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hey what’s going on guys this is B Wells
and I’m coming at you with a hundred kryptos in a hundred days this is the
number seven out of a hundred episode and we’re gonna be covering aetherium
classic today so here’s a 3m classic first hard fort back in July of 2016 and
ever since it started the 61 cents and it’s now all work its way up to 20
dollars and 69 cents I’ll tell you the main reason that theory and classic was
created was because of a hack so a lot of money was lost through etherium and
vitalic along with other main developers of etherium decided too hard for their
platform of the etherion point in order to recover the lost funds now there were
many people who disagree with this decision and they decided to essentially
stay on the old code the true code so aetherium classic is now the code which
was hacked but there’s a lot of people the belief code is law so they should
always remain the same there shouldn’t be they believe that a hard fork in this
matter was like too centralized of a move for a cryptocurrency so that’s one
of the reasons why a theory on classic is around today and if they get a more
competent team than who then the team that’s working on a theorem they could
in theory be a better coin one day or a better project but you know I have more
trust in vitalic I think it market does as well the general market and that’s
why the price of aetherium is 25 times higher than the price of aetherium
classic and I expect it to probably remain that way unless something
catastrophic happens I mean like I said this could be a more competent team but
considering that vitalic created aetherium I would assume that he would
know how to deal with it in the future the best and to scale it as well I could
be wrong on that so we’ll definitely find out later on theorem classics
actually over the hundred million mark now we’re aetherium is still on right
under 99 million so that’s interesting as well know I’m as you can see a
theorem classic has hit the forty dollar mark forty five dollars with a market
cap of over three bill so I’ll actually over 4 billion so it’s
definitely not going to be taken lightly almost every crypto stream is they hit
the billion dollar market cap and aetherium classic started off with a
hard fork and there started off a tenth of that and they made it made it there
so think aetherium classic it’s a good point to have I mean if you had the
etherium when the markets forked and you got the free point you might as well
hold it long term to see what happens with it or as a kind of like a hedge
piece to theory I’m just in case something happens with the platform
because let’s say a theorem was hacked again or you know son you know something
happened a few months ago where the funds were lost by supposedly a newbie
coder who was just messing around the network deleted a hundred and eighty
million dollars of funds off of the etherium network so let’s say something
crazy like that happens you know the month all of that etherion money could
funnel back into a three-room classic one day or if somehow their team out
does the team of a theorem that could as well put them a step ahead I don’t see
it happening but it is a possibility and if you already have the coin you might
as well keep it just in case it’s really all I have to say about a theorem
classic will be covering bitshares next for the number-8 episode this was number
seven so we still have 93 to go after today I appreciate everybody who
supported me out make sure you give me a following an up-bow I’ll see you guys on
the moon take it easy

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