like brainstorming with some structure but I will tell you later what comes out of that session I think they want to focus on search engine optimization bit of email marketing the whole mix is my favorite kind of job look at all the elements of digital marketing bring them all together into a system which will generate inquiries but i will update you later on what happens okay left the telecoms business and we talked about many things I’m going to talk about social media and the question he asked me straight off the bat how do you make money off social media and this is a fairly large organization and they had used a local specialist social media company to who had promised them a lot to manage their campaign create their content and do all the things you would expect a social media specialist to do and in his words got nothing literally nothing that’s what he said from that investment and so he’s brief to me was or his opening gambit how can i make money of social media I’m being told to do a lot of social media I can see your competitors do social media I feel this it’s a bit like when websites first came out right I feel this peer pressure and unknowing opportunity that I should be doing so did you tell me how can I manito social media and I said you can’t I didn’t mean not completely I then said you can’t unless you have a lot of money social media without the word direct action so putting out a lot of noise however planned and scheduled and all the rest of it putting out a lot of noise by itself does not convert people into paying customers not unless you have a massive budget and you do it on mass hundreds of thousands of posts will rather hundreds of thousands of followers you know you click that audience then want to put out messages and prompts and so on and content there is a reaction and there’s enough people in the reaction you share it so that it is a it’s a pyramid on it so it’s a exponential spread if I have a hundred people this is a big company just went to see you right and they had 100 people 100 people on a Facebook page and I share something maybe three we’ll share it on a good day and this is free stuff which case it we more but you know there’s a normal kind of this is what we’re up to two or three usually the same people every time if I have so three percent line if I have a million that there’s a mess three thousand people will share well then I’m making money but for a company like this like a small company and most companies you have maybe a thousand followers maybe 2005 at push it’s not really enough people there is therefore it to work by itself so I said you can’t not unless you’ve got a massive budget using the massive marketing company you get people to share stuff like it thinks alike stuff and so what so what you know social media as a return on investment is a worthwhile exercise when people give me a purchase a transaction they order something otherwise so what a vanity marketing that is putting that social media thinking because you get a thousand likes that’s a really good thing that’s what I’ll call vanity marketing I feel great about myself you know just check my pocket there’s nothing in it don’t humanity marketing I said the people i have seen you monetize social media very very well do it in two ways they pay they use the ad section and they target specific groups of people and they boost and promote social media posts so they use pay per click or paper impression you know when the show the ad they have something with a set call to action in the post in the content and they paid to promote it to people who well that’s my point isn’t it they don’t have enough people so they pay to show it to more people there’s a critical mass they share it turned into money and so on so one way are monetized social media is actually pay to target people who don’t look at my stuff the other way which I prefer which work talks about today’s I don’t leave it at noise I don’t put out a load of social media communication and this is what I’m up doing is a nice picture and so on I don’t reactive I don’t stop there that’s not enough putting out social media on any social media platform and let’s face it it’s not the social media platform that’s doing the marketing it’s the traditional old school I am trying to sell you this because it will benefit you in this way it’s just a different medium of delivering messages on a wider scale really it’s still marketing still so me meeting you in the street and trying to tell you something it’s still that kind of conversation or should be and so I don’t do that would I I want to come up to you in the street and say I am a digital marketing consultant and I am working across Southwest and I’m okay at what I do goodbye I wouldn’t do that that’s what’s noise social media I get it in terms of brand awareness and things but in terms of the sales monetization things that’s the analogy I just came straight up to you I said look I’m business think digital I do this kind of work and I’m good it now I wait and up and up and toy because i missed the next bit and that’s the social media now see the next bit is and how can I help you not look how good I am you think of how i can help you i will take the call to action I will take the affirmative step or the proactive step and say I am all these things this is Miss what I can do this how I can help you and what can I do for you that might be I will ask you i will name you you know though you can do that and blood people doing you know i can put your account names into Twitter for example and you will ping you that’s just turn it into something else didn’t it I want someone to notice me if I put their name into a Twitter post as an example but you know the same rules apply across social media you you you see it it’s not all it’s not it’s not a fleeting piece of noise you can think on that person’s just spoken to me and I’d like you to share it maybe it’s and there’s nothing that call to action please share this though and says nothing much really unless you ask them not really you know the most well shared things on social media just look down anybody social media posts are free stuff competitions and earthward pretty interesting things that generate an emotional response pretty stuff competitions same screen stuff and stuff I love well you know you’ve got to being a pretty fortunate business creative business our business to make things people love really in love a very visual so yeah that was my heart two teams how do you monetize social media so you’re very specific about what you put out your content is telling a story to a specific group of individuals that’s marketing and when you put it out you don’t just make noise and hope and wait that’s not going to work and you know I could come to you and you know I guess some people do I’d say I’ve done a fantastic social media strategy look how many followers you have now but there many times people shared and liked your content that’s fantastic I am a fantastic social media person and I’m the king of vanity marketing which that summer check was worth nothing in the bank balance or I can be cleverer than that I can put out a sequence of messages that tell a story a sales pitch in a set order on my social media platforms like a name people I can put them in clusters where people already look no chambers of commerce I can use their posts you know can please share this in your forum I can get what we’ll call what do they call that advocates okay it’s someone to share my stuff that’s the best 11 someone who knows people to share my content and vouch for it and I will call you you know I’ll see call me call selection so that’s how you manito social media you you either pay to reach a much wider audience very quickly and at some point it’s so big it lives by itself because you’ve got numbers in critical mass or you are smarter than that and you don’t think it’s just noise you think its sales and you put out content that’s relevant to an audience just to that audience set clusters of people and you ask for things so there’s a short conversation how do you monetize social media you can’t unless you treat it exactly the same as any so as a marketing strategy you

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