ERNIT™ – The piggy bank for digital money

Hi there, we are Lars, Mads, Søren and Thomas… …and this is ERNIT. A little pig with big ambitions. ERNIT is a digital piggy bank that empowers your
children with healthy financial habits while putting a smile on their faces.
And this is important. Saving money has to be fun for the whole
family. ERNIT helps children set goals reach them and kicks off the talk about
money and the value of things at home where learning about money begins. When we were kids we all had piggy banks. Now we all have kids. Even though money has changed
our children still use regular piggybanks so we thought, “where is the
piggy bank of the future?” “How can we prepare our kids for the digital money that already is everywhere today?” And that’s how ERNIT started. We created ERNIT so that you – as a
parent – can start a dialogue with your children about money and
saving for that special goal. And this is how it works: Your child sets a goal of any kind using
the ERNIT app. It can even save for lots of different goals at once so they learn the difference between
saving for a bike and a new soccer ball. Once the goal has been set
you start to save – together, and you can watch your children smile
when they reach their goal each time you, a grandparent or anybody else
transfer money to your child, ERNIT responds. By pushing a button in our app
you can contribute to your child’s savings from anywhere in the world instantly
keeping that important conversation going That’s how ERNIT works. We’ve tested ERNIT on several different
school classes with great success We’ve interviewed experts in every field possible when it comes to teaching
children about savings and we’ve put all this knowledge into a lot of prototypes which all have visited a bunch of family homes changing ERNIT a lot from the beginning. The end result is what you see here. But we’re not done yet. We have set our own goal: To get ERNIT out into the real world
and start doing its magic… EMPOWERING CHILDREN WITH
HEALTHY FINANCIAL HABITS All we need is your help to get to the finish line. Thanks so much for listening.

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