EDI Gateway’s VAN services presentation by EDI Gateway

Jack has been implementing EDI in house
for many years. As his business continues to grow, he continues to onboard trading partners, all of whom have specific requirements. He is using a major VAN to connect with his trading partners and transmit EDI
documents. Jack is very knowledgeable when it comes to EDI. He wants to ensure
that the EDI transactions he sends and receives are transmitted through a
secure and reliable channel. Jack is also concerned about the visibility tool
he is currently using to monitor his transactions. His fees and transactional
costs seem very high and every time he requires the new tweak or adjustment to
his XD tools, he is charged with extremely expensive IT development costs. Another concern is the delays he is experiencing in completing the required
setups and testing cycles with his trading partners. But mostly, he is
unsatisfied with the level of service and care he is provided, and the
time-consuming and let the process he has to go through in order to have his
issues addressed. Jack discussed his concerns with Matt at a supply chain
conference. Matt suggested to look into EDI Gateway’s VAN services. Matt explained my monthly VAN costs were reduced by 60% since I started using EDI Gateway’s VAN
services. The support is amazing. I actually get to speak directly with a
Support team representative. On top of everything, when I requested specific
customized reports and changes, EDI Gateway’s team of IT developers were able to accommodate my needs at a very reasonable cost. Reduced VAN costs,
increased service level, flexibility and availability, security and reliability
visibility tools. Matt also explained to Jack that while he was not ready to
integrate some of his trading partners, EDI Gateway was able to offer him an
interim solution for all his EDI transactions until he was ready to be deployed. Jack was impressed. He called EDI Gateway right away to get started with his trading partner setups. A simple onboarding process got his trading partners up and running within
48 hours. Now that’s a solution worth looking into! EDI Gateway, your one-stop shop for all your EDI solutions! Contact us today.

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