Ethereum for Beginners – Coin Clip Series

What’s up everyone, welcome to another sixty
second Coin Clip. Today were going to be talking about Ethereum. So obviously this is kind of the next big
player next to Bitcoin. It’s the second highest market cap coin. It’s been around for quite a while. Vitalik Buterin was the creator, and it’s
hashed on a proprietary hashing algorithm called “Ethash.” And one of the notable things about Ethereum
is their smart contract ecosystem. That’s really one of the big driving things
behind Ethereum and what makes it so strong. A lot of the new cryptocurrencies we see coming
out now are what are called ERC20 tokens, which essentially are other cryptos that are
built on the Ethereum network. So the big take away for the Ethereum crypto
I would say is really the fact that so many other currencies are built on its platform. [closing music]

7 thoughts on “Ethereum for Beginners – Coin Clip Series

  1. Great video! Super easy to follow along and very detailed. What's your opinion about SciDex?! Can you do a review of SciDex as well?

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