If you are looking for another way of earning
extra side money online then its possible to earn money watching videos. You can earn paypal cash fast. This video will cover 5 best websites and
programs that pay people, for watching videos.EAERN Swagbucks
This is one of the oldest and most reputable sites that really pay those who watch videos
through them. They pay you just for watching different videos,
ranging from sports videos, world news videos, etc. You can even get paid through them just for
watching sponsored videos. Basically, you earn money by watching video
ads. 2. InboxDollars The main way of earning from InboxDollars
is reading emails they send to your inbox. They also pay you for watching videos through
them, on a daily basis. 3.App trailers
As the name implies, App Trailers pay for watching the trailers of particular apps. According to them, they reward members who
watch trailers of what they call “hot apps”. You earn points for the trailers you watch
and can redeem your reward points when necessary. You can redeem your points with instant gift
cards as well as instant cash directly to your Paypal account. 4. MyPoints
This is another reputable website that pays for watching videos. With MyPoints, you get paid to watch certain
videos, earn points, then redeem your points for gift cards when necessary. You can earn as many as 500 points every single
day just watching videos. And yes, you can choose to watch only fun
videos, not boring nor annoying videos. 5.Perk
Perk is another site to consider when it comes to getting paid for watching of short videos. Yes, you don’t have to watch long or boring
videos with Perk. You earn points from watching short videos
and can convert your points down the road for gift cards of your choice, merchandise
of your choice and of course into cash! Now you know 5 ways to earn money by watching
video ads

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  2. Not to be rude or mean at all, but for a channel thats all about how to be successful on YouTube and methods for getting a lot of views, your videos on this channel get very little number of views !!!! Why is that ? Do you even use your own methods ? Is this proof hat these methods dont work ?? Im confused.

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