Emily Fitzsimmons- Gold Award Girl Scout

I’m Emily Fitzsimmons and I’m from
Stoughton Wisconsin so for my Gold Award project I did a safe driving campaign at
my school which my main goal of the driving campaign was to have teenage
drivers think more about their actions when they’re driving so basically for an
entire week at my school I had a bunch of different activities that students
could participate in like I had a speaker come in I had little games
people could play and I also had over 300 students sign pledges saying that
they would become safe driver and I also gave out bracelets and candy and little
ribbons that people could wear I’m actually way one of the bracelets now so
a lot of people had those around school which is really cool to see I was
actually in a car accident myself and one of my friends ended up passing so in
honor of her I wanted to do a project the challenge for my project was the
time frame because I was about to graduate high school and when I thought
of the project it was like the end of the year was coming so I had to get it
done really fast but I had some people help me and I had a good team that was
hard working which really helped it was a lot like what I expected and it
reached a lot of students which made me really happy and it had a really good
outcome at my school if I could do something different I would have wanted
more time so I could have planned a little bit more things and made it even
bigger because that would have been really cool when I realized that I was
doing something awesome for my community it was when I saw everyone’s faces and
people actually came up to me afterwards and like wow this is a really cool thing
you’re doing what I learned with doing my gold award project is that though
some things can be hard if you put your mind to it you can definitely achieve
your goals

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