Earn $10 in Paypal from Playing Quiz Games! (Quizdom)

For proof of withdrawal on August 15, i received my payout $10 usd with $0.74 USD transaction fee. In total, i received free $9.26 USD! How to earn free paypal money from answering trivia and question games? Whats up everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado and I’m back again to share new app where we can earn extra money online! With this app, very easy to win just answer few quizes, guess the songs, riddles (proverbs) and many more. Before we proceed with our video tutorial, much appreciated if you will like now this video and if you want to earn extra money online just subscribe now on my Youtube Channel because i’m uploading new videos where we can earn Paypal money, free bitcoins, free altcoins, free prepaid loads and many more! We need 2 applications: 1st app: Paypal How to set up Paypal account without using any credit card (i) button will appear here in the video and where to watch it. 2nd app: Quizdom Good news everyone! This app is also available on IOS devices and its app name is “Quiztime”. In google playstore, search for Quizdom Play trivia to win real money! Once the app is opened tutorial with pop out on how to use this app. For example, how to use logo quiz just guess the name of the logo appearing with 4 chooses and select the correct answer. You can spin too to get free paypal, amazon or coins. With mission too, acheive and unlcok to get free money And many more ways of earnings to play with! You can play Guess the song, Animal Quiz, Music Quiz, Proverbs Quiz, (riddle) Movie Quiz, Disney Quiz, Mythology, General Knowledge, History Quiz, Geography, Science Quiz, Flower, Sports Quiz, World Cup and Art Quiz. There are so many quizes to choose from to earn free Paypal Money You can also click the free wheel, watch ads to get free spins! Question: Free Coins used for? We can use it to exchange into hearts or lives to continue playing. In lucky Card, we can do scratch and win. In case you wanted now to cashout just click the dollar sign. You can select many options to redeem. Last time, i used paypal to redeem my cashout. And the minimum payout here is $10 usd. That’s global, any country can receive paypal money. For proof of withdrawal on August 15, i received my payout $10 usd from Quizdom with $0.74 USD transaction fee. In total, i received free $9.26 USD Thanks for playing Quizdom! Thats how easy to earn free paypal money from playing Logo Quiz, Guess the song, Music quiz and a lot more! I hope this video helped you to earn money online! Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe to my Youtube and Telegram Channel subscribe to my 2nd channel too “Aiza Mer 2.0” which i posted new videos too! Thanks again for watching My name is Aiza Mercado and see you on my next video!

33 thoughts on “Earn $10 in Paypal from Playing Quiz Games! (Quizdom)

  1. Happy 200k mga payaman!! Pa-wait na lang po ng video mechanics para sa give away! Subscribe to my 2nd Earning Channel too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1nuAJy1T8nBxvllxvy5hhg

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  2. Hi Ms.Aiza, dinownload ko sya hahaha at may 1.79 na ako just by playing the app, ❤️☺️ more app pa po sana para sa IOS ❤️

  3. Can just explain how you got the $10 because am stuck at $9 for over a week now
    Do I need to replace logo quiz over again pls I need guide and respond pls

  4. Ask kolang maam legit paba to ngayon? Nakaka cash out paba dito.. Hopebyou can reply salamat solid subscriber po

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