Tron went into bull season alone? Why is the face of Tron investors laughing
40% in the last week and 60% in the last month? What are we missing at Tron, brother, should
we jump the Tron train right away, or what should we do, will this rise continue? All of them will only be in this section,
fasten your seat belt, we’re flying! My friends, I shared a flash story about Tron
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especially in the last 7 days of the events leading to this hard rise to talk about the
full 4 items, the first article, Tron’s technology giant Samsung’la has a partnership. Now Tron will start to show itself in Samsung’s
new phones. Those who don’t know Tron will see it on the
phone’s menu and maybe search for what it is and maybe it will be Tron. If you say how it will be, it will look exactly
like this. A few months ago, Samsung announced that it
would bring crypto money wallets to their new phones. At first he had shown Ethereum as a coin to
be added, and Enjin coin, as you know, just shone the star and made a lot of money for
his investor. Now, Samsung’s wallet comes with Tron support,
folks. This news didn’t actually come directly from
Samsung, but in my previous Enjin coin partnership, Samsung’s crypto money wallet issue had always
been served by various videos from the front. It’s the same thing again. Not important. This is really important for Tron. Because this event also gives the following
message to Tron and other crypto currency investors. Look, Samsung believes in Tron. Tomorrow one day there may be bigger agreements
between Tron and Samsung, and there is such a potential, and even with the present agreement,
maybe millions of new people will meet Tron, whether they realize it or not, and maybe
start using it. As a result of this message, new investors
are starting to buy Tron, maybe whales are coming into play. Maybe the Tron holding in his hands, whether
I sell or not darken yo certainly should not sell. Folks, if you ask me my personal comment,
I’m likening Tron to the circus. While blind lame on the rope, he manages to
gather all interested and all the spotlights on himself. This is definitely a success for a young person
in his 20-25s, especially if we consider that there are more than 3000 coins in the market. I see a bit of this at Justin Sun. It becomes a crypto money exchange, becomes
an investor, doesn’t waste time with the intermediate elements, it is directly dealing with the
top, which I think is often the right strategy. These are nice thoughts for Tron, nevertheless
nevertheless, but don’t think that overall the overall project is super 10 number 5 stars. In Tron, marketing is always the main focus,
with little emphasis on software. Marketing is of course not bad even for every
business need but it needs to be in a balance. Of course, recently Odyysey 3.6.5 update came
to Tron’s test network. Let’s not say that. Tron himself says that with this update, the
incentive, the staking mechanism within Tron’s network, has reached a complete decentralization. This new incentive mechanism, Staking’e provide
significant gains will attract more users. You know that the concept of decentralization,
such as Tron, such as coins such as Cardano takes a time to be completely decentralized. It doesn’t happen right now, so this stuff. Friends, I should emphasize that although
the second item that could cause Tron to rise was the pump wave that raised almost all the
coins the other day, Chinese lion’s share was the lion’s share. Like NEO, like Tron. The NEO rose too bad. The reason for this is the possibility that
Chinese projects can work together with the Chinese government. This is the market as soon as the expectation
comes out, you sell it when the news comes true. Of course I’m not saying whether you buy it
or not, but know that my friends know that today, investors who buy NEO and buy Tron
raise their ambush, waiting for the news of a possible cooperation with a Chinese government. They took it when various rumors came out
and they could sell it from the summit if the news took place. If there isn’t any news from China, this kind
of Samsung partnership that might raise Tron and NEO, which could lead to Tron and NEO,
meanwhile, they might be down again in the medium term. If the opposite happens, if the Chinese Government
reports a partnership with Tron and NEO, then watch the rumble. Tumbling darken telling in a positive sense. Besides, folks, the third point, you know
what? Justin Sun’s recent crypto 4. The coins will rise in order to be release. Because although he later erased this explanation,
he created a sense of expectation. Normally, such statements are already made
continuously, but there may be an intermediate gas that can cause an increase in times of
ascension that is 2 months to the end of the year. Let Tron go to the fourth place so that he
can pass these two months with great increases so that he can pass BNB, Litecoin, EOS and
Bitcoin Cash. The fourth of the reasons that could raise
Tron could be the deal with BitGo. There is a company called BitGo and it works
with companies like Bitstamp, Ripple, Upbit and provides crypto money storage service. This company has now announced that it will
add Tron to its portfolio. This may have an effect on the rise, but according
to the statement, Tron went to BitGo and said to work together. BitGo also analyzed tron ​​and gave okey. So now BitGo will provide Tron with enterprise-class
storage and wallet services. Not to himself, but probably to his major
investors. At this point I want to say this. As I said, Tron is a well-marketed business. BitGo is a relatively unknown business. Therefore, BitGo may have said that we should
