100 thoughts on “Edelkrone JibONE | My New Favorite Camera Move

  1. I think a pun is necessary tbh, but Idk if Potato JiB would be okay with that sorta humour?

    With this I can film my "comedy" routines!

  2. Comment down below!! >>^^> But cant follow on Instagram, as Instagram acct. shut down Ages ago. ;( Thanks for sharing more of your insights with us Peons down below.

  3. EdelKrone: just an awesome rig. This can make any time lapse literally come to life. I could definitely use this bad boy. 👍🏻

  4. I would love to use this in my livestream productions of DJ live sets at festivals! Set it up right up at the DJ booth. That would create awesome shots with a compact set up!!
    #pleaseletmewinthis 🙏

  5. Cool to see the personality of the creators on each of their new product demos, kudos to the companies for allowing creators to be more in control of these demos.

  6. looks like it would be a fun tool, wonder if you had a really light camera like an m50 or a A6xxx you could put the Edelkrone motorized slider on there as well

  7. I would like to get this JibOne I am going fully into short documentary in some villages in Nigeria and I wish to tell stories with perfect shots. I would be glad to have one.

  8. Gene: Follow Edelkrine on Insta & comment below to be in the running for one (or something like that!)
    Me: I thought I was being clever & living within my means by hobbling together 2 Syrp Genies. This could achieve so much more, so easily… drools on the dog!

  9. When you see something that you must have! This would get some epic b-roll with my bmpcc4k. I'll be checking their products!

  10. Me: Pff, you don't need this if you film with your Ronin S.
    Also Me after watching the video: Bye DJI, hello Edelkrone!

  11. That seriously is the coolest new product. I’m sure people will say you can get those shots with a gimbal, but if you’re a one man show, this is it! Nicely done Edelkrone!

  12. I need the JibONE in my life to make awsome content so I can just make my life look real! (as opposed to a 1990's life fimed on Hi8)

  13. Edlekrone has changed the game since its first sliders now this! What else can they do next? Can they change my life too?

  14. Edelkrone product are legit the most innovative, buuuut they kinda are on the expensive for the usage you get

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