add Tron and become more recognizable, but all kinds of partnerships can raise the price,
but friends who have been following me for a long time will remember that altcoins need
to come up with their work, not partnerships. Now let’s take a look at Tron’s technical
analysis, fellas. When Tron goes into the bull season alone,
let’s talk about what might happen. By the way, I remember, I told you before
that Tron might be clear in the long run, but I think it’s not as high as it is now,
but just looking at the technical analysis, friends, it was a result of technical analysis. Now, today, if you want to talk in dollars,
Tron has a support in the 0.022s. You see, this is a cappuccino support. To be able to say that Tron is experiencing
the bull season alone, Tron must remain above this level and even rise to 0.025s and 0.0.29s,
respectively. As a result, Tron looks brilliant, but what
will feed this technical analysis is either the news of another good company partnership
with Samsung, such as Samsung, the expansion of the partnership with Samsung, or the news
from China. If this happens, the ascension is fed and
of course the continuation may come. Tron investors can of course make good profits. I’m telling you what to look for, what to
follow. If there is no movement, no electricity, no
work between the Chinese government and Tron, as I said, those who come up with this rumor
and raise Tron can leave Tron when they have no expectations. This could bring the fall. In addition, friends, I also want to tell
you a little about Coinfield, who states that it is organized according to European laws
and serves more than 150 countries. The link is in the description part of this
video. You can click and review and sign up if you
want. Coinfield is a crypto currency exchange but
there are 3 other properties outside the stock market. First of all, and perhaps the difference from
many stock exchanges, these folks, they have a product called White label, this is a stock
exchange licensing program, and for this program they say I want to set up the system to come
and use my system to open my own crypto exchange with my assurance, says friends. I’m passing on the information they give,
or I’m never giving any investment advice, you know. Anyway, secondly, we have the OTC desk feature
for larger companies that want privacy in their transactions, so they say you can buy
and sell people through us. Coinfield’s third product is friends. We even talked about it at Tron, or BitGo,
as a corporate cryptographic deposit service. I told you he works with big players like
Ripple, Bitstamp. Here’s Coinfield working with BitGo. I took a look. The interface looks good, but the wallet is
risky, but in the wallet you can set a price alarm if you want, and Bitcoin for example
sends you a warning when it comes to the price you want. Although many applications are doing this
right now. Anyway, as you can imagine the fourth product,
the crypto currency exchange. We have a military level of security and high
scalability for the Coinfield stock market side, but other than that, the engine we use
in the stock market says it has the capacity to do exactly 2 million transactions per second. Maybe you know that crypto currency exchanges
engine is not good enough, the user tries to make a lot of exchanges in the stock exchange
problems occur. Although the prices of the users who buy and
sell overlap, the engine cannot match the friends and sellers, so they cannot make the
transaction. I’m telling you this, but these were the experiences
I’ve had. I’m trying to blend them and tell them, add
experiences trying yeast. So Coinfield says we can’t fault this kind
of buyer and seller. They also say that we have a large liquidity
that we have a cash pool. Meanwhile, the stock exchange in the Dollar,
Euro, Canadian dollar, Japanese Yen, United Arab Emirates Dinar and British pounds, such
as the traditional currency. I also became a member and found that the
authentication process we call KYC is quite simple and fast. For example, my account was approved within
minutes. SMS was a little late when I was just a member. They have already written in 10 minutes, so
that 10 minutes is really a lot. Nobody’s waiting, dude 10 minutes. They need to fix this immediately. Within Coinfiled, XRP dominance is not overlooked. They opened a special store for XRP. Apart from XRP, there are Bitcoin, Ethereum,
Stellar, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Basic Attention Token, BAT and Ziliqa. As for the commission fees of the stock exchange,
there is a commission fee of 0.24-0.25. That bitstamp’in hastily rises from 0.25 to
0.50 commission fees in my opinion is not bad figures. In this way. There is also an extensive information portal, where you
can get extra information. If you wish you can have a look at the member
by clicking the link below to see what you have. Of course, it is important to have plenty
of stock at your fingertips when you need to make an urgent transaction, provided that
it is a proper stock market. Now what if you want? Let’s move on to today’s bonus information. Friends last time in the corner of bonus information
Toyota’s car outside the house, such as home, yacht, we talked about unusual products such
as today, I’ll talk about Mercedes. Do you know that there are 12 engineers working
at Mercedes who are only interested in the doorbells of cars? Think about it, brother, you’re an engineer
and you work at Mercedes, so all you care about is
a good door sound. Yes, folks, after our bonus info corner, let’s
answer some questions from you in the previous video and read the comment.


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